Concept Art: Starberry Crops (farming)


looks down




I can’t wait to have farming! Building already in anticipation :smiley:


Omg these are so beautiful!!! I almost just want to plant them solely for decorative purposes!!

Great, fantastic job! Can’t wait!!! :grin: (But please take your time!)


Yes indeed I rather wait longer for it to be perfect.


But not too much longer :grin:


Looks awesome


Wahhhhh… i’m looking forward so hard to the Farming update!
Good that i was waiting with my Gardens at Finata and Circa - this update will be the killer for my free time :smiley:


Ditto, already plotted a farm near my settlement.


Yusss so far this is the best news to see we can grow the berries. Now can we grow mushrooms that drops orbs, grow the beans and exotic yams then I will be even more over the moon :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Love this! Hopefully we can get some tree tappers too so we can have a steady influx of sap too.

These farming plants all look so pretty!


So beautiful!


I am looking forward to the farming update more than anything else, I am saving plots, creating bricks glass etc. So when the time comes I can jump right in.




This post for some reason gives me the slight urge to play stardew valley at this time.

I really like the Glossy version, Plants with blue hues are my favorite.


Vines? Grown from trees? I’m not sure if I should be planning for an orchard or a vineyard!?


Nice artwork! Glad to get a sneak peek related to farming. Very excited for this new system, and I am glad it is after the Chryominter, if farming came first I feel the market would crash farther and faster for anything that could be farmed. the Chryominter makes it so the shop value has a bottom value above 0c.

I do feel we might need some new consumables that use food items along side food item farming. Since our supply is primed to increase a fair bit, we might want to balance the demand side, but at least the Chryominter gives a way to keep some items always leaving the game instead of just piling up.


I figure it will look for a foliage and a trunk block in order to determine if it is in a tree. I can make this into a trellis by using the trunk for support and then lacing foliage across the top to hang the plants. All supposition, but hopefully we will know Soon :tm:


73 Hearts! If you need more motivation for your wonderful art, that should speak clearly enough! Good job Minyi! :slight_smile:


Oh God Minyi those are incredibly Beautiful O__o, We are going to make our streets to overgrown Alleys in Sunken City with those, thank you so much.