Concept Art: Starberry Crops (farming)


These look like hanging plants though, and I wonder how that plays together with this:

James did hint somewhere at growth having a use perhaps there will be other “sunlight permeable” blocks to hang stuff from?


Exactly. People in that thread huffing and puffing about quitting when they don’t know what that bug interacts with. Claiming they’re going to take their friends and leave over a bug that could impact future design decision chooses the team wants/can go with in the future.

As for more farming info hype, yes please more farming teasers please! Can’t wait to actually take those plant vines and use them as decor.

That’s actually a cool idea, if we can harvest the plants at certain stages or chop the plant at certain stages and have it maintain that look so we could sale them as decorative pieces, like plants we gather with the gathering epic.

They did mention how they saw berry farms starting out early game and then end game players could use it as further decoration.

More info of any type pls. :crazy_face:


very nice <3


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