💨 The FeatherMaker! NEW @ Crete's MAXX Forge!

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Introducing “The FeatherMaker”!

Priced @ 20k
On sale now at Crete’s MAXX Forge, Gyosha Mall #42 1st Street (open Knowledge base, search for Fate Paste 2, select “Crete’s MAXX Forge” follow orange arrow!)

What’s this thing do?

  • 100% crit chance RoadRunner Sniper

Stats shown are on my gatherer char (has damage epic)

The basic Idea, is to keep a FeatherMaker on hand with your gatherer. When roaming around getting plants or wood or whatevs, see a roadrunner… pop it from distance. No chasing, no grappling, no headache. 1-shot. Easy feathers!

@ 700 durability, this should really only be used for Roadrunners, as it will eventually net you ~700 Roadrunner kills, and more kills = more feathers!

This thing will 1-shot Roadrunners all the way up to the Strong Elementals, after that its a double-shot, but they are very rare anyway.

When used properly, the FeatherMaker should last weeks/months. So no need to buy multiples!

I’m really excited about this one, and want to get it in the hands of all you Gatherers ASAP! I think you will find it VERY useful, and the feathers you gain it will pay for itself 10 times over, at least! (If you do get one, please leave feedback! I’d love to know how it’s working for you)

Stock is limited, but if sold out check back often! I’ll keep making these =D


Bought one! I used to forge something similar, but I have always bad luck with crit chance :sweat_smile:

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I think you mean +100 haha
Good idea tho!

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Fantastic! Let me know how it does for you, I mostly wander around T5-6 worlds, not much T7, but I’m curious as to how many you come across that u can’t 1-shot!

I was thinking of offering a Strength Brew with it, but I honestly dont see many of the strong/buffed Elemental ones that often, and like the “clean” tools that don’t really need any over-the-top skills or brews to make them work.

Best if they ‘just work’ for everyone!

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I will let you know, at the end i forged mine withouth long range because i used in a stealth skillpage(with brew in the highest tier) than dmg /crit hit and crit chance but i remember that i had more fun using long range.
Have you ever forged fists with max range and power grabber? Nothing to do with RR but kinda fun.
And if you plan to forge more fists i like autoloot/hard as snail/light for off hand durin hunt

I was thinking of trying to use powergrabber for like a “Floating Miner” build? Y’know those planets like Houchus and some exos that have the water at the bottom, and you can just float around and pick off what you see you need on the sides of the pillars.

I haven’t messed with it yet, But i would imagine powergrabber prolly works with AoE too, ya?

Anyway, something like that could be useful as I find myself floating often, and just float right past resources that are just out of reach

I found it more funny than usefull, but depends from playstayle/situation. I used more with my builder.
I was thinking that aoe doesn’t work on fists

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AoE does not work on fists. You are right, @EdWe :blush:

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Something like that would be nice on cardass too! I find myself having to grapple back and forth between cliff sides over water just to get some fossils. Would be much easier to hit up both cliffs just trolling in the water between them.

Elemental roadrunners on high lv worlds will still have a chance to resist I think

They one hit on T6?

It will take 2 shots for the ones that spawn that are “Strong Elemental”, so like the ‘Strong Toxic Roadrunner’, or the Strong ones that spawn with a special health buff. But other than that, if it is not resisted, it will 1-shot almost all Roadrunners =D

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It will definitely one hit non elemental on a t6. Overall, I prefer the ranged hard hitting bows I have due to action speed and durability. I’m still using the same bow for roadrunner hunting that I have gotten a year ago. Its paid for itself 9,000 times and still has over 1k durability

Yup, a good bow will work as well. This one is more geared towards those Gatherer chars (like the one I have) without any battle skills, or brews/pies. It JUST gets over the 10k damage needed for most of the Roadrunners for the one shot.

Most bows will only push around 5k without skills and max forged DMG, but is still good enough to one shot a good chunk of roadrunner types.
But not as many as this does :wink:

For reference, these do more damage than a Max Dmg forged Rift slingbow. So is great for chars of all builds =D

Yes, it really depends on your character build for sure. But this thing for sure reaches out and punches them right in the face