Consistent Indicators in the Centraforge


They all start out at zero. Zero isn’t a level = not activated, not applied. 0 = placeholder.


How is this indicated to someone who doesn’t know that boon? How do they know there’s no level 2



It seems to be defined as a level in the tooltip, the forge just will not add it to the tool when the setting resin is put in if it is left at that level, but it is still a level never the less.

It is a level because it is displayed in the same location as the level. the fact it is a 0 doesn’t make it any less of a number or a level.

As i mentioned in my proposal, Changing the color of the number when it is maxed out, at level 1,


0 = possible trait. 1 = trait has been activated. Some traits have no level even when they are maxed out…therefore no number to change the color of.

Anyways, it would be nice if the level indicators were more clear & prominent.


Which is why my proposal suggests adding them


Any indicator would be great: color, letter, number, dot…


I do not know how to further explain my point. So I will leave it at that before this becomes out of hand

You can message me in discord or in forum PM if you want to talk to me about this more.



That would be the most consistent thing possible. Regardless of levels, they would all show an M = max.
A number, color, dot, M…anything would be great though, imo.

I’m sure there are a 1000 ways to do this, if the devs wanted to. This is probably the last thing on their minds right now.


Ugh, I hate replying on mobile. Grey icon currently tells you that it is level zero. For consistency sake, what I see missing is a level indicator for level 1 and a clear indicator to show max level. Changing the level indicator to M at max level(whether it is Lv 1,4,10 or whatever) would solve that portion of it. Granted, I am a noob at forging so grain of salt and all that. Personally, once a boon is maxed, I don’t care if I see the actual level of it, I just need a clear indication that it is in fact at max.


I find @Trundamere’s proposition the most logical and the simplest.

Potential boon - icon is grey and no number displayed.
Boon present but not maxed out - icon orange and white or red level number.
Boon maxed out - icon orange and green or blue level number.

If a maxed out boon shows number instead of M letter or any other symbol, it gives players a chance to learn what is the maximum possible level for the boon.


I second this. M is a bit ambiguous, is it a Mega boon? Male boon? Metro boon? :smiley:


I’d say Metro :joy:


At the bottom of this page, it has two tabs, one says Full Stats…
Click on that for all the boon levels! If someone already posted this, then sorry, but TL:DR :slight_smile:


An M would be nice. Everyone that’s saying, but M could mean…insert random thing here. You could do that for the numerical indicators too. 1 try? 1 boon? 1 try left? 1 is the best? 1 taco? But we learned that a numerical indicator is the level of the boon, and we can quickly learn that the M stands for Max.


Adding indicators is a great suggestion! I like it! Easy and quick way to just help visually with the centraforge.

I created a Centraforge Feedback thread and in my suggested included better visibility into what level something could become (and the entire effects of it by level so that you could make better decisions on what buffs you wanted to go for). I will post it below in case you want to check it out!


Maybe we could have the tooltip state if it is Maxed out too.