Concept Art: Combustion Fraction Fuel (farming)

Ominous fuel stuffs - coming to farming… :face_with_monocle:


Love it. Gimme gimme.

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Sweet. Just what I needed for my midweek struggle at work


That is a great looking plant. . I need to design a farm for it!!!


You’re fantastic. Thanks for this dose of hype.

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This one is unexpected. I like it.

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That looks amazing, cant wait to see how it looks in 3d! Awesome stuff

I wonder what the implication of ‘ominous’ is, hmm…

Hmmm, I’m already wondering if this’ll be out of reach of casual play. Please prove me wrong!

Its a typo. Its actually omniuno


Thats soo cool

I’m guessing we can farm this on corruption? Looks ominous enough for me. I’m going to want all these plants just for the looks!

That looks really cool - I can imagine it sparkling with energy as it grows :smiley:

Now I need to build a bigger farm area!

Farming will have a variety of tiers from basic to advanced based on some side conversations I have had. If i remember right everyone can access certain items to start but as you want to try to farm other things you need become skilled in it or something like that.


Thank you.

I’m really looking forward to the farming aspect. I can sit in Minecraft and just farm away, even on vanilla MC.

I don’t want to be de-hyped and find I can’t do jack without a tonne of gems or the like.

I hope they aren’t planning on making it heavily RNG based.

That’s all I ever hear from people when they say “skill”. I hope it’s something different than what we already have for RNG based crafting. It’s still good to know cool stuff is coming down the pipeline.


You guys have been late in feeding the hungry masses. We still need our fix of art! :smirk::sunglasses:

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Indeed, and that it’s ‘combustion’ fuel.

Maybe to run a combustion engine?

:tractor: :motorcycle: :truck:

or alternative to coal or Oort?

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Gtfo. If we have wheel voxels I’m definiteling building my over the road hauler.