[Completed] Diamond T6 Speed Hammer

Looking for someone that sell speed hammers or willing to make some for me.

I can provide the hammers.

Diamond T6 hammers

I would like 180 pieces of this.

Stats :

  • All
  • Devastating boon min. lvl 8
  • Busy Boon min lvl 1

I have some T7 hammers irrc at my shop

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Could be a job for a Forger as well, i probably can provide everything to forge them. If it is missing something, I can gather it. I just don’t wanna forge, i hate that.

I’ll forge some more, but will take time :slight_smile:

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Shame I’m away this week, normally forge T6 hammers. If you still need some by Friday let me know

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STill open for the T6 hammers @JaceyLive

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I can throw you the hammers i amde a bunch

Yeah ill throw some together today/tonight

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Just put another stack in my store. The ones I put in there last night are already gone. I’ll be making more tonight.

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Did you buy mine yet from my shop stand???

And I probably could do a few in the weekend if you want me to, depending on the price of course…

No i didn’t it was empty. I can provide the hammers if you need them, i made a bunch for this. I just need like 1 busy bee boon on them. i know forge is rng but you don’t need to push it to the max speed. Most of the hammer i bought yet are all speed boosted which i think is waste of forging mat if they aren’t used for T7.

Something between 8-10k each depending of the stat and if i provide the hammers or not.

Something between +5 and +40 speed is same for me doesn’t change anything to have speed higher than +5. IMO these are the same coin value in term of utility. So better just not force to add as much speed as possible.

+45 speed and higher i’ll use for T7.

Theres a couple of stacks in my store… I think anyway, at work right now. There were some +50’s and some +40s or 45s.

See PM :slight_smile:

Hmm, ok, wondering how you use them then, with a speed brew I suppose? Then 1/10 speed is indeed enuff I suppose. Many people prefer the higher speed ones and do find more value in them so am kinda curious how you use these!!

Lately due to scarcity of the evil adrenal glands I’ve started to use ruby hammers with max speed and dmg lvl 7/10 so I can use them on T6 with a mega strength brew without using fast brews for once. Plus it’s an easier forge then too…

For T7 I prefer saphire with dmg lvl 9/10 and +45 speed

Yes i do use speed brew with them. And there is a huge speed gap between 110 total speed and 120 total speed on tool. So i prefer to use the speed brew over the strength brew when i can.

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where is your store ?

DUB-T on lutrion. Theres a portal to it at the PS Boori Hub.

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Also at TNT lol

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This preferable for T7 than the diamond tool. Diamond tool are cheaper thought to forge with a bit less speed. This is why i use diamond hammer for T7.

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Lol I give directions based on the audience :stuck_out_tongue:

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