Crafting Times Reminder

New World a very specific game loop around progression of the gear and your need for it to get to end content along with durability that goes away. Boundless does not have that game loop really nor something so robust and specific to gear builds, etc. Additionally NW economy is mostly focused on those core things that are needed and that progression gear… all the other stuff it has with drops and stuff is thrown away and people don’t need it unless they want the parts. So only a specific area of the game’s economy is great…

People also left for other reasons that content… the other loops got old and the faction warfare wasn’t really up to what people expected… The games really are not the same and shouldn’t be compared on an economy level plus we know Boundless has problems in that area beyond crafting times.

If you are waiting for something to be crafted and even stop playing the game while you wait for the crafting to be finished then you are playing the game the wrong way. (in my opinion)

There is a lot in Boundless you can do while your stuff is being crafted.

Most people I know stuff the machines before they logout for the day. So next time they go online all the crafting is done.

I personally do not know anybody who stopped playing this game because of long crafting times.

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I referenced New World because it was specifically asked earlier in this thread what other MMOs have instant or near-instant crafts as though it was commonplace that all MMOs have decent to long craft times (most don’t). Then when I state one, it gets written off as “well, it’s not really applicable”.

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How many people do you know that stopped playing the game at all?

Quite a few, but for complete other reasons. I have played this game from the very beginning.

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Sweet. I know of several that quit in part due to crafting times and I’ve been around since the EA release just before bombs were introduced into the game. I remember fondly my first few weeks in Boundless <3)

EDIT: Here’s another thread from a long-time Boundless veteran most people know that sums it up nicely:

Another long-time Oortian (Havok) sums up the point nicely here as well:

I’ve argued for the value of longer crafting times to the" economy" in the past, and I now see how absolutely wrong I was and how it comes at the cost of an enjoyable experience. Already pleanty of time invested in simply acquiring materials. Remove crafting times entirely, and make crafting about quality, not speed.

I must have missed that request so sorry I didn’t understand the post. In that context then, yes I agree your post is basically on point then. Yes, the crafting in NW is basically instant and it supports a pretty decent economy in that game. I do agree it is successful overall and they did it basically right.

I do think they could have added a bit of time to the crafting time but then again it wasn’t needed because the grind around making the gear is more than enough. In fairness, at times do I agree that the grind for Boundless is across everything and maybe that can be balanced better.

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And to be fair… you quit at least once or twice during that time for a variety of reasons. So I feel that others who “quit” might come back if they want…

No worries. Wasn’t being dickish - was just stating that I was responding to a question from someone earlier.

I stopped playing once to make a statement. You probably remember Xaldafax. (Red gleam, trolls and game design mistakes)
That was sorted out over time, so I came back.

People take a break from most games though, I think that is quite normal.


Mayhap a creative world would suit your fancy more?

I have always been able to find other things to do in the game while things were being crafted. Because of that, I really fail to understand how this creates such a large problem that it causes people to not play the game while things were being crafted. Are other people’s play-styles really that linear and one dimensional that a single road block shuts them down?

I am not trying to be insulting, I honesty just don’t understand it.


There is local and creative modes for just building.
And local you can run own building scripts :slight_smile:

Creative mode has not attraction to me… I don’t like the idea that everything is free- whilst I hate the time penalties for crafting times in game, at least you have to put in the hard yards to craft something where creative does not offer the same feeling.

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Installing ESO now it’s Free this week. Doing my due diligence. I’ll let you know how the crafting is :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just watched a video and you have to do research traits in the game in order to add those to items that you craft. Some of the end game ones take 30 days … nice!

I’m glad this game is such a rip roaring success that people feel confident enough to tell people to quit playing it every time they have the slightest objection to one of the game mechanics. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m glad this game is such a rip roaring success that people feel confident enough to tell people to quit playing it every time they have the slightest objection to one of the game mechanics.

Basically this

I do three things in game:

  1. Mine
  2. Fill my shop with the stuff I mine
  3. Build my base with the other stuff I mine that I don’t sell. Most of this has to be crafted.

1 and 2 are complete for now. If someone, for example, comes and buys all 14400 of my Rough Topaz today then I’ll go topaz mining again (although that’s not even a great example because I have about 50,000 topaz saved up). I essentially have full shop stands of all the things I sell except rubies (which I’m working on gradually). 3 requires crafted stuff. In order to craft that stuff I have to wait 3+ days for the coal that I mined to craft.

Now you understand hopefully. It’s bad design and the crafting times need to be dramatically reduced, removed, or automation needs to be introduced into the game so we can queue things up a’la Satisfactory or Factorio.

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Sigh. Do we have to go this route every time? I love this game, but I am not so in love with this game that I am blind. If you read up some you will also see that I said I think the crafting times are long. I also feel they could be adjusted.

They chose these crafting times for a reason and whoever developed that system spoke to it, but I cannot find the post I referenced, and I am sure someone knows who created the crafting system can point me in the direction.

Regardless, everyone on these forums know that this game has issues, a lack of players and nowhere in my statement did I say to quit if you don’t like crafting timers. I simply said that if you don’t have a lot of time to play games, the MMO genre probably is not the right choice.

MMOs just eat time that is how they make money and get you invested and wanting to keep playing. If people want instant crafting, I am sure that was one of the reason Creative worlds were made. People have the freedom on the creative worlds to not have ANY crafting timers. I personally, do feel the crafting timers are horrendous, but not everyone is like me and will go do something else while waiting on my crafting to get done.

There are options to not waiting on the timers, go build something, go on a hunt, go explore an Exo, go mine, go collect some colors etc. etc.

The crafting system isn’t perfect, but as I mentioned in Creativerse I think nothing takes more than 5 minutes to craft. Guess what people complain about it. On top of that it has no economy in game so … there is that too.

If you read the comments by @almund and @Trundamere

Creative worlds are part of the game so I am not sure how you would be quitting. They are simply giving you options.

Lastly, I don’t want anyone to quit and as most of the community here that actually knows me, they probably understand I want more players not players quitting. I understand the crafting timer pain I craft nearly all day long and while I don’t like it, I don’t sit there and stare at the machines waiting for them to craft. I farm…I am organizing over 30 beacons full of items that I have inherited and collected on my own one of which is from a gleam shop with nearly 4 million gleam. I am built a huge concrete shop recently and now am working on my color storage which has taken me over 4 months already. I also went on 3 hunts, scanned all the sovereigns I could for the community so the colors update and I try to buy something from at least 5 new shops each day to show some support.

If you quit over the crafting timers, I get it, I truly do! I would much rather see the next update come out and many other things before the crafting timers are addressed.

Okay, but ‘quitting’ wasn’t the first suggestion. That didn’t come up until 100 messages in discussing the system. It was the suggestion given when all other suggestions were rejected.

Here’s a suggestion: do what the vast majority of the community seems to want and dramatically reduce or remove crafting times :slight_smile:

No crafting timers on a creative world.