Concerns on p2w

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Well. I’d actually advice you to get an alt character once you have the cubits, because a combat character that can do a decent amount of creature harvesting and can survive on level 4/5 worlds will only cost you around 20 levels.

Getting 100 skill points is not easy, getting 200 more for the 2 other tabs isn’t going to be any easier :slight_smile:

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Definitely recommend an alt for the simple fact that you can be multiple locations at once: aka mining with the gatherer and then quickly change to my crafter to start some refining/restock the shop. Definitely beats the skill set.

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Get an alt, skill sets are most useful if you have a level 50 character already

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Oh! And the really nice thing in the game with alts, is that you don’t have to relog. The character select is right in the game, and takes 10 seconds after which your alt will appear in the sanctum.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at that.

Why is this thread still going, it was over last night. Read the Op’s post, it was started to instigate this ongoing argument :frowning:

People can have their opinions but opinions can be 100% wrong regardless of how the person feels about it.

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.

winner our going to a dressup party :joy:

ow and what do we win ?
in my opinion if ya spend coin to get better ya allready lost

gleam club is there to help people that have obligations that keep them away from game for long periods off time after lots off players asked for suchs a mecanic

also ya cant buy friends and pride


Nonsense… Giving away a diamond sling bow to the next person to send me a friend request!



You can rent those, though!

Spent my entire salary this month on plots just to plot half of your planet :joy::joy::joy: So better evacuate :tornado:


Don’t! Just make nice straith roads to everywhere. In forms of square free 4 plots square each. And then better quit your job cause you will need to build those roads :smiley:

hmm can I be bought for a diamond slingbow???

not sure thinking about it

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edit : REAL FRIENDS :grinning:

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how beautiful that they cant even handle chat about this in another thread without shutting it down =p bye boundless <3

I’m glad you found the appropriate thread for this discussion. Feel free to engage in civil debate here.

Threads that derail will always first attempt to get back on topic then close if it continues off topic. That’s just standard.

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as stated before standard doesnt meen proper. fair enough though =) sorry for the inconvenience

If you think my moderation needs to be reviewed by a community manager, you’re welcome to contact @Steggs101.

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By no means. dont take anything personal at all obviously. and im sure ive come across as more angry than in reality. just have qualms with certain things and this is the place for debate. youre doing a great job sir and rules are rules. rules are just meant to be questioned at times =) atleast here in murica


Bye bye.
Can I have your stuff?

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You certainly mean Merika? :wink:

I’ve never seen someone cut of for stating their opinion in argumented civil way. We have talked a lot about pay to win but feel free to add your own angle on that :smiley: