💡 Crete's MAXX Forge: Now selling Forge Mats

Hey all,
I decided to store my forge mats in Shop Stands. It’s very good storage. I haven’t started selling my “MAXX Forged” gear yet, still kinda figuring out what I want to sell.

BUT… in the meantime you can buy my Forging mats that I use.

but don’t buy too much… that’s my stuff I forge with

In fact, forget this post… Don’t go to Gyosha Mall main hub, and head S to #42 1st Street

Yup… just walk away slowly… nothing to see here =P


Do you sell corrupt 1? I’ve been forging with just draining for weeks now :laughing: and while I’m getting the hang of it I miss my old method!


He’s ba-aaack!!! Yayyy!!!


The legend returns!
@Crete will you be making those zero energy drain aoe axes again? I use to love those puppies
Also some shovels like that aoe, no damage, no energy drain, third boon magnet or Dura would be tasty!


OMG! I forgot about those, those were so fun to use! Those are def going on the list =D

Oh ya! and yur right! Those would be all kinda useful for farming nowadays right? Hmmmmm


Do I !?!.. i dont… im sorry =(.

I don’t forge anything with Defects or quirks, so only have Pure Boon up right now as that is all I use. and I’m a champion for the cause of “Zero Feather” forging, as I feel it inflates the cost of the item too fast… BUT I’ll look into it! which draining do you use?


Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

I use corrupt 1 usually with a defect reversal cat. But it’s the corrupt I can’t seem to get hold of. Hopper eyes seem to be crazy expensive right now there’s definitely a shortage!

So I’ve been using draining 1 instead with quirk transmute just incase! It works but I’m definitely better with corrupt.

Good luck with the shop though, forge ingredients seem in pretty high demand right now so I’m sure it’ll be a good venture :smiley:

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One can create forged gear while using corrupted and/or draining boons without getting quirks or defects on them tho :wink:

(tho only when rather unlucky one might sneak on)


Welcome back


I see what you are saying! I wasn’t even thinking of a single Boon quickforge, like regen/heal bombs or the like. I will have to look into it, as that could save some coin =D


I make my hi end forged tools with both corrupted and draining boons and I don’t often get quirks and/or defects on them!


For single boon items I do just use pure boons tho…

Thx @Trickyy90 and especially @AeneaGames for helping me look into it, and turns out many of the boons i discounted as “un-usable” are actually very useful in the deck if you have room and know when to use them =D

So, excuse the mess @ the store, but eventually I will be stocking all of the forging mats there. As I’m going to branch out and try to use all the things in my deck and maybe come up with some new processes!

In the meantime, The main ones I have stock of will remain there as is while I get stock up and all set out for the other mats that I currently dont have at all.

In other words: “Please forgive our mess while we remodel!” =D