Covid in my household

As alot of you already know, I just lost my sister to covid in February. Now we are faced with the fear once again.

My husband came home from work early Wednesday morning feeling horrible. He took a home covid test which was positive. So we made appointments for the both of us to get tested the next day at urgent care. His came up positive and mine negative.

His temperature had gotten to a little over 101. Now today I am running a temp of 100. My family doctor had us to do a zoom meeting with him today. He said at the moment he is more worried about me, than my husband because I have chronic copd and other health issues.

He wants me to wait until about monday to take another home test, but if we get worse before then to call him or go to er. We are under 5 day quarantine unless our symptoms become worse. My mom is also sick, I can tell that my adult daughter that lives with is is also getting sick. We all could use all the good vibes, well wishes, thoughts and prayers that everyone can give us right now.

I cant handle loosing another family member again because of this ■■■■. Or myself


Cookie Sends me Wishes to get Well Soon Boop! :heart: :heart: :heart:


I’m so sorry, I hope you all have a full recovery, and quickly!! :frowning: Will be thinking about you, your Boundless family is here for you, hugs!! :hugs:


I hope your family gets well soon <3

Covid is the worst. I think I’ve had it before and it’s so horrible.

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If you aren’t sick and your hubby is, have you not got somewhere else he - or you could be. Much less risk of infection if you’re not in close contact.

I know you could perhaps already be infected, however with chronic issues any precautions are wise.


All the best and early health to your family,

Had covid a few months ago, on sick leave for almost 3 weeks, only 1 day fever but 2 weeks strong dry cough, thought my lungs would fall out soon, but luckily everything is fine now

covid is one of the most insidious diseases of our time because it can have unexpected long-term consequences, i have to be careful like everyone who had covid

All good to You all


Hoping with all my :sparkling_heart: you guys get better soon.
Lots of love :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Wishing the best and everyone recovers safely!

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You got this! Hope you all have as quick of a recovery as possible! :boundless:

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Sending all the good juju and positive vibes.
I’ve lost quite a few to covid so i know how rough it can be. I also got covid back in December last year. Wiped me out for over 4 weeks and I still suffer the effects of it now (long covid symptoms)

I wish you all a speedy recovery with no lasting effects. Get plenty of rest and take it easy I hope it doesn’t get worse. Take care.

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Wow @Phyre-Fly. Wishing you both a speedy recovery :heart: Will be thinking and sending positive energy your way.

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Sending good vibes your way. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.
Take a lot of extra vitamins.

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I’m so sorry. I’m sending you big hugs and much love.

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Good Luck, and speedy recovery.

Vaccinated, boosted, and I got covid last month. Luckily for most people the newer strains are a lot less threatening.

So yeah, best wishes.

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Take a minute at a time if you need to.
Nothing is more important than caring for yourself, and your family.
Don’t forget to care for YOU.

Find something joyful, no matter how small , every day.
We watched silly cat and goat vids on a tablet when we were sick.
We felt like hell but laughter really did help us get to the next moment.

Here’s to you and yours getting through this in the strongest way possible.

hugs and marshmallows


Best wishes from my family to yours too.

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We thank you ALL very much! Our daughter woke up yesterday morning sick as well. Hubby and I have had our shots but it’s just now time for our booster. Our daughter refuses to get shots at this moment. She will be 21 next month. Cant very well force her into it our home has been on quarantine since tuesday evening. Much love to you all. I was already infected, it just took me day longer before I had all the symptoms fever included. Found out that almost everyone of my great nieces and nephews have been sick past few weeks as well along with my mother. They had been to my moms, so I’m sure that’s where we contracted it from when we went to visit this past Saturday. If we would have known that they all had been there while they were sick, I promise you that we would have never went for a visit.


hoping you all heal as well as possible from this. I’m currently an outpatient in my own home for a chronic illness flare (15 weeks and not yet responding to medications) because the drs are worried about the amount of covid patients in our hospital, so I fully understand the not going anywhere where others are sick. hugs


I wish you well to a full recovery as well. 15 weeks is a long time. Hope they can determine correct meds soon

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Update: we stil feel like total crud, but a tad bit better so far. Husband is still out of work this week. He got up out of bed a bit more past 2 days and still having some trouble breathing. Myself, its affecting my lungs and sinuses the most. My back, rib and stomach muscles are all screaming with pain from all the coughing. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Our daughter said hers feels more like allergies and sinuses as well. Her body was aching all over too