Concept Art: Tinting Machines + Sprays


:open_mouth: I see what you did there. :wink::grin:


Did someone say color run?


I love color runs. Glow in the dark 5k runs are the funnest things in the world.

The first time I did one I was like this is horrific. Then by the end of the run it was fantastic and hilarious.

Fast forward several years and now my favorite ones are the color runs with copious amounts of alcohol during and after the run. It’s just too much fun.


Alcohol + running sounds like a barf scene of family guy waiting to happen :face_vomiting::joy:


If you ever get the chance to go, this is probably one of the funnest things in the world. I lived in Pensacola for close to 40 years. McGuires is known around the world. Celebs come and post their autographed 1$ bills all throughout the pub. The ceiling and walls are quite literally blanketed in the.

Ok way way off topic, I’m sorry guys!!! But all this color it’s amazing! We can have color runs in game! Tie it in to a future gleambow event!!!


Bigger! For my own place, I’m trying to make sure I have plenty of my farming grid modules ready, but each one of them takes at least 1k refined rock to make, so it’s taking a while… :sweat_smile:


Always open to trying stuff but i have a feeling it wouldnt end well for me lol. I will keep it in mind though, one of my buddies lives in pensacola.

Back on topic…I wonder if this machine will have coils? :thinking:


If they do, lets hope they don’t require Umbris to craft 'em. I’m starting to think that Umbris exo worlds are mythical.


Hell yes.

10 chars


I can’t wait to see an umbris only coil and for it to require 720 for the proper amount of refined umbris. Can you imagine the insanity we’d have? I think mining etiquette might be thrown out the window. Lol

Conversely, could you imagine if the RNG was lootbox rng and we had an exo spawn that was covered in umbris as the top level? I mean it’s RNG so theoretically this should be possible?


I hope we get precision spray cans that only affect 1/4th of the block face!

*accidentally deleted…


Wow I hadn’t thought of that.

Oh Jesus I just had a mind blow. Are you implying street art and/or graffiti?


@Minyi surely you want us to be hoodlums!! Make it so :heart_eyes:


The last time I asked, the reason we can’t sit was because they hadn’t figured out to allow us into the block… I do agree more furniture would be nice even if we couldn’t sit on it right away.


Yes… Exo still will probably be easier to get colors versus the complex process to mix. I’d expect it be more expensive at some level to mix too.


middle bottom row is my favorite machine concept :sunglasses:


Last I heard there are two machines - one to apply and one to mix. I didn’t ask about coils…


The resemblance of an ink printer cartridge makes my blood pressure rise to critical levels :joy:


Some quick fan art xD made in blender


Quick someone got a 3D printer they can make one of these in?


Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait cantwaitcantwaitcantwaitgniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[implosion imminent - please, throw the goblin in a lake to drown the nervous reaction]