Anyone else having connection issues when trying to load into the game or sovereign worlds?

I have noticed trying to go through some portals the past few days that I they won’t load … I have had to log off or onto an Alt to get the portal to actually work. It’s noticeable enough that something seems off. I don’t know if it’s the same issue you are having though. Other than the portals, everything has felt ok.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing some issues with both Boundless and media streaming from Reddit, I suspect there may be issues with AWS or routing near AWS.

Everything has seemed playable until today, everytime I load the game I’m forced to stay in sanctum, as the portals wont load to the last place I was at and when I try to port home it lags out then kicks me from game and have to relog

Odd I haven’t had that issue this today … maybe someone else can verify.

@james would you be able to weigh in on this current issue?

Are you on PC or PS4?

I’m playing on ps4

There is a Patch in the works to address this issue I believe. Its just waiting validation from the Ps4 folks prior to being published. I am on PC only so I do not have that issue atm.

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Okay that actually makes alot of sense. For a moment there I almost thought you were about the say that it’s my internet connection or something lol. And at that I can wreck havoc through conan and Ark SE without lagging so it cant be my internet lolz.
Ps4 needing to approve a patch sounds like to more logical situation, especially when PS takes forever to approve anything.

Yea, I’m on PS4 and having connection issues

Connection Lost
Your connection the Game Server has been lost

Also, A Friend can’t get through some portals

I just powered down ps4, while powered down I also powered down my modem left it sit for 30 secs then plugged modem back in, let it power up and connect then I powered my ps4 up. I got a slight boost to connection I think. I was able to leave to sanctum. Havent tried any other portals yet but it could be a worthy fix until patch

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I am still having this issue on PC from time to time … not often but at times I will try to go through a portal and it won’t load. Relogging or switching to an alt and back resolved it for me, but it does occur from time to time. It happened a few times last night…

I remember back when ARK first came to ps4 it had very similar problems when switching servers. Though as much as I hope it’s the same scenario, the problems ark had were overloads of players to each server. As much as we all hope that there is an overload of player on each world, it’s not likely sadly. Maybe the problems are occurring because they are actually working on the game or vice versa and they quit completely and it’s just slowly breaking down. But regardless I still hope its all fixed up soon as I still enjoy this game

Big Mac Meal Is Not Lagging

Yes and everytime I want to play I have to reinstall. IDK what’s going on but it isn’t getting better it is getting worse.

I had the issue yesterday [Unsure of today I just shut down my PC for the night and went to bed and didn’t try today] where anytime I wanted to switch characters, Connection to the server was lost. Didn’t matter which-- just any of them. I’d have to close the client and re-launch the game.