Concept Art: Tinting Machines + Sprays


if i dont get the laser arm im gonna be mad
i start prepping my paint room :nerd_face:


that looks so much like a building someone needs to build it to paint stuff in :smile:


Sooo, does the dev art showing dyes applied to cloth imply we’re going to be able to make something out of cloth? Something that doesn’t look like a saggy diaper maybe?


if you dont repair this in time instead off coloring item it shoots at first person in sight a nice pink coat off paint


I like the design of the items they look awesome cant wait to spray paint my blocks


Does this mean we could change the fabric color on the shop stands!?!?! :smiley:

The red is a bit strong against some of the colors.


Ooo what if you got a small discount to either mats or time if the “colour” of your paint/tint machine matched the colour your dying things? Like I have a night azure paint machine, and i get a slight discount when I dye things to night azure while using that one?

Just an idea, I’ll probably try and mach the machines to my desired colors some of the time just for organizing my stuff


So is this concept art for 2 new machines and 1 new tool?


If this is concept art for an aspect of farming does that mean that the farming update is still a pretty long way off?


Probably a month away at least would be my guess. Then again the devs don’t really give us content release dates and rightfully so.


I was just curious as I have always been under the impression that “concept art” is what is produced at the beginning of a project, hence the word concept, to help visualize designs and ideas and would of thought the farming update had way passed that stage by now.


We dont know how old the concept art is either, to be fair. She could have posted something that is months old, ya know?

I guess that’s part of the allure and hype to the teasers :slight_smile: a month ago? she posted a concept work of the starberry vines. Yesterday we had a poll on farming timers

If anything we know this:



I am guessing it is well past concept stage. I don’t think they would have made a poll about growing times if they weren’t at least at that initial stage where the first pass of balance is being done on the mechanics.

I honestly feel like they’re just doing some polish and touch up on the content before pushing it out to the test servers for us to pick apart.

Think of it like this, they wouldn’t have been telling us they’ve been “working” on farming this entire time. I mean look at the concept for fish and marine life that is on these forums. That was stuff that was made years ago and it isn’t in the game but I suspect that it’s already actually completed. What would elude me to believe that they don’t release content the moment it’s finished is because they have other pieces they would rather give us first that lays down that foundation and ground work for much more substantial pieces first.

Think of rental worlds for a moment. We have Exo Worlds that automatically spawn and despawn on a timer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t work on that first so they could release rental world type of stuff sooner rather than much later. Having that sort of tech and automation in place is probably going to be very helpful. So they could have a lot of the stuff behind rental worlds ready but need to spend time on a few last things for it to even be something viable for customers to purchase. That’s a game feature that revolves around actively spending money every month so it needs extra attention.

Also, look at Titans. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Titan creature designs already have models for them, along with Protectors (which spawn on Titans and we have concept art for them too). There’s probably some other pieces of content that the devs think we need first before that can be pushed to test servers.

We also have worm concept art that was posted on these forums by the same dev who posted tinting machines and spray concept art. Doesn’t mean that the idea has been scrapped or shelved or nothing was done on it. I bet the models for those creatures are completed and if the idea behind them is to tunnel through blocks or jump out at players then the tech behind the Hunter might be a step towards the direction of getting worm creatures. I don’t think any player in the game really knows for sure; not even those Oortian level backers.


Yeah I figured the same thing, it was just wishful thinking on my behalf that a Dev would give a ballpark time scale of whether it’s to be weeks or months etc (which in reality I know wouldn’t happen because if there are any delays then people would start complaining) and perhaps even a bit more info of some of the mechanics, nothing detailed so people start stockpiling or bumping up prices of resources etc


My guess is that the hunter (or warp wraith?) update and a smaller one, then farming. That’d mean farming on live in 6 weeks. But I’m a bit of a pessimist so it might be just me trying to prepare myself for a long wait :smiley:


6 weeks sounds optimistic to me not pessimistic lol🙂


Was going to edit that I could also be lowballing it ;__; Just been waiting for so long and the roadmap is getting emptier, you never know :smiley:


Would be awesome to see that xD


That assumes one week in testing and then live lately they’ve stayed on Testing longer than one week…

I do have this idea tho that the next update might be bigger…


I agree this will be a big update. I think with the poll they are not quite ready to release to test so that may take a few weeks and with farming being a totally new mechanic and the need to allow several full cycles of crops, I would expect the testing to take at least a month and probably more. If they allow a 4 week crop growth cycle them it would need to be in test probably over two months. The longest growth cycle will likely impact the testing time.