"Cookies Wacky Hunts" poll

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“Cookies Wacky Hunts” Coming to a theater near you

  • Running Hunts
  • Platform Hunts
  • Both

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Hunting is Fun before I make my own platforms on a permanent planet or should I just stick with Old School

Houchus Hunters Courtyard is almost Complete Baby Cookie Weird hunts will involve stuff like axes only or bombs only etc type hunts

I wanna hunt like we’re the Future is leading but is it Running or Platform or both (Not for Oort but Fun and krazy wacky hunts)

If anyone has ideas or opinions I wanna hear it Boop

Thankyou @Pwonstar you actually inspired me to progress for the Future of Cookie Kingdom


Also fists only could be fun


I’d show up for an only Bomb Cookie Hunt!

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When I 1st started hunting, I did get aggravated with the running hunts, because I was no where as fast as everyone else and got left behind alot. And by the time I actually thought I was caught up with everyone, the meteor would already be completed and some were already headed to the next meteor before I could even collect the current one.

Because I wasnt there on time, I did not get to collect creature loots, only got to collect from the meteor. But over time and with alot of practice along with setting my skill page correctly for my huntress, I absolutely love and prefer the running hunts over the platform hunts.

At 1st I had actually given up completely on hunts from being let down that leaders and other hunters didnt wait on all the new hunters to catch up, But on a small hunt with a couple of friends one day, we ran across a player named @frizz368, well his characters name is Arya. Anyway, he practically forced me to hunt with him every single day on marika where him and @rustyknife are the owners of the capital. (Not sure if they are still the capital or not). But Frizz and another old friend of mine @wakeNbake, helped me set my huntress skill page up to be way better than what I had.

Now I can mostly keep up with the crowd and get to collect everything from the meteors and creatures. I’ve done several different types of hunts, my favorite (as much as I hated them in the beggining) are the running hunts. Dont get me wrong, I’ll do any hunt that’s going on while I’m playing, but I prefer running. It can be quite comical at times watching everyone, along with the mistakes I make and accidentally grappling a friend and yanking them down off of a cliff to their death or it even happening to me.

I would also like to add, that I’m not likely to do many platform hunts, especially if I’m not friends with anyone there. Because if I miss the portal to get to the next platform, then I am completely left behind, never to be able to catch up. Because I dont have friends there to be able to go to the sanctum to portal to. Plus for those that dont have alot of coin, cant afford to portal to someone every single time they are left behind because of platform hunts. Those hunts are not always new player friendly as well, just for that fact of not having at least 1 friend that actually stays for the entire hunt or tons of coin to portal when left behind. I personally have plenty of coins and friends. So that’s not a huge problem for me. But there have been plenty of times that I went to a hunt and didnt know anyone. No matter how many times I sent someone a friends request just for being able to keep up if I get behind, they ignored me and would not friend me, because they had no clue who I was either. Sorry for the long post @BabyCookie. Only way I know how to Express myself and thoughts lol


Heya Babycookie =D I love Houchus! I think both would be good. Sometimes it’s very amusing to swing from one cliff to another BUT! I had sometimes problems moving forward while collecting gems since the area can be hard to manage. Back in the day when my family was still playing, I was not able really to get them to Houchus especially my mom because Houchus is just difficult for some people with its terrain and Tier 6 is quite dangerous. So platform can be helpful for non practiced hunters. Hmmm I think maybe a few days in a week could be platform, the other days running and grappling course kind of hunt :slight_smile: so there’s something for everyone ^^ I myself can not hunt or play too much as you know, but if the conditions meet my possibilities, I will gladly join :smiley: I just have one concern :confused: I don’t have forged world ending lucent bombs… but maybe you get someone to forge them for people that want to join your hunts? :thinking:

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I think many people look at the effort/time to oort ratio.

Platform hunts are usually quicker and less effort and usually more productive, so more oort is gathered. People can technically bring their alts to these much easier to fill out a hunt.

Running is more fun for some and definitely more challenging which some people like, but I think running hunts aren’t so beginner friendly nor is hunting on a T6/T7.

These “Wacky Hunts” while fun for many of us (including myself) I think it would be frustrating for a newer player that is under geared and under leveled.


That would be me having no proper bombs :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face:

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That s why ima gonna invest all my funds to forge the proper tools for hunts for the non seasoned players and give stuff out for free. When I start the Future of hunts (Host-chan gave me that idea)

I got the idea of having a partner for all the hunts thanks to seeing how christos hunt and being on the the Mathews hunt sometime ago were one person stays behind to open a Portal to the hunt site for players

I was also thinking of having everyone Inc before the meteor if possible! (Only cause my wacky hunts are gonna be wacky who wants to jump into a t6 meteor alone with a axe (excluding me) xD)

it’s Rough terrain but how is one gonna learn to grapple rough terrain when I noticed all the hunt sov. Planets I see are as flat as possible my thoughts is to start getting players to learn to grapple on rough terrain so when I do get to T7 Hunting were the terrain absolutely is Bad and unforgiving we would have tought everyone to grapple using a tough T6 planet but will take it slow for everyone

Trying to get a beginner Friendly T6 hunt going with learning to grapple some rough terrain
Can’t do a T7 beginner Friendly T7 is to unforgiving for seasonal players already xD

T7 Hunts will only ever be a Slingbow and or Bomb hunt can’t do wacky on T7 that’s wayyyy to much death xD

I thought of doing a grapple course like EZPZ but I don’t have plots for something like that and I’m no longer a whale I’m a Oscar fish xD


Something my family was always considering back then as a fun idea to be started someday as hunt idea. Since I’m with Host, I got influenced in a lot of ways. I’m not having the slingbow anymore as a standard equipment. So I’m doing it just like him - slapping all kind of mobs with a totem to death. It sure is fun :slight_smile:


What ever you decide to do I’m in.

I have no real preference. I do both.

Platform hunts are more beginner friendly, much slower paced so it’s easier to keep up with. Running hunts are more efficient with oort and have a great pace. (Personal observations not fact)

Whatever you decide provided it’s not outside my timezone I’ll be there :blush:

Look forward to seeing it once it’s set up :blush:

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I suggest platform Hunts for permanent Planets . Classic running doesn’t work on high tier permanent planets . it would basically be a Experts only hunt if that’s the case . Most people dont have the speed and grapple skills to travel easily through hard terrain on high level permanent planets . I am not speaking about myself been doing hunts many years , and permanent planets are not easy access for new upcoming players , when they can;t keep up thats when people start to get frustrated and leave . high tier permanent planet terrain is not flat at all , if anyone has ever been to a high tier classic running hunts in the past

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Here are a few thoughts for consideration:

  1. Be very clear on the type of hunt especially if on harder planets that are public and have challenging terrain and how much a person might die.
  2. Be very clear on if this is a fun hunt versus Oort gathering hunt. When my time is limited with Boundless I need a decent Oort return against the time spent otherwise I can’t keep those portals running especially now that we have A LOT less hunts on the evening US time. Fun hunts are a great idea but I can’t spend hours to walk away with 50-100 Oort.
  3. Be realistic on death count and how you will handle that for Fun hunts. Not everyone can easily afford to stay fully geared (damage, health, res, etc.) or have fully specced out characters to deal with harder levels. There is a different in a Fun hunt on lower levels versus a Fun hunt on high levels were you can die over and over and over in a row. That might make some people just not attend.
  4. I don’t mind platform hunts but honestly never will agree with them on public worlds because of how they ruin the game feel… private worlds are a different thing. Ultimately I enjoy running hunts because you can experience the world and builds in a more in-person feel. I see things I might never have seen because I’m running around the planet.
  5. I know you said you would hand stuff out free but I think we need to be honest and clear about the resource costs to make sure people enjoy and can do these hunts. If you are trying to attract the more advanced hard core people then who cares… but if you want the average and more causal players like me then I would want to know about my investment versus return. I can’t just easily replace all my gear or so spend 10’s of thousands on weapons, health, etc.

I like the idea of Fun hunts but must they be on T6 only and we can’t have a wide variety of planet levels? That way more people might attend that are casual or not perfect specced out for a hard mob.

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I understand the point of platform hunts what I want to accomplish is T7 planets you can’t build Platforms on so starting a T6 beginner Friendly hunt for learning how to grapple before we get to T7 so we can attract more players to play on T7 boop but I was thinking of platforms to start out like 20 hunts then demolish them
Starting by understanding the planet with platforms you gave me the idea to become a teacher before T7 Terrain yesterday

Trying to get Big Groups for the real challenge


Disadvantage of private planets is, that there’s a player limit for those planets. But that was never the topic anyways since Baby Cookie stated already she wants to do the hunts on Houchus, so don’t understand where people get the idea from that it could be somewhere else. However, T6 is simply not beginner friendly and will never be. It’s more for T6 beginners that do already regular hunts on lower tier planets. Back in the days of illuminaughty hunts, whenever the leader decided to do T6 hunts, it was going quite roughly. Many people died, we sometimes nearly lost the meteor because of the death count and to add is, that it gets tougher the less hunters are participating. Everything below 20 people was going the opposite from nice and smooth.
(Illuminaughty hunts were mostly done at T5)


Yesh that’s why I thought to start with platforms to learn the planet then get rid of them after awhile


People keep mentioning beginner friendly T6 hunts. Which doesn’t make sense. T6 hunting were never meant for beginners. That’s what lower tier planet hunting was for. And you worked your way up to T6. Learning the ability to keep up and traverse the more difficult terrain as you gained the ability to do so. Now can you do a T6 platform hunt with a beginner stage character. 100% yes. But are the beginners going to be useful. Probably not. I always laugh when I see someone with a green health bar hunting on a T6. Every couple minutes you see the same people dead. You should have a designated character or skill page for hunting T6-T7 which means level 50+ character. Which means your not a beginner.

But that said. I’ll join you @BabyCookie on any of your hunt adventures because I want to support my friends wether it’s platforms or running. Just holla at me via discord. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::beers:


The Poll is gonna tell me which players Were gonna need to Teach over the Expert grapplers everyone that picks both doesn’t care as long as there is Fun involved (^-^) :heart:

All that talk yesterday got me thinking what can we as a community to get players T7 Ready (yes T7 it’s not worth it to most or lots of Death but it’s extremely fun when you challenge yourself)

But why take hunts to serious let’s have some fun in the process with shovels only or axes only players will have plenty of time to get to a meteor if we’re all running around with shovels you think :laughing:


Ok yea I should probably add Lvl50 Begginer friendly hunts xD well beginner to me is lvl 100 and below compared to us lvl 1500 - 6000 lol
(Excluding Dutch-chan I know he below 100 still xD)


RUDE… I know my name came to mind…


I forgot what level I am. Either 300+ or 400+ :thinking: and I’ve got a weird half tank half damage dealer page that was at least good enough considered by me :grin: