CRAZY IDEA : Oort alphabet code

This is very very simple.

How about a code for signs such as :
:Oort A:
And after validating, the sign would display the corresponding Oort symbol, like so :

I’d wager the game already has some kind of custom font for this.
It’s also possible that all the symbols we see in game are just textures, which would make things slightly more complicated, but barely.
Maybe a dev can confirm this?

EDIT : After thinking this over, it would also make way more sense if the Oort language was an option. So, when you’d click to make a sign Bold, Italic or Regular, you’d have a fourth option to write in Oort.

In any case, it would allow us to make some cool things!


bump for me really loving this idea

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Bump da bump bump this idea is awesome. I’m all in for immersion like this and I’d totally learn to read Oortian!

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Now that I re-read the OP, it would make way more sense of that was an option when you click to make a sign Bold, Italic or Regular. Like, a fourth option to write in Oort.


Language bleep bloop beep.

Imagine just imagine…if we are learning the oort alphabet and everyone in game chats in oort language even outside of the game!


Ha ha, and people try to invent the pronounciations! XD
“Horistick double boop vertistick triple boop! Double vertistick!” :rofl:


you made my day :smiley:

tbh - sign written in oort language - yes please :smiley:


I’d take a gamble and say most people don’t even know what the symbols translate to. Like myself for instance

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At least a language i will learn to speak and read if it where more used in boundless. Spent all the time i can already in boundless.

The “new” universal language :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

I like the idea of writing on my walls , when I want to do it now it is way to big and blown up so it can hardly be read when close.

I would love to write some Oort ( got out my stencil on the alphabet and translated your question :slight_smile: )
I would also love some glyphs that fit on one block ( ingame symbols , feats , … )

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I had some off the oort alphabet blocks in beta but they where scrapped maybe @Jeffrotheswell has a picture they use to come from all over the land to check out his relics :joy:

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2 in the background, from my home in Therka.


I lost all of my EA screenshots :cry:

Or it could be like final fantasy Xs system of unlocking each letter of the alphabet. It would be cool for an event idea.