Concept Art: Combustion Fraction Fuel (farming)


Minyi is the best !!!

From the farming announcement:

  1. In-organic farming - grow yourself a nice bit of Kindling Mass and Combustion Fraction - irrigated with placeable lava.


Dont know exactly what it is but i like it


You are supposed to be able to grow fuels… So I would assume this is their version of fuel.


Think of the possibilities!


may have to level part of my city to farm those puppies :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, I plan to turn sorissi in to a combustion farm many plots high and many plots deep. Looks like I’ll be purchasing a few more bulk cubit packs!


Be careful with high. Remember that James did say plants will require light to grow. So probably no underground or stacked farms. I do wonder if glass will be see as transparent for the purposes of growing plants or if the system will just try to determine if there is a block over the plant.


What about lights creating artificial lighting?

We could craft gleam in to various tiers of light.

Then we have to fuel the lights with spark.

As an oortian, I don’t want to repeat the fall of mankind, and earth (let’s be real here, we’re the ancestors of oortians!) so I hope they let us farm smartly and environmentally friendly! Lol :joy:


James never said we could not use lanterns. He just said they needed light. Maybe we can use alternative sources.


Great share! We are all so excited for this content update !! <3 I can’t wait


Sorry this update is only for players that started in 2018 or later…:grin::rofl:


I’ll take it ! At least I will get to see the amazing gardens that people build :slight_smile:


If we have to use Lava sources versus water?

Been gone for a while. Any farming update?

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