Creative Server for PS4

As we all know people can test ideas or forges etc on test servers on pc
However PS4 users don’t have any option remotely close.
I think maybe a creative server for PS4 would be great so people can learn how to forge better and understand all aspects of the game within a creative menu instead of having to do the grind for the ingredients. I still can’t forge to this day and I don’t want to waste resources trying over and over again


I was the same way then I decided to just bite the bullet. If you follow Vansten’s primer on getting in to forging, it’s easy peasy. If I can forge, anyone can forge. I’ve had things come out at 3600/3800 because RNG went great and other things land at 280 and Ii just made iit anyways because it wasn’t total garbage.



I still don’t fully “get” forging. I push buttons and things work. I use vanstens method (or a modification of it) and it produces defect/quirk free tools every time that are all 320+. Last night I made several 350s and 360s.

It IS intimidating, but his primer will literally walk you through everything. I started with hammers and now can do anything. It’s great.

Once you realize that as long as you save 200 vigor for a decon resin 3, you can always start over, no matter how deep you get.

PM me if you have questions. Happy to help.


I learned to forge on Live on PS4 as well, so it can be done!!!

But on the other hand, please keep buying them! Preferably from me tho at Original Forgies at Nova Golda Market :slight_smile:

I have done some forging and i havent got the patience for it at all.Things i have forged rarely turn out how i wanted and then i waste ingreduents in the process.I dont bother wasting my time forging instead i go to the golden fist shop in finita and buy some top hammers .Its expensive to buy awesome hamners but i much rather sell my ingredienrs to buy a decent hammer.I know how to forge but i lost interest because it is such a pain trying to get it to land on the right spot.If it was garenteed to land on what i want it to then id happily forge all my hammers etc but my opinion is it sucks.

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Where can i find this method?
i just dont want to be wasting money attempting something when a creative side to the game could help me practice how to forge and save me the money, plus it would help with us with a test server for ps4 for update due to be released

It’s not a new method either. It was fleshed out originally by some of the main forgers who aren’t around any more, back in December. Vansten posted it and then modified it a bit after further conversation with folks. It you want a constant stream of useable forged gear and tools, that method is pretty much bread and butter.

It costs a little bit more but you can spend more and change the method some and get higher and better results, but again you’re going to have to toy with the method on your own once your comfortable with forging as a whole. It doesn’t take long to get used to it.

If you’re good with math in general, it’s pretty quick and easy to branch out in to your own fun after going over vanstens collaborative method.

Just know, at the end of the day sometimes RNG will rng and it’s going to suck. I had a session recently where I had to decon on the second boon 16 times in a row. Not a huge loss in mats but man it really sucks to restart over and over again.

No amount of ‘knowing what to do’ will fix that but of rng.


Yup, I had a similar situation this morning. Frankly it sapped the will to play right out of me.

Of course an hour later I was back at it, lol, addiction and all that! :smiley:

Finally got a decent forge



It only gets easier(and harder) from there!