Concerns on p2w

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On second thought, no one ever listens to me, so lets just do…

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this discussion was brought up before and just the answer here:

  1. Skill sets are not pay to win because you still have to level to fill them (you split your skill points between them, so flling a second needs 50 extra lvl ups after reaching lvl 50).

  2. Plots don’t give prestige and just buying them with earned cubits by leveling to 50 you get about 200+ of those, more then enough.

  3. You continue to gain cubits (300 per level) after lvl 50, so you have a steady income if you play the game.

  4. Only Gleam Club is “money only”, but only the fueling has some minor game impact (you just dont have to transform 10 foilage blocks to fuel each 4 weeks) and is very useful for players who cant play over months (like military service people in foreign countries for example), so it’s ok … the rest is just cosmetic.

in short: There is no pay to win and it’s just bad communicated or, even worse, missunderstood by some people who then spread false informations to others.

So keep calm, drink some star berry tea and inform people about the facts if you want to help :wink:


I do apologize, but I have to disagree with you. Everything they are selling can either be earned in-game or is purely cosmetic. It’s a solid sandbox game so far, and once they fix some of the minor bugs that are nearly identical to every game I’ve ever played just after release, it should continue to be.

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if the only thing in “The Exchange” were masks, costumes, face paint, etc, 99% of every negative Steam Review about pay to win wouldn’t be there, and Boundless would currently be ranked higher. That really can’t be denied, for what it’s worth.

My first post here was about how galling it was to introduce loot boxes as the first tutorial stage, because that’s how it felt, and I was told it was perfectly fine. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

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There is Zero Pay to win…

The Loot Box Crazies out there in Youtube land don’t realize the box’s in the game are ingame rewards for playing the game and are NOT purchased… They simply give you XP and money for accomplishing in game things…

The Gleam club is Purely cosmetic…

Skill sets are empty and you have to earn brand new skill points to fill them with…

Buying plots just gets you empty land you still need to actually build on your empty land to earn presitge…

Again this game is not even remotely pay 2 win…


I don’t think anyone here is suggestin’ that.

The problem is all of this could’a been avoided if they hadn’t tied plots to the cash shop, and if they hadn’t blurred the line between coffers and loot boxes and the tutorial.

Most of the P2W claims wouldn’t exist, and Boundless would be rated much higher right now otherwise.

Yep, Boundless is back at “mixed” rating ugh.

edit Server issues seem to have caused 3 new negative reviews guh.


Probably should’ve just made cosmetics, masks, shoes, shirts, armors, different weapon models, etc like Path of Exile. I’d pay money to customize how my hammer looks in detail sooner than I’d buy plots.

This is a troll thread to provoke people. I vote this thread be closed because there is no discussion. Anyone who did their research knows there is no p2w/ loot boxes or monetary bias. The quote proves this was only to invoke bad feelings and start ill rumors.

Because of these threads that spread misinformation.


Buying plots is P2W as hell… sorry but it’s true, more plots, more land claim, more chance for footfall, more gold, more items and vicious rotation continues… ITS P2W if you can buy plots outright.

Well, nothing but gleam club is hidden behind pay wall. This means under my book its not P2W.

wrong, you can only earn 100 levels which means you have a limited amount of coin you can spend on plots which means you are stuck buying plots a.k.a its stuck behind a pay wall and IS pay to win

lvl cap is 50, not 100 :wink:
Cubits you earn after lvl 50, 300 cubits for 200k exp.
From what i know this is infinite.
That mean no pay wall and no P2W.


and how long will that take? I would bet it’s a lot longer than 1 minute to buy the same amount of plots and buy all the good ones before the players can earn them legit and then they lose out on all the foot fall. Look I’m good, I got my land early, but I KNOW around 750 others players got screwed by this.

Give you some idea, after they nerf the bomb mining exp (which is fair i think) , form level 50 its really hard to going up.
A week for 2 level is really good result i think.

Wow, I want your work :stuck_out_tongue: Its way more with my pay per hour :smiley: Not to mention that i need to pay my bills :wink:
But again - P2W in my book is when you have paywall, not when you need to grind.
Beside, assuming lvl 50 has 200 plots, its way easier to level 10 alts to 50 than to get 800 plots from lvl 50+.
And that number of plots is generally huge.

That is the key. Payment or not, all other players are screwed. That was benefit for early backers.

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For suggestion, i prefer we can buy the plot with coins instead of cubits…
I believe i already spent around 200$ CAD + 1 level 50 char’s plot + 1 level 45 char’s plot.
Still feel not enough for big project :disappointed_relieved:

YES… I Agree… the current way is wrong and insane. But the devs be chalking up and laughing from their ivory towers while their game got mixed reviews and 800 players hurting them because I KNOW they didn’t make back the costs of production.

Well, in this case you will screw everyone up who don’t have a shop in profitable place. Way worse than what there is now, not to mention that it will invoke so much greed in already greedy economy…

we can agree to disagree on that statement. LOL As the only reason it’s screwed up in the first place is the p2w feature. If it’s coin, it might hurt at first but get better with time.

What does this contribute to the discussion, it’s ok to have an opinion, but you don’t have to slap it wherever just to feel important. You are using very harsh words, it’s not really fair to spit on someone’s work like that. While for you it is a game, devs are living out of it and have much more reasons to be concerned about its success.