Crafting System

Crafting System

So I have been getting ideas about the Crafting System. Okay, so i have two ideas. The first one is with fatigue, it goes as the following.


Let’s say that you’ve melting Iron Ores for a while, but suddenly you can’t anymore because you’re too fatigued. If you are too fatigued your fatigue bar is at 100% and above 75% or 80% you will melt or craft things slower.


You can only craft or melt things if you have enough points to do so. Every 5 minutes you will get 5 points and let’s say that with 3 points you can melt 1 Iron Ore. (Based on Archeage).

Please let me know what you think of this! :smile:

Though it would add some realism to the gameplay, I don’t think fatigue would be beneficial, since crafting is such a huge part of the game, and sometimes you may need to make a lot of things at one time. And the points - maybe they could only be for special, high tier items so that you can’t mass produce them, but I don’t see how they would improve the crafting system for simple items like planks and tools.

It may not be beneficial, but player’s wouldn’t farm the whole forest or mine a whole mountain in one straight mining session. Because they don’t have enough Points or there Fatigue is too high. This might seem like an odd reason, but think about it. Oort Online has beautiful landscapes and me as a builder would like to keep it that way.

Ah, alright. I see where you’re coming from. Preserving the landscape is a big thing considering it’s a voxel game, however the devs said that in the future, we’ll see regenerating terrain. So if fatigue and points are a notion to keep the landscape clean, and the landscape cleans itself after long, what other purposes do those systems hold?

It will also have regeneration so the landscape will stay how it is. Even if you’d farm every single block of it, it will eventually regenerate.

I see no reason at all to have any restrictions on crafting. You could use such a system in a F2P game where you can buy more time or points or energy, whatever. But Oort isn’t the right game for such a system.
Or can you give me a reason to put such a system in place?

Sorry i forgot about the regenerating terrain. Well Dwarvenname, i am agreeing with you for the spamming of making high tier items

Point system, it is in archeage, called labor points, people hate it.

i dont think it should be a thing tbh, i would rather have actual timesinks on higher items, so if you need to craft a high level rare sword you need a special material, to get that material you might need to put 2 items into a forge and wait 24 hours for the material to be done, as a combine time. wouldnt mind that, but actual points for cutting down stuff would be a bit of a bummer.

how long do you consider a mining session, it took me a 9 hours to mine the simple tunnel in rurigar.

Depends on how long the player is mining.

tunnel goes from one side of hill to the oterh and is around 60-70 blocks long

1 by 2 or more?

more about 9 by 10, but as it goes up it shrinks

Anyway, someone got another suggestion? :smile:

there are so many more threads with crafting systems in them

I’d like to point out that i didnt nit pick my topics, but rather i have made a ton of posts on it XD


i was about to ask you for links xD

Just one Word (cuz I know something like that from other games): “NO!” :wink:

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i forgot this

and this

aaand a few more i wasnt sure was directly tied in.

High end items? Why not use a simple cool down timer rather than 24 HR time sink? Has the same outcome of preventing spamming of epics and it prevents the item being stolen/destroyed by another player while you’re offline. Also, instant gratification is not so bad.