Comprehensive Beginner Guide (Release 198+)

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Be Boundless :boundless:

Along with Boundless release there have been a surge of players. This guide is dedicated to all new and returning players. It will explain you basic concepts of the game and give a wider look on boundless universe.

We arrive into the world with nothing…

When you first spawn into the world you’re asked for the region you want to spawn in. These are possible choices: EU, US East, US West an AUS. You can also select between hostile and peaceful world. Both worlds have enemies, but on peaceful they will not attack any players until they engage fight.

It’s it important which region you select tho, because it may affect your network connection and you may experience rubber-banding. Although this is not a case. You may have great connection even playing on AUS servers while living in EU.

In sanctum you are asked to select a loation for your spawn. There are big cities visible on the surface as well as wild areas, it’s up to you where you go. I personally suggest you going to the wilderness first and experience this game, as later you will sink into the community for good and won’t have chance to experience this solitude.

Cool fact:

Your choice of world does not limit you. You can visit any planet within Boundless universe and you’re not bound to you starter planet.

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New Beginning

So what to do now? Boundless is a sandbox game, that means there is no one main goal, but there are objectives. You can open your journal with J on PC or ? on PS4. In this tab you will find objectives you can complete over time to receive experience to level your character and coins to spend on various things.

Experience as mentioned is used to level up your character. Every time you level up your receive a coffer with cubits, skill points and cleanse points

Coins can we used to open warps and to buy items from other players via shop stands.

Cubits is a currency used to unlock plots, wearables and utility things like new skill sets or cleanse points. The higher you level is the more cubits you earn. You can earn cubits infinitely with each level up, after level 50.

Each time you level up you receive 2 skill points. With skill points you can specialize in several areas. It is always good to maximize action speed first and luck. You will hit faster and gather more materials from ores.

Cleanse points are used in case of small respec. You get them every level so If you feel you have made a mistake and want to specialize in something else you can use them. However if you want to specialize in something else you can use skill reset token.

Skill reset tokens gives you a chance to invest all collected skill points once again. You get 3 free respecs for each new character so don’t be afraid to experiment.

There are three things you must be aware of now:

  1. You will face hunger, hit plants and collect earthyams to replenish your energy. You can also get fruits from leaves.
  2. Your building is safe only within the range of your beacon. Follow the tutorial an become familiar with this system.
  3. If you’re lost, you can always set a waypoint on your beacon in locations tab.

Getting started

To become efficient you need machines. They will allow you to craft more stuff. Before starting spending skill point in crafting I suggest to make an alternative character which will be a crafter. This way you will save precious skill points for your main character. You can buy an alt in exchange, press L on PC ? on PS4.

Struggle to find iron ore and tech? Go to higher tier planets, and explore. Some areas are more populated with resources than the other.

At first you should craft some crafting tables. I suggest making up to 6. You will use them for basic storage and crafting materials.

Crafting Table is the most basic machine. You will use it to craft starter tools and later on a workbench.
The first more advanced machine you should craft is a furnace.

Furnace is composed of two parts. Base and Crucible. It is used to smelt ores into bars. The higher the material furnace is made of, the faster and more efficiently it’s smelting ores. You can smelt ores with soft coal, medium coal, hard coal and peaty soil.

Workbench is a machine used to craft various things, mostly tools up to the highest tier. In workbench you can craft an atlas - special tool which will allow you to scan worlds for minerals when you insert them into it. With workbench you will later on craft following machines: Extractor, Refinery, Mixer* and Compactor

Extractor is used to extract vital essence from monster parts, oort shards etc. These products are used in some advanced crafting so generally it’s not that important machine at the beginning, only if you want to craft iron+ tools.

Refinery should be your friend. It’s used to Refine materials, craft trampolines, slides or decorative doors.

Mixer is used to create Brews and Food as well as to mix materials together which you can later use in tools crafting.

is used to compact Soil and Coal. Compacted materials gives more spark and have more smelting potential. You can also mass craft peaty soil and coal to make it even more efficient. Later you can also use compactor to craft weapon augments.

Summing it all, you will also need Spark Generator and Spark Links.

Spark Generator is used to generate spark which powers the machines, it consumes coal and peat. You must connect spark generator with machines using spark links. It must be connected with just one block of the machine. Spark generators can be stacked up to 16 to speed up spark generator process.

It is important to have all the machines.
This page should be your friend:
It has information about all recipes, it’s cost and requirements.

Cool tip:

You can unlock mass crafting Epic and spark reduce epic. They will allow you to craft more stuff for less and smelt ores more efficiently.

Getting more advanced:

There are several fields you can specialize in:

  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Crafting
  • Centraforging
  • Gathering
  • Building

As a Miner you will dig copper, iron, silver, gold, titanium ores, soft, medium and hard coal, tech remnants, components and devices and all kinds of gems. You should max luck and all attributes to increase drop from seams. Your damage to blocks will increase if you invest in power, hammer skill, hammer epic and general damage epic. The higher tier your hammer, the more damage you deal and more durability you have. At some point tools may vary in attributes. Some are useful for fast tunnel mining, some for AoE mining. The higher the world tier the more health blocks have, but also give more resources from each seam. At higher levels you can start bomb mining which is more efficient way of mining - you lose exp and blocks but gather more ores. Bombs may be later upgraded to have an even bigger blast radius.

As a Hunter you will slaughter every living creature. Creature drops are very useful for crafters. There are many tiers of mobs, each with variations. The higher the mob tier the more damage it deals and move moves it has. Hunter should max power, slingbow skills, slingbow epic and general damage epic. Beside that you can also invest in slingbow upgrades, rage/focus and atmosphere protection. Hunter is even more efficient if he invests in luck and all attributes. In general maxing a hunter takes almost all skill points so It’s good to create an alt for him. At higher levels hunters can hunt meteorites which fall from the sky and spawn lots of dangerous mobs. It’s good to participate in great hunts where many players hunt meteorites together. From these events you get raw oort stones used for opening portals, they are very valuable.

As a Crafter you will craft thing more efficiently and on a bigger scale. Crafer can make things other people will buy for a high amount of coins. As a crafter you should invest in all types of crafting + food or brews + mass crafting epic + spark reduction epic. You can’t start being an efficient crafter on your own tho. You will need materials from other professions. It’s a good thing to run a shop. You can generate insane amount of profit if you run it the right way. As a crafter you will be able to craft Power Coils which let you craft more advanced stuff. It’s a very expensive business so others will surely be interested in your services.

As a Centraforger you will forge tools and augment them to better versions. It can be a sub class of Miner or Crafter as it requires about 26 skill points. Centraforging is an end game mechanic which utilizes centraforge machine. As a centraforger you should invest in vitality, strength, intelligence and all stats + centraforge epic. To start you need basic centraforge ingridients, but to become effective… You need a lot of power, a good crafter who will make you ingridients, or lots of coins to buy them. Centraforge is a very powerful machine which can make your tools last longer, make bombs 200 times as effective as mining or make your tools one hit 9 blocks around the hit center.

As a Gatherer you will collect plants, trees, soil and other stuff. Other players desperately need drops from plants for all areas of crafting. As a gatherer you may invest in swing speed, movement speed, luck, all attributes, axe and shovel skills and gathering epic. With this setup you will gather much more materials and in shorter time than the others. Traveling through the world will discover you new regions. These can be applied to atlases which serve as a map. Fully Completed atlases can be sold for a high price.

As a Builder well, you will build! More efficiently and easier than others. You should max control to increase your block placement distance and swing speed to place blocks faster. You should add points into Chiseling Epic to unlock 3 advanced chiseling patterns and portal opening to manage portals around your beacon and connect to portal hubs on other planets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Iron and Tech Components?
Iron and Tech can be commonly found on tier 3 planets. You can rarely find it on starter planets.

Where to craft tools?
You can craft wooden tools in hand, stone tools at crafting table, and all other in a workbench. For higher tier tools you need tool crafting skills.

Where to find Gems?
Gems can be found on tier 5 and tier 6 planets. Each planet contains 1 main gem type and one secondary. To survive there you need an atmosphere protection on a certain level. Sapphire altitude 100 and 125, Topaz 120-140, Diamond 0-20, Emerald 0-20, Amethyst 0-20, Ruby 10-20.

What are portals and how do I open one?
Portals in contrast to warps stay opened as long as they are fueled. Portals connect two places together. To fuel a portal you need oort shards extracted from raw oort stones. To get oort stones you need to hunt meteorites on high tier worlds.

How do I know if my building is safe?
You can check protection with totem. Hit a block and check the description. If it says private then it’s yours only. If it says shared it means some other friends have access to it. If it says reserved then it’s NOT protected - it only prevents other people from claiming above and below. If it’s wild then it’s not protected and reserved at all.

Useful Links:

Any suggestions how to improve this guide? Let me know :slight_smile:


Nice! You should post this as a steam guide too :+1:


good job!
should be stickied


Just started on the game recently and I think beginners need to look out on settling near the capitals so they can access the portal hubs easily without having to waste time walking long distances to them or pay 100 to 1500+ coins on warping.

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Seriously though Karo. Good stuff. This is going to help a ton of players.


Awesome guide. Great job. A couple more notes, there is more to the game than any guide in a forum can make without writing a book.

Also good to note, when you eat it fills up your stamina bar. When its full you have some health regen. That’s the only healing in the game until you can buy or craft healing food/drink. You also can dig in the dirt to get some tasty yams. It’s good to eat, because you will actually die from starvation.

Also when you plot a space in Boundless. Even though you only plot one space, it reserves every plot above and below you so no one can ever build on top or below you, all the way from the sky’s cap, to the planets core… The world will regen all broken/harvested blocks in all unplotted spaces, even reserved area’s.

Some people only want to craft, and make no extra Alt’s. Once you get the message, “Your journey now begins”, it’s up to you to complete the objects you desire to knock out. The more you knock out of the beginning objectives the more that opens for you. At first, is basic crafting stuff that does not require you to invest in all the crafting skills. But teaches you how to get the basic survival needs done.
Then you can go on and pick the objects that fit your goal line of the skills you want to focus in. If your going to be hunter you don’t want to worry about finishing the “Bust 5,000 Shovels” feat. Follow the objectives CLOSELY, and in order at first, until you get that message that your journey begins. Just do the basics and remember there is hundred of planets planned. Once you have a small place to warp back to, you can start exploring more and seeing whats out there.

Personal notes: You can totally join a city or close to one if you want. You can still go out and feel the game. And well you have to anyways to accomplish the objectives. You can at least use the cities free Portals until you get your’s going, if you live close enough to a city you can run to easy. Some objectives include traveling to another planet. This is a easy way to accomplishing that.

And It’s debatable what skills to invest in more. I always skill up power 1st, and a couple points into Dex. Power is the number 1 most use skill that affects everything in the entire game. Dex makes you swing faster and shoot faster. Agility makes you run faster, but at first that’s not as critical. Running faster doesn’t speed through the objectives as fast as swinging your tools faster and busting blocks in 1 hit instead of 6.


One more HUGE thing. Do not slap or hammer Spitters or Wildstocks before you get a slingbow, and before you get some damage skills. You will die. If you choose a harder starting world (T2), the spitters will attack you when they see you. You can actually just run, and keep running, and they will stop aggro on you. If you fight them, MOVE, hide behind a tree and peak out around and shoot them and dodge. Stack 2 blocks up if there is no trees. They are kinda stupid and you can wear them down playing peekaboo.

Wildstocks make a charge at you if you aggro them by slapping them with a tool or shooting them, or shooting the dirt next to them. They will run at you, and you can side step them. BUT beware, they will make an immediate second charge. If they miss, it will give you a chance to shoot or run. Just don’t forget it an’t over if they miss once. There are more tricks to hunting Wildstocks, but I want you to figure them out yourself.


Thanks, I already posted it

Thanks a lot people

@zina I will add your tips to the guide


Yeah, I wish I had known that upfront! But I worked my butt off and yesterday I was able to buy some Portal Conduits and am now running my own portal in my backyard :smile:

What is a bit of a shame tho is that I bought one of those location thingies next to a player portal that hadn’t been used yet and then only to notice at ‘home’ that the distance is too far and that I needed at least a 2x2 instead of a 1x2 (even tho the destination portal was built for a 1x2)!

That is something that could be in a guide as well!

And also add to this one to not worry too much about certain things in the beginning. I was kinda upset during the 2nd or 3rd day when the Core quest line wanted me to do things that were impossible to do on my starter planet.

Plus I did everything I could to get the Forge and have no use for it at this point in time, not enough skillpoints to put into them and needing other things I still can’t quite make so easily.

Also realised too late I couldn’t unlock everything in the skills section, now started my 2nd character which might become a hunter/gatherer, will make another that’s only a crafter. And if I’m level 50 I will make sure I can handle everything that’s thrown at me with extra skillsets, which incidentally, were something that I didn’t get due to the max of 100 skillpoints. No where did it mention you still gain skillpoints even tho you can’t spend them anymore…

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And wood. People always forget about wood :slight_smile: It’s often easier to acquire in the early game too. Both logs and timber can be used. You can get slightly more heat by bulk/mass crafting wood into timber.

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I recognize those machines at the top of your guide. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought they looked quite nice with the rock around the power coils, i done it to prevent people running into the power coil area and getting zapped.

When i got back into this game a few weeks ago i started by making a 3 block pillar and shooting the Wildstock with slingbow so they agro’d but couldn’t reach me as there headbutt was hard when low skills, now i can one-shot them with Explorers fist on low tier worlds. :grin:


I thought about the need of such a post and now finally someone made one. Great job, Karokendo!

And yes, this thingie need to be pinned! Each day new players come and look for help, so @Steggs101? … Do you think it’s worth a pin? (may be also in the steam community? )

I find that spending 2 or 3 points into each of the two armour skills makes an enormous difference in the dying part. They’re still very annoying, but at least the lower level ones won’t actually damage you anymore, so you can harvest trees in peace!

Very true. For a few levels higher. Defense is for when your done with the crafting part of the tutorial and made it to a t2 world where they actually spit at you just for being there. (debatable) I don’t like wasting those points early on when for the most part I can ignore the spitters. For the early quest for glue, sit in a tree and shoot the wildstocks.

@AeneaGames They have acknowledged that some of the quest lines are a little messed up and repeats some actions. Also I guess it’s debatable what is considered the main quest line. The game starts off TOTALLY sending you down a crafters course, but one you get “Your Journey Now Begins” which if you followed the core object in order, should be around level 6, you are free to follow whatever you want.

Let me explain this important part. Some objectives don’t even populate early on making you think that the ones you see left are “core”. The game totally knows what your doing however. So If you do things unknowingly that are on the objectives somewhere, you will still get the reward and a notice that you’ve completed it.

Because it is important to know how to cook your steaks, and yams, and build a home, the game has you going through crafting things first. And proper beackoning of plots. It’s important to figure out how to get off a planet and find even more resources. This part needs to take a little time and not rushed. Remember there is o real rush to accomplish anything. There is no end game that is similar to other mmo’s. And like all mmo’s the grind and the experience along the way is the game.

If you like this game for what it is, then you will like that it’s just as fun at level 50 as level 1.

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@Steggs101 please pin this for newbie players epic guide !!


My first character was a mishmash of crafting and hunting. Then I spent 600 cubits on an alt and started making him a pure crafter/builder, and used a respec token on my original character to make her a completely hunter/killer.

I think being able to buy an alt for the cubit cost that’s about equivalent to 4 or 5 levels is great :slight_smile:


I’m in love with the game! People around me think otherwise since I tend to forget time in a big way! I love most aspects of everything and will for sure have multiple characters/skillsets in late game. And if I look at what I can still sink my teeth into and learn how to make it’s crazy! I am level 26 and not even been (successfully) to a T4 world, haha

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i love it i bump it :sunglasses: wish we could get these posts in seperate forum on for coolness and one for questions and wining :joy:

the forge isn’t needed for anything that involves a core, or storyline item. I’ve been to all planets, make most of all my tools, and never used a forge yet.

I also haven’t seen the need for forges in my life yet either.
Forges puzzle me.
They seem like an awful lot of effort and time for creating tools to save you effort and time in the mines. Is the overall effort worth it? I do come from a place of mostly ignorance on the subject.