Creature Sketches

Hello guys and gals,
Just wanted to share some creature sketches I’ve been doodling :smile:
They are still being developed further and hopefully can share more finished work soon!


Awesome! They remind me a lot of the creatures from The Dark Crystal. My favorite would have to be the grumpy-looking spiked ram-thing near the bottom left!


They all look so cute. Some probably deceptively so :smiley:


I’m in love with that squid and flamingo-like creature. I can’t wait to see more of your stuff ^^

The prowling dino cat :slight_smile:

Ohh so the Oostroat does have arms in your sketches, what happend to them? Or did you make this sketch after the Design?

Awesome. Love all of them.

Top right image, bottom right sketch.
“I am the incarnation of fire and death, feed me carrots!

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The alpaca creature looks sick, hes my fav :wink: man, imagine all these in the game man, gonna be amazing to see some of these become real

Ooooh very cool!! They’re so otherworldly.

BTW I found these the other day, they reminded me of Oort, maybe there’s some inspiration here?

Iyashi Style Creatures

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uber awesome job dude :slight_smile: I love all of them! they look so unique.

Can’t wait to see them in their whole beauty (in-game) :slight_smile:

As always love the art. i think you are doing it great, some looks cute while some looks a bit more dangerous in facial expression, i think having multiple feels from ‘‘ohhh this is cute’’ to ‘‘ohhhh im not going over there’’ is important XD

I fell in love with the horned rabbit. It looks just wonderful and want it as a pet instantly :smiley:

Going horizontally, my favorites are the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th, and the 16th one. Great sketches, man

I like

And want

Them ALL!

I love these little critters! and they will ALLLLLL be my pets :heart_eyes:


Love it! spacefiller

They do look “cute,” but that’s why I can’t figure out if these are just ambient creatures or if they are aggressive. Which ones are the predators? Which ones will be dangerous?

Also the Horned Gahtan looks like it has arms in the picture.

Can you give us an idea of how many unique creature models like these that ya’ll are aiming for at 1.0 launch?

i think theyll do a decent amount we still have 7 months left of this year so 6 months ish till release