Confused -- Again LOL Crafting skill level, power and making purified butter


I don’t even know what level I am at, or in and my skill points are all over the place.
I need to get a idea of what I need where and what I need to do so I can do the things I want to do.
My focus has been to be able to make food and hopefully brews. That meant I needed to go to planets higher than 2 to get items. So I put some points into those areas, and I have my cooking crafting up on epic. But, when I went to make purified butter, I can’t seem to do so. It states I need to have level 5 crafting and have power at 1500.
I have no idea of what level I am at. Or how to know what power I need. I don’t have a certerforge, is that what is required to make that item and the foods that need the purified butter?
I’m going to have to make a list of what skills I have so I can figure you what I need and hot to up my alt so she can do some of the tasks.


As for character builds, I came across a nice post that explains a lot in terms of what skills to put points into.

You can also play around with skills using this character builder:

In terms of power, you need power coils. Regular power coils give you 100 power and advanced coils give you 300 power. You would need 5 advanced coils to get 1500 power. You’d need 15 regular coils for 1500 power.

So when you see a post like this one:

That person is essentially selling you 300 power for 2500c (excellent price btw).

I hope I helped. I’m not a brew/food crafter so I cant give you specific help in that aspect, but the above info is good stuff for you. :slight_smile:


You need mixer coils for fortified butter, each advenced mixer coils is 300 power so you need. at least 5 of them.

On single toon, you can only craft either foods to T5 and brew T4, you can’t have both you will need an alt to get to T5 brew unless you switch skills.

Currently you have all skills to make T4 food you need to get point into cosumable epic.

3 point in food crafting
1x cosumable epic skills
1x food epic skill