Crafting Systems

Well this is just a suggestion about the possibility of having two kinds of crafting for diferent kind of resources and results.

1- “Easy/Cheap/Common” This one is oriented in they of Terraria, Minecraft, Mortal Online, in wich you only need to have the necesary materials (and skill/knowledge) for craft your tool/armor/weapon. Well you may say:

“This is dumb and really easy not good for an MMO//RPG/Whatever!!!” but no, this is a way for crafting weapons/tool/armor of any tier with fixed recipes for all kind of material (and even choose its appearance bettew some options).

This kind of crating option will lead to a lot of weapons/armor/tools easy to make for necesity and terms of durability, wich will make good for having spares training/farming weapons/tools/armor and a good way for arming a lot of people.
This will lead to a lot of weapons/tools/armor of not so high quality but good as they tier (more or less)

EXAMPLE: For a spear (2 “hard” material for the rod, 1 “hard” material for the head, 1 leather/string/cloth like material

2- “Hard/rare” Well this is the old RPG/MMO/Monster Hunter crafting way in wich you make a specific tool/weapon/armor wich a lot (or few, it depends) of rare/especific materials, wich will take to fewer special equipment better tan his normal tiered counter parts, with benefits and the posibility to became “sets” and epic/cool/rare ítems.

EXAMPLE: The Epic tatata of tururú (1 Skull of tururú, 2 rare gems of lalala, 1 djisd, 5 tara ore) (OR EVEN MORE MATERIALS)

Well tell me your opinion about that:

I think ‘Systems’ isn’t spelled like that

And I like the idea of actually smithing/shaping weapons Like in Terrafirmacraft or Tinker’s Constructs

I liked the idea of a monsterhunter/RaiderZ way of crafting. instead of using ‘‘2 hide’’ you need like ‘‘3 wolf skin and 1 spiderweb’’

Yes, but i think we can have the two ways, but one for rare/epic equipment, and the other for more common equipment

easy crafting does not belong in an mmo, there should be a difference on people who just started and people who crafted for a year.

i cannot talk about teraria but i know that in mortal online and minecraft you lost all of your inventory and equipment, hence why it was important to always be able to craft high tier stuff again.

Yes i know, but you can craft common/cheap/not so powerfull equipment for new players, or people who don’t have much money/materials, i don’t know if you know what i meaning XD

I’m not trying to get the two systems at the same level, just lest the two for use, but each system for what it’s meant to be used

just give newbs a certain amount of low level recipes and allow them to level up the proficiency of choice.

I would like a system where you have to find recipes for most items (you would get all the recipes for essential tools, torches, food, steps and stairs etc. automatically). From these basic items you could enhance them through a separate enhancing system- Anything from appearance to effect could be changed. The easy crafting gets you essential things that you need for survival, but if you want to make powerful weapons, strong armor, etc. you have to use a harder crafting system that requires the rare materials.
Lets consider though, with any game that has crafting there will be a wikipedia, so crafting will become fairly easy for everyone once people figure things out. I don’t really see how crafting could be all that challenging unless you make the materials hard to get.

ok but just think, you weapon got his durability near 0 (you need to repair, or it will be broken/can’t be used until repair) but you have a few ingots, one of random leather and some spare Wood, you can craft a temporal weapon for you

It’s just an example

what if instead of needing skill in crafting you could just find recipes through quests- the tier of planet your on would determine the potential tier of recipe you get.
I’m much more in favor of discovering (“unlocking”) the recipes instead of needing skill for them.

Its just that because i’m suggestin two crafting systems, one for easy and fast thing and the other for the powerfull rare ones

it needs to be a mix of both in my eyes. so the profiency would go from 1 - 525 (to use wow and example) and you could find a weaponsmith recipe saying ‘‘Mithril sword: Requires skill 125’’

there needs to be a difference on low skill crafters and high skill crafters, but yes i am also a fan of unlocking recipes. so even a high level crafter cant craft everything within the weapon type unless he managed to get all recipes.

i am still HEAVILY in favor of picking 2 crafting and gathering professions instead of allowing everybody to do everything, but i will bend as far as to say people should be able to do all things up to skill 50/525. that is enough to get you running with tier 1 stuff but then you need to decide which things you would like to learn.

Well having unlock able recipes and a crafting skill seems kinda redundant. Yes it makes things harder, but your essentially creating two systems that do the same thing. If I had to pick one, I’d choose the recipe’s way just because I think it will look better in oort. It has a visual nature which I think would fit well with oort. Enhancing would just be an extension of the recipes and crafting system I suppose.

Ofcourse, but at least the tier1/tier2 cheap forms of crafting just for having.
Think this the rare crafted items of tier 1 are far away better that the tier 2 (or even 3) cheap, its just an option for people if they don’t have time/money/materials

so lets get a newb who runs around in a loincloth in a stick the recipe for making a master sword while the veteran who have played the year have not yet found it. seems legit.

i imagine you being part of the MC players, yeah?

He doesn’t mean that Zouls, please read… don’t get mad for this…

Those who do not invest the time into becoming a crafter should not be able to master being a crafter.

you would need to pick one of the systems, not both, just make the first tier simple like ‘‘2 wolf hide’’ per basic armor piece you make and then as you get futher it would be like ‘‘3 wolf teeth, 7 spiderwebs, 2 saphire’’

ah apologies. im not mad, im just trying to point out faulty logic. (in my eyes)

The problem with systems like that is that it forces players into categories. In a game that is based on customization, forcing people through some arbitrary flow chart of classes, skills and stat points etc. seems not just overwhelming, but also confining. I want the game to feel open and visual, and not get too heavily bogged in stats. There’s always a trade off of user friendliness and depth of strategy when it comes to stats/levels/skills etc.