Concept Art: Starberry Crops (farming)


Starberry farms! Grown from trees. Tasty~


Love it you da best


I’m at a loss for words! This. Is. AWESOME!!! thank you!!!

I’ll be here, waiting patiently impatient… :wink:


That looks really cool! I’m so looking forward to the farming update - even more so now!


Oooh these look awesome! :fist:


Looking very cool! Im very curious about what more could be grown :slight_smile:


Love it! :heart:


Yass Qween! I am so living for this farming update, with a dedicated forest glade to begin my dream farm in. :smile:

How much longer is the wait!?



I love these pic teases!
I’d also really like to hear about a ‘how it works’ teaser please! or maybe a little mini-conference room-esque ‘this is how we started planning’.
That’d be pretty wonderful :heart:


Can Not wait for this Update -. -


Looks like we might need to build some trellises to grow these.


Poles and beams for the win!


Absolutely love!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


these are GORGEOUS!! :heart_eyes:

absolutely love the vine colour variation!
and those little flowers. SO PRETTY!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Where do I smash like and subscribe???


-screams internally with anticipation-


That was your outside voice. . we heard you!! :joy:


combine with milk glands and get starberry milkshake!
On second thoughts…the gland bit has put me off…
Just a bowl of starberrys, please.


Rock goblins love milk glands and starberries. Almost enough to forget that we don’t have bellybuttons.


Hope they come in more colors! I need more natural looking vines, to make look like apple trees or hanging flowers.

Will it be possible to prevent those plants to grow to the final state? As in if I wanna decorate with phase 2 of the growth cycle, can I prevent the growth by not watering it or something?

But otherwise, looks amazing!