"Cookies Wacky Hunts" poll

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i could switch back to healer build to help out :slight_smile:

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I’ve never done a T7 hunt, I’ve asked a few people about it but was always met with ‘no one runs them anymore’ and you need a lot people to do them so that was that. I assumed people ran them privately because you need people that 1 know what they are doing and 2 that aren’t freeloaders (those that just afk at every meteor and don’t participate which happens a lot)

I did try tackling one with my partner, it was brutal. I can see why a few people are needed for them :laughing:

Whatever the timezone I’d definitely try making them. It’ll be chaos but it’ll be fun :blush:

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T7 hunts are great. I used to lead them awhile ago when my guild had more active hunters and we all had a blast. Once or twice a week as the T7s were spawning great. We was making it rain Icor for @BabyCookie. They are not as brutal as people think as long as the Leader has a good group behind them following instructions on the meteors for the hunter’s. Voice chat is always best with any hunt but T7s it’s a lot more involved.


I’m with you on so many levels.

  1. I’ve not hunted all that much in a group. Basically because I don’t know many players. Or they’re in a time zone many hours before or after I usually play.
  2. The few hunts I did get to long ago, I was always struggling to keep up.
    Not many people way back when took the time to make sure newer players had good hunting builds or gear.
    Not that I needed or wanted handouts. But 5 mins from a very helpful new friend and I’m more prepared to mine higher planets solo (Thank you Host!)
  3. Coin. Warping takes coin. Which I rarely have much of since I I don’t do anything on a large scale like so many others do.
    4.I read in the forums here I think it was ‘four hour hunt’.
    I may be logged into game for hours and hours at a time, but half the time my avatar is staring off into space because I’m in another room.
    Are there hunts that are shorter in large groups?
    I have yet to make it to a platform hunt to see how those work.
    Personally as long as I have one player I can wander with on a semi regular basis I have enough rough oort for the one portal I use.
    I’m fairly new to both the forums here and the game discord.
    I’d love to go on hunts. Either type.
    Just be sure that this old gal is still behind you. Please? :slight_smile:
    P.S. I build on Raxxa under Rajanimaya. Feel free to send a friend request.
    Happy hunting/building!

I’m like a pin cousin for wild stocks, must be the perfume my toon has on him that attracts them to me lol. @BabyCookie @CaptAmerica1611 you should team up :wink:


There is one aspect of classic running hunts i did not mention that is important factor why I will NEVER support classic running on sov planets again . There is a group of selfish / malicious people in this game trying to control all the hunts in boundless , and that is why they HATE platform hunts so much because they don’t want other guilds making their own hunts . this malicious group was trying to monopolize all hunts at one point in the game . This is very bad for the game because the sov planet system is being abused to hold grudges and to perma band any person from the hunt who they feel is competition . So until the Pay to win system and Abuse of the banning system is fixed . I say Hell no to classic running hunts on sov planets . First the abuse of the banning system on sov planets needs to be fixed so they can;t be abused by any group . Pls dont tell it doesn’t happen because it does happen more often than people think . iv’e watched other people get banned for having a second account , which is stupid because you need more player presence so bigger meteors spawn . So no i am not in favor of classic running hunts on sov planets because it’s a system were malicious selfish people are actively abusing and playing god . there are many people who are permanently banned from those types of hunts , so until the abuse and selfishness , and malicious behavior stops . Classic running hunts on sov planets are a NO good . many people got banned from those hunts so they will never be able to go . This is why I am against the idea because people are using the sov planet system to propagate their religious beliefs in social darwirnism . They believe that the most socially ruthless get to control and dominate the rest of us . So until the Biased / malicious behavior of permanently banning from classic run hunts / banning your competition from hunts only enables more people to blindly believe that belief even more . until the bad behavior stops i will never support classic runs on sov planets in any discussion because the sov planet system is being abused to Hold grudges / and to stop competition from getting oort and monster parts . I will not help any group to propagate their religious beliefs in a video game , it’s immoral , and bad behavior .

On permanent planets you can’t do that . you can’t unfairly ban people who you feel is competition , or they hunt better than you / or they have better looking builds than you , or any other stupid jealousy reason . that is the FAIREST way to do hunts . Were people have to learn to respect each other at least for the moment . that’s why i talked about the Oort count , sov planet give more oort than permanent planets and that needs to be CHANGED . so no one group can MONOPOLIZE hunts ever .

Ya i see that can be an issue but i think this is more about Classic running hunts on perm planets and exo planets.

when most people say classic run hunts they are mostly talking about sov planets , that’s why I am against the idea to keep power hungry baddies from controlling all the hunts and dictating who gets to hunt and who does not get to hunt " playing god " . That’s why I am also trying to bring to attention that sov planets should not give more oort than permanent planets . permanent planets should give more oort , the ESSENCE of hunting comes from the hardships of permanent planets , sov planets are a cake walk for hunting , and should not give more oort than permanent planets , that way no one group can monopolize hunts Ever . more oort on sov planets incentivizes Monopolizes on hunts .

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This is about doing running or platform hunts on Houchus (perm planet) to prepare people for exo hunts.

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I know that but i am responding to the Pole . the pole is also part of this discussion that is why i mentioned the Importance of not promoting classic runs on sov planets .

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yes but the pole is about the hunts on planet houchus i believe

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Houchus is ma Favorite planet but my hunts will include the best grapple planets like “Delta” that’s a Awesome planet to learn to grapple
(Not a oort driven hunt but for fun and something that’s different boop) :heart:


Judging by the poll. Everyone who runs platform hunts prefers platforms. And and the rest of the community either doesn’t care either way or prefers running. Good job on clarifying things @BabyCookie. :+1::+1::heart:


Just for the record… a classic run hunt will always be running around on a perm planet spawning meteors as you run to the new regions. That is the classic way we did it here way before SOV.

“Legacy run hunts” will be for those of us that were here before meteors and used to run around region to region spawning mobs for hunting… As the person who helped develop that group hunt area we will always use these two definitions in this way… anyone else trying to redefine it should be beat with tallow until they submit.


while that may be true , you skipped one factor . I was mentioned in the post because me and cookie had an earlier discussion about this subject . that’s why I mentioned it , because it is something i forgot to mention before as another reason why classic running on sov planets is not a good idea . Also thats not the only thing i mentioned .

The saving grace here is that any person can run a hunt on perm planets. While I don’t agree with those being rude we can always create an area and forum for this type of behavior to not be support. Hunts are for fun and team work not drama and attitudes. If people don’t like a hunt leaders approach – create your own hunt.


plus I also mentioned the oort counts , which you ignored as part of the subject

that’s not being addressed and hasn’t been address in many years , try talking to devs , see if you can hammer it out with them . there are years old posts about that , your not the first one to mention it .

this post isnt about oort counts