Could we add higher Tier planets? - Resource issue

I know exos were supposed to be unique and have resources that were only found on them, however.

  • Exos are really pretty rare now and we don’t see them for weeks

  • No Blink, Rift, Umbris, Petrolim, primordial resin, Kindling, & Goo

All those resources are needed to make stuff, and it creates playability issues when there are none, not to mention that when they do appear there is a mad rush and the resources are quickly depleted. Depending on your timezone or work. Again this causes issues.

Additionally I’m not sure how this would work when we can create our own universe or play solo - how do we get exos?

Personally I’m not keen on playing solo and would like to be part of a community, some players have a pretty good imagination and build skills, which can inspire!

I wouldn’t even mind if there was an additional option for world creation for a premium world with those resources on it (provided it regens! :wink: )

Anyway sorry for rambling a bit, but when you need ‘stuff’ you cant get, it causes ‘issues’ (and due to Covid I cant see my doctor about this)


Mostly unrelated to the rest of your post (I’m all for more difficult stuff and more group activities), the current UI for private servers, which is how single player works, has the option to generate exos. I believe they are time limited. I think you can also generate rift/umbris/blink worlds as permanent worlds there too.

I don’t know if this is going to change with the GUI, but I believe one of the update posts said there should be a way for private server runners to create exos through API calls to their server.

not exactly rare when there are currently:
13,397 blink
7,176 rift
19,153 umbris
17,743 petrolim
260,025 primordial resin
230,018 kindling
58,140 goo kernals

for sale…

is the issue you just dont want to pay the price of what is available in game?

Cause thats sort of the problem with the economy, all of yall are like “im just gonna go farm, im not paying that price” and then everyone wonders why everyone except people that can forge are broke…

Yes please

Can we implement the remaining planned higher planet tiers that were never finished?


I rather not see that happen. While I do think that the current spawn rate of Exo worlds is too low at this time, and sometimes done in the wrong way. I don’t think something as extreme as making permanent worlds so the Resources can be farmed to the point of flooding the market is needed.

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Buying it would cause the same problem…just in a while. Not to mention push prices up and up. Supply should at least be somewhat balanced with demand or eventually all prices would go up extremely high


I wouldn’t even mind if there was an additional option for world creation for a premium world with those resources on it (provided it regens! :wink: )

We need solutions, not pay-to-play/pay-to-win mechanics.

I think that one possible solution would be to add those resources to 3 new permanent planets as 10 or even 100 times less common than on exo. So it will keep some low amount coming to the market, while still relying heavily on exo. Though i’m pretty sure those planets should not be plot-able to prevent exploitation. And this is still far from being ideal as the idea behind lucent resources stands for their rarity. This is a sandbox game and you are not by any means forced to obtain those resources, you just do that because you want to, it’s a prestige thing.

This could be improved by shifting a balance towards even more complicated resources - for example something that requires tiny bit of lucent to craft, with lots of t6 or lower resources as addition. Let’s say umbris alloy made from 1 umbris bar, 4 titanium alloys, 4 gems and 1 compact combustion particle. This will force a choice between using umbris for bars and then alloys, or for refined umbris and then t7 tools, while also increasing demand on lower tier resources to improve their significance.

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I think all that will do is cause people to then complain that the 3 worlds are always mined out of the resources. Since the Atlas will draw people right to them at once.

And even if you ban the Atlas from that world, Then I think there is likely to just be non-stop mining as people look for things 24/7 and that would inhibit the natural regen of that world.


I agree. How about having their rarity extremely low, so that is actually not profitable to look specifically for lucents? I would think about them as addition to possibly mined resources and not something that you always bring home.

How about the the community can purchase lucent exo’s just like sovereigns. There can only be one of each lucent at a time(this could change as the community grows). With a cool down timer before another can be spawned of the same type. Purchased exos would work the same as normal exos. They only last so long. No plotting. And anyone can go to it.
I only suggest this because there are plenty of people who are willing to spend $10 for a public sovereign for mining for the community. Cough cough @bucfanpaka cough cough. :rofl:

alternative idea. The community chips in coin to an exo spawner similar to the way guild mates chip in coin for buffs. Once enough coin is deposited. An exo is spawned.


We mentioned this before and was not very well received lol by the community might I add. Those rarity people

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Sometimes good ideas need to be brought up again. Hahahaha.


Lucent problem should be solved by design, not by forcing players to pay to get access to t7 resources. Imagine paying for sap to appear in-game. They do need to find a better balance, but i don’t see any reason why would anyone pay for features that are already there.

As for coin mechanic, this will either lead to an exo being there everytime cooldown is off, or to a situation where guilds spawn exos at the time when their miners are online, to dig everything before the others. And still i don’t think this is much different than making exos more frequent as a rule.

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I’d be totally willing to sponsor lucent exos if cost is an issue at play here in why we’re not seeing so many (I’m not sure of course, but if it were), if the cost weren’t totally through the roof, like way over a hundred US. And SOOO would love to be able to roll T7s as sovereigns! :grin: I bet I could set up some good ones! :wink:


I mean thats cool, but its still first come first serve, its not like spawning an exo means that me or anyone in this thread suddenly has access to lucent gems.

If you don’t happen to be awake, online, playing, ready to go when they spawn and dont make it in the first 2-3 hours you might as well just buy off of the market. Less the locust have their way and leave behind the pickings.

I have been saying it for a while now, let people trigger the exo spawns, stick some kind of cool down on them so we cant go too crazy, honestly the game is already pay to win when i can spawn planets with specific resources so lets go all out…

Gamma Gemis 12/15/20 - 12/20/20
Mu Lyra 1/1/21 - 1/6/21
Kira Soull 1/17/21 - 1/22/21
Its only been 42 days since the last exo, it would help the economy to actually


Without knowing why exos aren’t appearing now, it’s really hard to speculate on what kind of a solution would be good.
If it’s just a technical reason - waiting for the next update or something to re-automate it, then it’s just patience.
If it’s server resources - yeah, let us pool some money to pay into an exo-time queue. For example, deduct $10 per exo-month from the community money pool to maintain up to 3 exos at a time (which would be $30/mo coming out of the pool).
If it’s game balance reasons - Why do you hate us?


I don’t see a problem here. Exos don’t get mined out ever. There’s always lucents and other materials left when they despawn. Also I’m talking about a lot of coin. So much so that the community has to work together to pay for it. Once full a timer would appear for when the exo would spawn that everyone could see. And that timer could be random. 6,12,18 or 24 hours before spawn. Giving all time zones a chance to be first.

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its “random” :roll_eyes:, has nothing to do with game balance.

Since the last 3 or 4 waves of exos have come within hours of forum posts requesting them, I personally theorize that the exo-generation endpoint is still broken from the sov update, and that they just have a manual option for now and are waiting for the endpoint to be fixed in the new server update (that isn’t in test yet).

That’s just my theory on it, though. Impossible to know. Maybe you’re right and it’s just several months of bad RNG.


Why would I buy 1 unit of Rift for 500c+ when I need to spend 180,000c just to get 50 compact? Its just greed. You are correct I wont pay the asking prices for any of the items you listed, except Resin, but then I don’t need Resin.

Judging by the turnover for Blink, Rift and Umbris not many players are willing to buy it either at those prices. If you don’t need it, why mine it? Just to put it up for sale at exorbitant prices in a stagnant market? To try and monopolise a market by mining lots of resources, you don’t even need?, just to put them up for sale at prices hardly anyone is going to buy at? If those are the reasons then its pointless. Let someone that actually needs the resources mine them, better that than have them sitting on a shop stand for months!

I agree it is partially a problem with the economy, or the economy mindset. ‘I’m not selling this product at any less, even if players wont buy it at this price, because they cannot get it anywhere else’.

You just need to look at the feedback when I reduced the selling price of Kindling from 50 to 35. Despite the fact that it had stopped selling at 50c. Now whenever I have some for sale I look to see who is buying, and sell if the offer is around 30-35, or I stick it on a shop stand between 30-35 and it sells out within 6 hours. I then use this to buy bones, essence, orbs or anything else I’m too lazy to get myself. They then use this money to buy forged goods or anything they are too lazy to get for themselves.

This is a healthy economy, when money and goods are flowing freely.

We don’t really have this issue with other products that are widely available, just those from Exo’s due to the rarity of the spawns. So we need a solution so we see more Exo’s and they appear and vanish with very little or no ‘input’, or we need another solution where some or all of the resources are available on permanent worlds.

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