🔥 Crete's MAXX Forge: Now stocking all forge mats!

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Located in Gyosha Mall, 42 1st street. (press ‘K’, search for Pure Boon 1, follow orange arrow :ok_hand: )

I am currently stocking ALL forge mats. (feather mats coming later, as I will hunt those Roadrunners myself)

Prices have been adjusted. IF you come to my shop, and do NOT buy what you need due to price, PLEASE let me know via mailbox. Currently they are priced at how hard the mats are to source, and a combo of current mat pricing. So prices may adjust, but feedback is very appreciated!

Also stocking lightly forged tools used for regen farming:

Tier 1-2 3x3 Shovel, w/ 9m Autoloot: Priced @ 2k

Tier 1-2 3x3 Axe, w/ 9m Autoloot: Priced @ 2k (Used for grass/crop/starberry farming. For Tree Chopping please use the Strength Brew selling right below, sold at a loss for no profit @ 156)

These are just what I use to farm with, when farming and people had expressed a need for them, so i figured I would store my stock in shop stands =D

Check back often, as I am cooking up some very “interesting” MAXX forge recipes that you all may enjoy playing with!


Stocking all ingredients is a tall order, good luck! I always welcome competition in the forge ingredient market :slight_smile: As always, i’m happy to offer advice or tips as an industry veteran, so shoot me a PM if you want to have a chat!

Again, good luck and make sure you stock up on all the hopper eyes you can! :smiley:


@Sujimichi88 Thx! Will do!

I had just noticed, that there was no place to get what you need if for a single forge you perhaps need… “Unstable Defect Reduction Compound 2”…

It seemed a shame there isn’t anyone working to make all these mats available in such an open and free game!

I know i wont be able to keep in-stock at all times, as you know, someone will always come by and buy you out at some point. BUT I do hope to come to be known as a place that is restocked Frequently!

There’s a good reason for this :slight_smile: Besides gums, which all have their use, i’d say 75% of forge materials see just about 0 use. There’s a set of forging instructions that have been posted that i can guarantee 90% of the community is following. My initial store actually stocked all of the ingredients. But i quickly distilled down to what actually sold.

Doesn’t hurt to have them all though!

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Yup! and there is the problem. It may be partially my fault as I posted this back in 2018:

Which inspired wakeNbake, which inspired Jiviita to make a video, which made the paste issue we have now.

HOWEVER… since being back and noticing this “paste” problem we have, I think I have developed a better forging method. Just working out the kinks, but it for sure uses some of those less used mats.

I think, that if all of these mats were available this whole time, someone may have experimented and found a different way much sooner. but alas, there just wasn’t anywhere to get those outlying forge mats, so… i think in a way it stifled forging progress.

Hopefully I can help turn this forge-thing all upside down and spin it around on its head, and maybe something good will come of it =D


Experimenting with the simulator is free :wink: And the testing server ofc but that’s not always on and only for PC

Just posting for awareness since some might have missed it. https://boundless.mayumi.fi/forgeSimulator

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Please let me know when. I will be right there watching and trying.

Me too!! I would love to see/ learn new forge methods. :+1:t3:

Now fully stocked with all Forge Mats!
Literally the ONLY place to get whatever you need when it comes to the Forge!

Also, as many of you may have noticed you can also find:

T1-2 One Shot, 3x3, AutoLoot Shovels: 2k ea
T1-2 One Shot(Wood,with strength brew sold next to Axes), 3x3, AutoLoot Axes: 2k ea
World Regen Bombs: 500 ea

FREE BONUS: Did the last roll include glow? or speed? i dunno! If it did, I can tell you it is cheaper for me to just sell as-is, than to start the forge over… sooooo… grab 'em if they are there!