Creature Devlog Special: 8.Boundless Creature Family Size Chart

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Boundless Creature Family Size Chart

Development Line Up (from left to right)
(Minus our Player Character used only as a scale reference)

  • Wildstock
  • Spitter
  • Road Runner
  • Hopper
  • Cuttletrunk
  • Hunter
  • Ground Basher and Stone Thrower

And so I’ve finally reached the end post in this 8 part, Creature Week Series! :smile:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into our creature development and that it sheds a light on our working process, visions and aspirations for this game that is very much a large part of our lives.

Creature Size Chart

This image above is our size chart representing our artistic aspiration to what we’d love to see in terms of scale for the initial batch of creatures belonging to Boundless.

If we can achieve this, then the next goal is to push that bar further, creating more innovative creatures, larger and smaller than those already proposed.

The Boundless Creature Family

So here we have our first batch of initial creatures that are currently in development and will be the next body of work that the team will focus on.

Future creatures to come will share the same artistic principles and visual design so that they belong to this strong visual family with a cohesive art style that bonds design, art, animation, engineering and ai all in a creative and profound package.

Creatures of Boundless not only belong to the terrain to which they inhabit and provide gameplay linking to all of our systems of forging/crafting, elements and weaponry, but they also move and behave in a deep connection to the voxel sandbox environment itself.

Boundless therefore is a unified experience and even the inhabiting creatures are holistically a core part of this vastly threaded ecosystem.



No comments yet? Well though there seems to be few creatures overall, I say quality over quantity, especially with all the dynamics of these creatures, like exotic states, armor, etc.


With the different stages and elements there’s already vastly more than everyone’s favorite game, Minecraft. If this is what’s on the table for 1.0 then I can say with certainty that I’m excited for release and for the future!


This is soo cool cant wait!!..

Is there any plans on the future to add mounts in the game?

They say this is only the initial batch, and their next goal would be to expand upon this. I would guess if the game takes off and does as well as we all hope this would just scratch the surface!
Plus, i’m sure there will be variants of the 8, just like the 16 pictured!

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Judging from their creature set devlog I’d say that there are still many creatures to come after this initial batch:


or the list just keeps getting smaller ^^

And probably way less than Every other popular MMO ^^

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Morning guys. :sunny:

Yup you’re right, those are all in our design\art doc as the next in line creatures for after the initial bunch has been achieved. We’d love to make loads in the future once our systems are in place - certainly the way we have done the creature designs is with expansion in mind to carry on adding character and richness to Boundless. We just need to start somewhere first and build the blocks of ai in a sensible order, balancing ‘easy to implement and game play interest’ which the others can build upon in mindful chunks.

In a nutshell, what you’ve all seen, is that we basically have been working hard as a team to get out a lot of the core game mechanics out first as a priority to test first (beacons, currency, crafting, machines etc) working on the porting of C++ and of course the fundamentals of the portals and planets and biomes (makes sense right?). That’s not to say we haven’t done a lot ‘under the hood’ so that it’s not an overwhelming work load to tackle when we shift our efforts to these other game areas. That ‘other stuff’ are things like tutorial/story, gliphs, character customisation and animations, creature designs, natural props, gui, combat etc.

Back to this post, to give you an idea on the current goings-on with creatures in particular: (So a wee dev update/inner scoop)

I’m currently about to start animating the Hunter (Number 6) which is the last of the initial batch that hasn’t had a set of animation to work with. Now the concepts for the first batch is complete and every tier of progression and attributes are accounted for… Claudio is currently working on the Wildstock tier 5 building the modelling and texture system for elemental and exotic treatment. Sound and Gui are also working on some creature fundamentals this week. This is all ‘under the hood’ - as you see we have releases thick and fast that isn’t related to this at all but is more focused on the core game to test out first (building/portaling etc).


Suprised there are no creatures smaller then us

There are six creatures smaller than us… :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh ipad images only showed half the image never saw those tiny lol my fault


Ha, oh I’d actually love for there to be really lil bitty creatures later on, but for our first batch of creatures it was decided that none of those should be invisible when wandering through our patches of grass!! :laughing:

(We did a scale test a long while ago with really tiny livestock and there were incredibly cute(like little imps) - especially cause for some reason the ai adjustment made them also animate super quickly.)


Talking about size are you still planning to do the flyer later on?

Did you do a scale test wiht creatures the size of mountians? That would be really cool like where they walk small holes creates like the feets shape in the ground and if it is in a city the citizents need to take it down

I don’t think that would work out because of clipping issues
Also Titans will probably be bigger than mountains

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If you mean the floater, sure it’s still on our list to be concepted in the second batch. When we get to it, that’ll be the one that we truly see how big we can go in the air - if it’s really problematic then we can always scale it down till it works. Supersize would be cool if we can tho. :sweat_smile:


That’s what I wanted to hear! Thank you ^^


i will be happy if i see new units ingame, i love the ground basher ^^


She doesn’t like you …

… actually I don’t think she likes anyone.


This is how I imagine an encounter with the ground basher in a casual cantina setting