Connection Issues with US-West hosted worlds

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We’re aware that some players are experiencing networking issues connecting to and maintaining playable connections with worlds located in the US-West region. These include:

  • Alcyon
  • Alnitans
  • Angel I
  • Grovidias Te
  • Minorengle
  • Seginiakai
  • Storis II
  • Till

The servers themselves and the worlds on the servers are all running fine. All the metrics for the worlds themselves are good. Some players are happily playing on these worlds.

However, other players (including us as developers) are struggling to connect and maintain a clean connection to these worlds. The connections are timing out, dropping, and dropping a very high number of packets. Boundless is not playable with this quality of connection.

We believe that there is an Internet routing issue that is causing these unplayable connections. Some geographical regions can connect clearly, whereas other regions get terrible performance.

We appreciate this will be frustrating. We’re exploring options to resolve it.

Thanks for your patience.


What planet are you trying to get on to? My main was unable to connect, but my alt on Arie was able to.

I can log in and get to the sanctum but it seems all actual region (EU/NA/AU) planet servers are down.

im on sochaltin eu and its working for me, (atleast for the moment)

I’m on US-West and wasn’t able to connect to the planets.

Grovidias Te seems to be back up now.

yeah some ppl on the offcial discord channel reported issues with us west

I’m guessing it was a US West server crash or something. Grovidias Te is back up… it just disconnected me as I was typing this… Heh.

I just noticed something troubling too. I am in the sanctum and it’s saying I have zero cubits when i should have over 1500. Do I have to actually go to a planet for my cubits to show up or is this bugged?

So I can intermittently join my planet, but it says unplayable connection. This time when I logged in I spawned with the death debuff send help lol.

Seginiakai is the same - I managed to get in on the 3rd load attempt, but latency is so high it’s unplayable… it finally dumped me out at 65000ms latency :laughing:

Hiya guys,

We have someone looking into this right now. Stay tuned.


i blame your stretchy body parts :stuck_out_tongue:

There does seem to be some sort of issue in the us-west region, is anyone seeing any issues to any other regions? I don’t currently see any issue with the machines themselves but I do see some packet loss reaching them (which I usually don’t) so it could be a routing issue to the servers. There also appear to be some people connecting fine to the servers

Still investigating


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I logged in with an alt on US East (Beckon) and there are no problems there - seems to just be isolated to US West

I have no idea if this is a bug, lag, latency, invisible monsters, whatever, but regularly I am in my base with nothing around and I will get shoved all over the place for no apparent reason at all.

Kind of like there’s a bunch of the wildlife pushing me around, only I’m in my base, 15 blocks off the ground…

Anyone else have this issue?

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This seems like its only effecting the US East servers. My settlements are farming on other planets ( regions ) and they don’t experience it atm. Im going to guess that maybe because of the hurricane that is hitting the US Souteast atm?

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Me and the friend I play with both have the same issue at the moment, and she’s on the west coast, and I’m in Europe, so if anything it’s definitely a server issue.

Edit: That’s where we play from, but we are on a US East server, Kada to be precise.

Currently it’s unplayable, though.

Thanks thebirne, I didn’t think to put this in Support.

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