Consistent Indicators in the Centraforge


Yep & yep. However, there are boons that don’t have levels show the orange icon - exactly the same as boons with levels that haven’t reached level two – they look the same. What if someone keeps forging, trying to raise that boon because there is no level indicator?


The same can be said about boons with an level indicator,

…? Have not been applied if there is less then 1 level in it…?

I am not 100% sure about what you are trying to propose in full but I feel it too can create confusion,

I think the indicators should be left alone, as trying to cram too much information into an icon can also make it just as confusing if it is too busy, or the icon needs to be enlarged by 2 to 3 times to support the extra information, I feel that such information world be better if added into the tool tip, The max level of the boon can be displayed there.


I am just going off of what OP was saying. I understand the forge process & I am fine with it the way it is also.
OP made me take a 2nd look at the forging UI & I can see their point. You wouldn’t need any more space on the icons to do any of the above. There are actually numbers already, if you mouse over the icons - not sure if this shows up for console players, as I am just a 100% PC player.


You might if you wanted to support both a green dot to show the boon can be leveled up further AND the level of the boon, since I feel the green dot should be on the other side of the level at which point we are putting too much on top of the icon its self , for example

The Auto looting boon has a max level of 3, the AoE boon has a max level of 5, the damage boon has a max level of 10

If the AoE boon is level 3, it would need to display the level 3 AND the green dot to show that it is at level 3 AND it can be leveled more more, ja? if you only display the number and the green dot vanishes, then would that not suggest that it has reached its max level?

where as the auto looting boon at level 3, would indeed be at its max level and would only display the number with no green dot.

Or have I really misunderstood the proposal?


You could use both if you wanted to, I guess. It was just a quick photoshop lol of course anything can be graphically changed to however would look/work best. I like the icon filling up from gray to orange to show how much an item can still be leveled up - maybe it’s too vague though. For items with levels, maybe instead of the last number, it would use an “M”. For items that don’t have levels, I think the dot system or M for maxed would be fine.


I just feel this may be a little inconsistent, unless both were displayed,

I feel it might be better to change it as follows, if we are going to retain the icon size and not over load it

All boon levels display the number, from 0 to 10.
The number displayed is Red if it can be leveled up more,
The number displayed is green when it is max level.

The behavior of the BG color of the icon will remain the same, It is gray when the boon is not level 1 (Not added), it is yellow when the boon is level 1 or higher (Is added).

I changed your color choice from green to red, because in my book, a green icon means everything is fine, where as red means there is still a problem with it, in this case, it is not finished leveling up. Or a more neutral choice of colors, it remains white when it still can be leveled up, but turns green or blue or something when it is max level.

This way it is consistent and things don’t start changing from numbers to letters to dots, to happyfaces.



Yes, for people who are paying attention it explains almost everything,


A full bar is not always = to maxed, unless you have the knowledge of such before hand. for example


This haves a full bar, and it is not even added yet, the same can happen if it was added and was at level 1 or any other level with a full bar, and someone can glance at it and think it is maxed when it is not,

Or even mistaken that non added boon as being maxed because they were focusing on just the bar being filled,and over looked the color of the icon its self.

So this still creates an ambiguous situation in some cases if the person doesn’t already know the max levels.

Here is a better example


A new player might see that as maxed, if all they were going off of, is how it looks as is. while most people here already know better.


I think the simplest and easiest way would be to just change the level indicator to M when the level is maxed, whether the max for a Boon is 1,4,10 whatever. Once it is maxed, put an M there to indicate so. We don’t need to have a zero, that is already shown by the trait being grey before the first level up. If a boon has more than one level, then a 1 should be displayed to indicate the first level (if there are currently any boons NOT displaying this now).


I have not actually been able to identify any boon which DOES display this now. If you know of one please do share.

EDIT sorry this was intended as a response to Phaedron’s quote, not Trundamere.


And yet I know that some people have already made an mistake about this very situation. Which means others might also make it.

The problem I feel here, is that hides information was once was displayed. Not all boons max out at the same level, some max out at level 1, others max out at level 3, 5, and 10.


It doesn’t. It just jumps to solid orange for the insta-maxed ones, or a #2. You have to mouseover the icon to see the numerical indicator before level 2.


:+1: Exactly why a M = Max might be helpful. Some are insta-maxed and never show a number at all, some are maxed at lvl 5, some at lvl 10…how are inexperienced people suppose to know when it stops?

It wouldn’t cover anything. Instead of the final number, it could show an M.


With the proposal I made about changing the color of the number, which keeps the information there so the player can learn what number it maxed out on, instead of now hiding that information. With an M which might as well stand for Markiplier


Info is currently being hidden.


This doesn’t show the level or that one is maxed out. How to tell them apart?


Which is why I also stated the following


Some boons (once applied) are insta-maxed and have no level, some max out out level 5, some at level 10. Not all max out at 10.
Unless you have a lot of experience/knowledge about the forge, how are you suppose to know what the max level is? Or if you can continue forging it?





Yup. That boon isn’t active yet. They all do that. Every. Single. One.
If it’s not active, it can’t be assigned a level.


Which means it is not insta-maxed, is at level 0, and haves the max level of 1.