Consistent Indicators in the Centraforge



Specifically regarding the world regeneration boon, the numerical indicator of the boon level is missing from the interface.

I do not have enough forging experience to know how many boons this affects as to date every boon I have seen with the exception of this one item has a level indicator ranging from zero to max boon level.


World regen only has one ‘level’, so it’s either active or not, no need for numbers as they wouldn’t mean anything.

Have a look here for all the boons (maybe not the new ones yet) and their levels:


To be clear, this is two levels.


To be honest I also think that it may be more intuitive to show 0 when unleveled and 1 once leveled, even for a boon with only these two states.


That is a very subjective interpretation!

I understand what you mean, but you can clearly see what is a potential trait at the moment, because the boon is there but not coloured orange. Once the boon become active it is filled in orange. If the boon has levels then once it’s active there is number in the corner to tell you what level it is.

I guess you could add a 0 at the potential stage, but I’m not sure what it adds!

Though adding 1 to a boon that only has ‘one level’ could be confusing as it may lead people to think there are further levels.


I can see what you mean; I did try to think of a different way of displaying it, such as an M instead of whatever number, once the boon is maxed out, but to be honest I suppose it’s not necessarily better.

But I do have an issue with knowing when some boons are maxed out, usually boons I’m mis-remembering or that I don’t target a lot. I just wish there was a visual solution for it; I guess the little bar on the boon could change colour once it’s maxed, I dunno. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL fidach. I’m in a fair enough place this morning to find this amusing.

Potential and Active are two separate states. I have the ability to count to 2. Thanks for the laugh.

Consistency, as noted in the title. As it turns out with limited forging the only other screencap I have of a potential boon is also a single level boon as far as I know. However I’m pretty certain that boons with 3 - 10 levels display numerical indicators from zero to max boon level.

Removing the zero from those boons would serve the same purpose to be honest.


State is not a level.

Off is not a level.

Potential is not a level.

I read your other thread and understand that you messed up a forge by finishing with just a potential boon, hey, that kind of thing happens to us all.

And I understand that you are just looking to vent, and that’s OK.

Not too long ago I was trying a full stck of axes with 3 specific boons, I had a bad rng run and it took ages and wasted a lot of mats. Then I pushed it so hard I misjudged when my protection paste ran out, and broke them; no axes and lost all the mats.

We all mess up, it’s not the forges fault, or the mats, just use it as a learning experience and move on.

Sometimes we just have to admit we messed (avoiding swearing) up!


Semantics of ‘states’ vs ‘levels’ aside, You’ve pressed me to do more research.

A quick search shows me that not all other boons have a zero indicator.


Sadly this bit of negative evidence does not prove that none do. it’s possibly, however likely, that I’m misremembering something.

I haven’t forged very many boons and while I won’t return to general QA on this system I may recreate my forge and pull some of the boons I have tried for to determine if I’m just wrong here. When proven wrong I’m normally quick to accept the correction and, if necessary, apologize. Sometimes even with a thank you when it’s done politely and constructively.

Please take this sort of commentary to the relevant thread, where I state that I created the thread to vent, and include the statement that I did, in my excitement, attempt to set a ‘potential’ boon.



Touchy huh? If you come across a tad annoyed in your reply to him it’s not too out there to think you’re upset and wanting to vent, heck, we’re humans, even tho we want to do the venting perhaps in another thread this thread still was created because you have a negative feeling about it :wink:

I do agree with Fidach, potential is not a level, not even level 0, it’s not there yet, it’s still off. And as far as I know all boons which have a max level of 1 don’t show a level number ever. Tho I too might be mistaken and right now, it’s late, can’t even think of many others besides unchisel and block change…


This thread was created because I believe I experienced inconsistent behavior. I will attempt to reproduce it.

If I cannot re-create a situation where a potential trait displays a “0” indicator after several attempts I will request a lock on this thread and post an apology to the developers. No problem.


There are boons that can reach to lvl 10, there are boons that can reach only lvl 3, and then there are almost none that are just what they are.

With that boon, it’s a you either have it, or you don’t. There are no numerical indicators because it is one level. If it did have a numerical indicator, it could confuse players into thinking that they could get a higher level on that boon, when they can’t.


There are a couple of boons that are unique, in that they are either just present/added or not.

If present, they cannot be leveled up. Perhaps there should be a different indicator - maybe a diff boon icon color. I don’t think a zero is appropriate, nor is a “1”, because numbers are level indicators within the forge. If it was just pure code with no front end, then yes…a “0” indicating off or a “1” indicating on would work.


Maybe adding a simple visual indicator to all added boons could be helpful…


Up arrow or green dot/light would mean it can achieve a greater level/more changes.
No color or red means it’s not active/hasn’t been achieved.
M = maxed for boons with no levels.
Keep the numbers for the ones with actual levels.


Ok it’s not what I was looking for, but minutes in the forge confirm the validity of this post.

Here are boons with levels available and no indicator even when they are existing (not potential) traits:

Here is one of those boons at a different level showing a numerical indicator:

The quest for a zero indicator (and now a one indicator) continues.

Again I’m really trying to avoid anyone taking this personally, or turning it personal. I do want to point out that by this logic I should assume that neither energy saver nor glow could be leveled up.

I’m not asking for this to work one way or another. I’m suggesting that it be made consistent.


I suppose there’s an argument to be made that this boon doesn’t “level” but changes, as each level of the boon has its own name.

Nope, level indicator:

As a side note this boon indicates a level at the icon, but not in the boon description. Acknowledging that this is a special case, in every other case (that i have recorded, to date, etc…) where there is an indicator, it’s consistent with the boon description display as well.


Theses two statements conflict with each other slightly. unless I am misunderstanding something.

You state you want to have a green dot on boons that can have greater levels AND you want to keep the numbers for boons that have more then one level,

If we have the Damage boon at level 8 for example, then both your statements apply, you are asking for a green dot and the number, since it can go up to level 10, so unless you move your green dot somewhere else, both can not exist as one will cover up the other,.


No, not both - I said keep the numbers for the ones that have it. When a boon has no levels, has not been applied yet, or hasn’t reached the 1st level…there is no indicator #.

Just throwing ideas out there. I’m fine with everything the way it is on the forge, but I can see Nightstar’s point of view on it.


I did forge several items,with as many iterations of randomo boons and/or boon replacements as I could afford (vigour/stability wise).

I failed to trigger the display of a zero or a one indicator on any boon. I’ve also failed to find anyone stating that they have seen a zero level indicator, and surprised at least two people who never noticed that there is no level 1 indicator (not that they necessarily cared :wink: )

This also shows that the assumption that the level indicator missing from traits with only two states is NOT due to them having only the two states. The user is in fact left to determine if a given trait can be leveled up with either additional research, or trial and error.

I think MajorVex’s additional indicators are a great idea, they could of course occupy different corners of the icon in cases where both are applicable.

i do apologize for using an invalid example in my initial post, I’ve watched several forging sessions and videos, and while the possibility exists that I’ve seen this in an older video or something it’s not important. I would have flatly sworn that I had seen both level 0 and level 1 indicators and as far as I can currently prove, I would be wrong in both cases.

As other inconsistencies have been shown and at least one other good suggestion has come of this thread, I won’t be requesting a thread lock. If a dev or a mod feels it’s appropriate, I wouldn’t be offended.

Off topic note:

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I am slightly confused by this, all 3 things you state seem to refer to the same thing?

A boon with no levels in it has not been applied yet,
A boon that has not reached the 1st level has not been applied yet.

if that is the case there is already an indication for this by the boon icon being gray and not yellow.

I don’t think that is quite what you were trying to say. and I am failing to see something.


I’ll trade you a 3x3 gold fist :rofl: