Creature Devlog Special: 4. Hopper

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Hopper Master Sheet

Key Visual Features:

  • Melee Creature (Bouncing Sandbox Bomb)
  • Classic Progression\Power (5 tiers)
  • Elemental Progression
  • Exotic Progression

Hopper General Description:

The Hopper is a volatile crazy little creature providing chaos and amusement in equal measure. They can be found alone or in small group hopping around the world in a passive state. When activated he turns hostile and will detonate like a bomb on impact creating a whole variety of results. If triggered, he will protect himself by hiding into a tight ball which the player can roll or grab. He can then be pulled, thrown or dragged using a grapple using the creature as a sandbox tox. When in a ball state they cannot be damaged, but if they hit a surface with enough force then they detonate.

Combat and Armour

This post will target the more combat based creatures and shine a light on the visual relationship we have to how those creature visibly relate ‘Progression’ with ‘Armour’. This is the last post on focusing entirely on our aesthetic representation of the progression section of the creature master sheets.

  • High combat threat and destructive damage is best to be visibly portrayed in both Ranged and Melee Creatures as being the primary indicator of difficulty.

Armour is a therefore our visual indicator on how hard that creature is to combat.

The higher the tier of progression, the more of the creature’s body is shown to be protected by armour.

Looking at both the Spitter(Ranged) and the Hopper(Melee) mastersheets you’ll notice an area on each mesh covered by ‘Armour’. The area covered in Armour on each creature is chosen by it’s key ai behaviours and animations (in terms of combat - so not in personality like the Wildstock or Road Runner) and what we as a team want to convey about each creature visually.

Armour on the Spitter

On the Spitter it’s armour is the grey section on top of it’s flesh/body covering the top of his head, spine and in particular and consistently the tail throughout every tier.

Before, during and after his shooting projectile attack - he shakes his tail like a ‘rattle snake mis-directing your attention before attacking from his face’!

  • This ties in the armour nicely to how he goes about in combat and in turn becomes a key part of his identity.

Armour on the Hopper

The Hopper is a little different because his armour is localised always in particular around his feet consistently from tier 1 onwards and thereafter his back and most of his body added on in tier 5.

This is because when you successfully get him to hide into a ball in combat, you’ll be able to use him against his will as a player!

If you roll him, we plan for his momentum to be ‘foot heavy’ therefore always rolling to an upright position allowing him to get up naturally and hop away (retreat!).

So this is it for week 1 everyone! Next week, I’ll finish off the series and complete the set!


Haha I’m loving the sound of these!!


Cheers from everyone here! Yeah it would be awesome to get this working well! :smiley:

Unknown issues can always scupper the best laid plans in development of course…and if so we’ll adapt when forks in the road undoubtably come up. The general description on each creature is however taken straight from our design docs and along with the concepts, is what we hope to achieve and are definitely trying our very best to work towards regarding their behaviours.


This is a great design! Its not so much a creature that will flat out try to kill you, but it can be used for a play thing or even a weapon! Now, I do have a question about the grapple on the Hopper.

  1. How will we effectively throw/toss the hopper? is it simple ball and rope mechanics or something else?

  2. Will the explosion damage the grappling hook itself? I realize that this is a simple question, but it may add a little bit of additional realism. Having somthing blow up ON a tool would not be very fun!


I can’t wait to see these things being shot from cannons or trebuchets in Guild Wars! Just imagine… an entire range dedicated to raising these boom cattle, just to fling them at buildings!

I do hope that higher level Hoppers require a higher impact speed, necessitating siege engines, rather than just allowing any random player to lob one at passersby.

I don’t believe we are attempting to do this at this stage.

These guys are intended to be fairly aggressive and explode if you annoy them to much. And when they do, you don’t wanna be near them. :slight_smile:


Imagine you are in an area with a lot of these guys and a big creature in the middle.

Point at one of the hoppers with your grapple hook and fire. If you hooked one successfully, reel them in and aim at the big creature. When the creature is in your sights fire away.

If you don’t fire in time the hooked hopper will blow up in your face. :fireworks: :gun:


But individual creatures have individual personalities, right? Shouldn’t it be possible to domesticate even highly aggressive creatures?

I was also kind of hoping that farmers would be able to selectively breed crops or livestock to refine certain traits (in this case, demeanor), but that’s probably expecting too much.

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farming will be introduced after 1.0 ^^


Ohhhh, now I see! you affectively turn them into projectiles. Did someone say Dodgeball?!

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We tried this recently with explosive arrows and it was pretty fun. :slight_smile:


Indeed - that’s one of the reasons we changed the code name of Livestock to Wildstock because we’d really love to do a set of creatures that would be great to breed/farm after 1.0. (The name Livestock was confusing us all here because of all the aspirations we have…but we’d like to do that with more justice later on.). :wink:


There, that’s what they’re actually going to be used for :smiling_imp:

That would require a lot of ifs to be fulfilled to achieve that.

You need to find a cliff, someone to stand on the edge of the cliff (without a grapple gun). Then to find a cliff with one of these nearby and if that was found the critter would detonate after a few seconds of landing and not immediately.

Not saying that it won’t happen but it requires a lot of things to fall into place.

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Yeah I know, it wasn’t meant too serious but rather as a joke anyway. (thus the emoji).
But theoretically it would be possible to ‘friendly fire’ using the hopper? Quite interesting.

I bet it was. :wink:

Friendly fire might be restricted to block damage only.

@gerryjacobs: Thanks for the first week of awesome updates. This is what i call “updates” and what i’ve been asking for for so long.


Ah! I have that Calvin Harris & Rhianna song stuck in my head now. >_< :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hiya and thank you, I really appreciate that. :grinning:

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Wrong thread (oops) 🤦