Concept Art: Tinting Machines + Sprays


Nothing stops devs from setting growth period shorter on test server.


I’m hoping they will roll Farming out over several updates. If all of it comes at once it may be overwhelming.


You are correct, but if you want to measure true impact then I would argue they need to try out the actual planned times to get feedback. If everything matures in 1 hour then how do you measure any impact to the game if you are actually going to use 1 week - 4 weeks? If plants can be harvested early for a lesser yield it might be good to see if it happens or not and if the test maturity times are too short them it probably will not happen. Also since some plants actually die (prestige plants) I would think they would want to see the full range of growth to death and measure the impact of any maintenance which also becomes useless if the maturity is too quick in test.


They are almost done with the colors… if I remember right they were just waiting for the asset modeling to be finished. They are releasing this now because they want people to see the ideas now that they are complete and to help drum up some hype.


Hype? What hype? No one is even paying attention to a supposed farming update.



The sarcasm is thick with this one.

I plan on making a number of these machines just because they look cool.


Same. These will fit perfectly in my build actually :smiling_imp:


What I want to know is:

  • do they require coils?
  • if so, from which special material? umbris, rift or blink?
  • since the chrysominter requires all 3 and helix coils requires all gems this could mean there are THREE new machines!

and of course:

  • do they need spark?

Because I would need to do some re-arranging in my workshop otherwise!


Oh, I like this.

Just a thought for dev types. Think “paint augment” for slingbows.


Are you thinking paintball tournaments???



And random splatting.


hmm well as long as you cannot splat in a beacon then you protect builds from graffiti


Oh, I figured it would wear off in, like, five minutes.


So you made a blender in a blender!?!
Not many people can say they accomplished that! :stuck_out_tongue:

This whole post is awesome!!


This combined with the farming system that’s coming would be excellent, all that’s needed afterwords is things like banners and tapestries that would go well with the dye system.


Well, notice that there’s cloth on the tint machine… there’s few reasons why cloth would be there. Either armor and cosmetics… or… Tapestries! :smiley:


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