Crafting tables

crafting tables are a big part of many games, they come in many forms such as cooking fires, ore smelters, metalworking bench, tailoring table and etc.

so i found it kinda important to discuss how they would work and how many there would be.

should it be like MC with just 1 type of forge? or should it be detailed so every different crafting profession/type used a seperate crafting station (i am personally in favor of this)

trove did earlier have a sort of tier based crafting station. it uses alot of different crafting stations but it started with you making one out of simple materials, it could only make the bare things neccesary for the game, then you would have to use more rare materials to make a better crafting bench which in term could make more specialized items and crafting benches (first one could make a potien refill, some chests etc, while the next could make a block dye system, a fun block factory, still while being able to make everything the previous one could)

so how do you guys imagine it? as i wrote i would prefer having specialized crafting stations for nearly everything, in my eyes that encourages making what you find the most required, and it would also be a great incentitive to make a crafting hall in a guild town for example.

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Stove for cooking

Forge for metal works

Is all I can think of lol

I would think a lot of different crafting stations but try to avoid that we end up needing to upgrade to a higher tier crafting station all the time like in Terraria.

Instead i think it would be cool if the higher tiers of armor weapons and tool needs special materials which needs new crafting stations.

for example a 5th tier tool/armor/weapon needs a charged crystal to work so you would need to make a crafting station taht allows you to produce said crystal and other crystal products.

but generally an anvil can only take you so far in terms of crafting stuff right? eventually you will need something better/stronger.

but indeed i think it would go well having special stations for special materials especially if we use a system kinda like this, actually requiring you to level up your crafting skills and using time on them

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My favorite use for multiple crafting stations is as props. They allow you to convey the purpose of a build without having to spell it out. They also can break the game’s progression up into sort of crafting tiers, depending on the types of materials required to craft the station. Even if the item crafted does not require a particularly difficult to obtain material, the station can. (Example, mc’s enchanting table)

Two goals to keep in mind imho for crafting stations are first simplicity, second variety. Let’s have a system that is not complex, but fills many roles.

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Here’s some suggestions for generic crafting profession stations.

For blacksmithing:
-Metal cutting/saw station? (Alt. to anvil)
-Tempering Table
-Grind Stone
-Coloring Table?
-Jewelry Station?

For woodworking/carpentry:
-Woodcutting Station
-Sanding Station
-Saw/cutting Table
-Wood building/crafting bench?

For tailoring/leatherworking:
-Skinning Table/tanning rack
-Weaving Loom
-Padding/Bounding Table
-Dye Bench

For cooking/provisioning:
-Wheat grinder
-Meat Grinder
-Open Fire

For alchemy/chemistry:
-Mortar & Pestle
-(Bunsen) Burner
-Alembic (Alternate Distiller)

For Spellmaking:
-Spellbook Lectern
-Magical Tethers of some kind (gems, candles, etc)
-Magic Circle for containment

For Enchanting:
-Staff/Wand Crafting Table (Perhaps pre-crafted by woodworkers)
-Insertion Table (For inserting magical items)
-Imbuing Table (For inserting the magic itself)
-Power Table (For maintaining the magical charge)
-Magical Tethers again

For Electricity:
-Cable Making Table
-Battery Making Table
-Electronic Objects Table (Power Boxes, Lights, etc.)

For Pottery/Glassworking?:
-Clay/Glass Oven
-Pottery Wheel
-Glass Molding Station
-Painting/Dye Station

There can be crossovers between some of these professions. Such as a spellmaker creating spells for an enchanter, a woodworker making the staffs/wands to enchant, blacksmiths/tailors making wearable equipment for enchanters, tailors making fabrics for woodworkers to make furniture, alchemists making ingredients for provisioners, provisioners making ingredients for alchemists, potters/glassworkers making improved vessels for alchemists, electricians making advanced tables and stations for all of the other professions, etc.

It would be amazing to see how players would interact knowing they must rely on others for improving their craft. And that’s not to mention the people who have to gather the materials for said professions. Making a united and advanced crafting system like this would really bind the community together, and encourage trade.


This. Also, alchemy lab for potions, maybe some kind of magic book for spellcraft and research.


good god, I hope you don’t want every one of those for every class D:
If we are to have a bunch of different professions for crafting, I would like to keep it at 1 work table item per profession, with maybe a few that are multi use- like a general crafting table in MC

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A saw isn’t analogous to an anvil AT ALL :confused:

I think he meant “alternative”.

I know what he meant

I personally wouldn’t want to have TOO much crafting stations, I’d like to have what I need in my home or shop and not make either areas overburdened by what’s there.

I actually think multiple craftin stations for every proffesion would be cool that would mean thta focusing one proffesion would not mean standing at the same table day after day.

They were just a bunch of suggestions, but yeah, I wouldn’t want something THIS complicated.

Let's do this first.

Let's make a list of what's happening with crafting in other games, and add them to the OP. This will give us a proper baseline for comparison and discussion.

To start:

Inventory crafting - basic stuff, planks, torches, crafting table
Crafting table - weapons, armor, tools, decorations, building blocks, pretty much everything
Furnace - convert raw metals into ingots
Anvil - repair and rename weapons, armor
Enchantment Table - enchant stuff

Tanning rack - convert hides into leather & leather strips
Smelter - convert raw metals into ingots
Blacksmith Forge - weapons, armor, jewelry (tied to Smithing skill)
Arcane Enchanter - enchant (and disenchant) weapons, armor, etc
Alchemy Lab - use ingredients to make consumables (potions) (discoverable)

I’m just fine with “one station per craft type” - one for weapons, one for armor, one for furniture, one for alchemy, … - On this way it would be not monotone, but also not to complex :wink:

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We could have a way to upgrade our stations and it would have the same recipes as previous as well as new recipes.

I think we should add workbenches to make items, forges of different tiers to reach higher temperatures and smelt more valuable materials maybe use casts to to make different tool parts a bit like tinkers construct, and a magic system which allows to enchant stuff. And maybe an anvil to combine tool parts into tools using leather or some kind of binding material. That makes 3 foor tools and probably an “enchantement table” to enchant things.

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I love culinary stuff, so I’d like to see a ‘crafting table’ for taking like meat from a animal to cut it up in different cuts (for different types of meals, like for stews, steaks, fish filet) and by doing that you can take the extra materials from doing that excess materials that can’t be used for cooking for alchemy for potions or fat for candles or torches. Could also be used on the raw form of vegetable to get it cook ready as well.

And the oven/stove for majority of cooking, and places like a campfire can be used if your out in wild with no town nearby to cook minimalist things to get by until then.