Cosmetic Blocks Purchases


I was thinking, could you make cosmetic blocks to be purchased with cubits? I don’t mean actual blocks but skins, to replace the look of say normal stone. Keep the resource the same, and the stats etc. But enable players to buy skins for the rock/stone/wood and enable them to turn it on to give new cool looks (Not pay to win if its cosmetic)



Im ok with this as long as they give 0 prestige


I like the idea but are we talking about on a block by block basis or something we would say add to a beacon to change the skin of all blocks of that type in a beacon.

@Buugi sounds like he means only the look would change. It would have 0 effect on prestige.


What kind of ideas for these skins do you have in mind?


In a Dota match, ill reply when I can.


There was a concept before for sort of sticker packs that could be applied to blocks. These could be a good cubit exclusive item, provided that purchasing a pack granted unlimited uses of that pack and also added 0 prestige to the area. Non-tradeable and non-transferable.


No…they should give the prestige of the original block…not zero!


I’m pretty sure they meant zero additional prestige, not zero prestige total. :stuck_out_tongue:


That makes way more sense…lol… still early here :wink:


Yeah I meant like a pack, say you want some sort of different rock model or wood, keep the base stats the same and still make you have to mine the block BUT enable to you buy “skins” which simply change the cosmetic look. If they made it a one time purchase they could simply keep adding more (Like dota does). This should be part of its own team and not take away from the programmers and main design of new additions to the game.


i love this idea and i love the beacon idea because what if you build something with or without the skin in mind and someone else doesn’t have the skin and so sees it differently or has the skin and sees it differently?

it would be a sort of ‘auto download’ for the client for the textures and you simiply pay to unlock it kind of how dead by daylight does dlc. that way you can play with others who have those skins/dlc without having to buy it yourself. imagine having to buy a block skin just so you could see what they meant for the build to be.


I’m guessing everyone can see it but only those that have purchased them can use them and they are purely cosmetic.


Wouldn’t have to download anything it would all be held server side like it is now. Aside from chunk data.


true that…if its server side then it wouldn’t be upstaged by texture mods.


i dont like it
think people that can afford a little more can already dress up enough
think this stuff makes ya build look cooler then regular players so making there towns more interesting and by that pay to win
a nice looking place is def gonna attract more players and have bigger succes
ive saw proof a couple off times
why does it has to be with qbits would have love this sugestion if it was just a non qbit thing to add to the game for sure
now its more like ah so stickers no cost money great :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Lmao oh noes cosmetics are pay to win now.


That would be nice. Then I could build my whole base out of gem blocks and make it look like something else.

This name makes me cringe.


It’s not pay to win, but there are a lot of arguments against cosmetic purchases. Especially when you’re already paying full price for a game.

Visual progression is still progression, especially in a game like boundless where building is such a big part of the game. Limiting that behind a paywall doesn’t sound appealing.


The other option is the game dies, and no one gets anything. You really think the devs can survive and feed their families with the four hundred active players that it has? Without some sort of money grab?


Obviously that’s not the end result anyone wants, but do you actually know how wonderstruck is doing financially?