Concept Art: Starberry Crops (farming)


Boundless is so addictive as is, I’m going to need serious intervention when the farming lands! :joy:


This needs to out soon. I need inspiration to jump back in.


i just found out that this are starberries, i allways was thinking those are Strawberries. (and i allways wondered why they on trees) :smiley:


so if we grow them on trees and maybe need water. .

Starberry farm?


Someone can make a vineyard theme with this… ancient Greece style, anyone?


Then perhaps also some fine bottles of wine added to our already fine brews… :wine_glass::woozy_face::star_struck:

(I already pretend our brews are goblets of wine, but the wino in me wouldn’t mind taking a couple bottles out into the field… judge away.) :rofl:


Or some lovely new deco table items. I want a tea set, but a more modern wine set would look very elegant. :heart:


Exactly this. Farming really does open the doors for a lot of new possibilities down the line! :crossed_fingers:t2:




… I might have to copy that. :slight_smile:


Go ahead. . it is in the public domain. The only catch is you have to post a screenshot and let me come by and see it.


Thanks!! :smile:


Beans nexts! Beans!


So will we have the ability to grow trees?

Edit: if not, what defines a tree? Will they have to be trees that generated naturally? Can we build a tree with logs and leaves?

It only makes sense that these plants will grow on the leaves, rather than the logs, so I’m assuming all we’ll actually need is foliage for them to grow.


The more ya eat, the more ya scoot?


I wonder if we will have the ability to grow these,if they will only have the ability to grow on the planets they currently spawn on. That must be part of the reason the atmosphere will affect our plants. Gosh I cannot wait for this update, please keep the awesomeness coming.


I have a partial build atm i’m holding fire on finishing to see what comes of the farming update as i have a kind of style outer archway that could look like this :slight_smile: it’s over on summer plains part of River Towns Arie if you wanted to take a look.


I have a build similar to this just minus the vines+fountain :laughing:

( might have to add crops to it like you’ve shown ;p )


I am also design a games similar to that


Any more farming teasers please?!