Crafting Design


I’ve been doing some work on crafting recently, and I thought I’d send you a random screenshot.

This the visualisation from a tool I wrote to show how the various things in the game are crafted and the dependencies between them. It’s zoomed right out, so you can’t see the details (I’m a killjoy I know). I believe this represents a good chunk of the core recipes, but there are still lots to add like wearables, props, and more.




Well it looks interesting and it’s good to know that there will a big variety of stuff to make.

But only from the schema it could be the best crafting system or just plain MC crafting. So there’s that^^

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I knew that someone who worked on Until Dawn has to have a sadistic vein :smile:
Would you at least share the colour code with us? :wink:

But I´m definitely glad to see such an amount of variety without even including wearables, definetly looking forward to more information from you.


Thanks for sharing even this much with us and driving the hype train ever forward!

Where’s @ben when you need him? :wink:

Looks intriguing. I assume the grey that leads to brown on the left is stone, wood and…
Nice to see crafting is expanding apace.

:scream: thats… pretty brutal.

Looks Interesting!

I like how many things are interlinked and have requirements. Looks like a game tech tree.

Holy craft! That’s a lot of crafting potential! Collectors, rejoice!

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I like it,good job.

I’m guessing that each color represents a category of item like a tool or block type or a weapon?

This is so not fair :cry:

I’m hoping the crafting has a random element to it as well. Crafting 10 swords is boring as heck. Crafting 10 swords in the hopes of getting one with great stats is at least interesting. I think Ultima Online had a sense of that.


Almost actual tech tree =)

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Did you make it? There are some mistakes in it, e.g. Stick is made of Trunk, not Timber.

Oh, thank you! I was sure about sticks and not recheked that. :roll_eyes: