So couple of tid bits about crafting. 1. Is it possible to add some sort of categorization to organize it a bit better I.E. copper is a category you then click it to see all craftable items iron, amethyst, etc… Also I love to mine but requiring Fossil extract to craft tools more than stone tools is a bit daunting I mine like it’s no ones business but still rarely come across fossils. Maybe require something else?

I think requiring Fossil is fine. I have 100+ fossils you just need to know where to look.

What I find annoying is when I craft a higher number of items I do not get more crafting experience. It seems like crafting experience is based on the amount of times you hit craft.

yea i can understand that any suggestions on finding them easier or is it just dig deep lol

I find fossils in ice biome caves.

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Other planets like Epsilo are loaded with fossils, example:

But on starting planets you will find them in caves near-ish the surface.


nashril is loaded with them! when I need fossils I get lost in a cave were I find a few weeks worth then just warp home. it is also good for tech and rarely amethyst.

i havent left the starter planet yet lol I dont even know how haha

You can craft a warp picker or buy a location off your world from one of @Jeffrotheswell shops.


so how do i find these shops?

But he might have to restock your planet. You can head over and see if his shop on your world is stocked with other planets.

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so the shop on solum is now at -1084 1817.

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can i place those cordinates in game as a way point?

if you press . it will bring up a screen with your coordinate.

i feel like frodo trying to get to your place

lol. I know its kind of a grind. I think we will have maps later but for now this is the best way.

so i made it!!! and now idk wat to do im literally on the exact opposite end of the map long run home i guess

yup but this time its just running toward your map marker.
after a little planet hoping you may just want to move to another planet. I am at the planetary transfer station but head to eu market first and check it out. there I am selling all the worlds.
to split stacks press and hold left mouse

is there a way to warp home?

no but that’s coming. for now its all leg work