Cryptic's Weapon Ideas

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So I’ve decided to start up another discussion thread based around the theme of different weapons we could have in this sandbox scifi MMO.

Please do understand that this game is a scifi game. It isn’t fantasy and it’s why magic and mysticism doesn’t exist in the game. If someone needs me to get a direct quote from @james saying that then I certainly can. The point I am making is please keep the discussion of weapon ideas more or less along the lines of what would exist in a scifi game. Scifi also doesn’t exclude certain modern weapons either but certainly excludes Harry Potter wands. I think Fantasy-themed Boundless stuff can be discussed in another thread and would be more relevant when rental worlds come out and actual mods start getting developed for them.

I have a lot of ideas (I stopped after typing up 40 roughly outlined ideas in a Google Doc) on paper and will post discussion threads up over time as I feel like having a really nice discussion about the topic. Plus I think this is a good way to give the developers an outlet of creative inspiration from our ideas. Even if they don’t copy’n paste the idea, I think something we can get that is similar to one or a hybrid of them is a good thing.

These are all ideas I am copying and pasting from a Google Doc.

So with all of that said, let’s get started with the discussion.

Hunting Rifle
Looks very much like a futuristic Lee-Enfield rifle that shoots single projectiles at a target. It would be mostly for hunting creatures but does have a pretty long range so even the unexpecting Roadrunner will get picked off if it isn’t careful. However, it does create a loud sound that causes nearby creatures to aggro onto you or run away (Roadrunners and other similar creatures when they’re implemented). So even if a Hopper or Roadrunner is being shot, everything else around you can aggro to your location or run away. I think it would make sense if it was something like a 30 block aggro radius from your position.

The main attract properties of the weapon would be it’s long range, such as 40-60 block range. It would have iron sights for additional aiming and that feature isn’t added to the game but it could be. You could also craft various scopes to it that allow it to have better aiming with slight projectile range increase but offer no additional damage buff. Just purely range and accuracy.

Assault Rifle
Basic firearm that replaces unforged Slingbows of Titanium and lower quality. Requires ballistic ammunition to be loaded into the firearm before use and has a semi-automatic rate of fire with 30 block range. Can hold 30 rounds of ballistic ammunition at a time.

The ballistic ammunition is made from any of the existing or future metal, gem, or special resources and is the main source of damage modification. Augments would also exist for this firearm series to improve accuracy, damage, range, and potential critical hits as well. It’s damage per round is on the medium-low side due to high rate of fire.

Forging effects would be applied to the weapon rather than the ammunition. This is because the Centraforge needs massive overhauls to make the forging process less of a chore to do for mass crafting. However, forging effects can be placed on the weapon to make the weapon ignore percentages of armor, explode on impact, chance on hit to pierce through enemies, have extended ammunition magazines in the firearm, or even faster reloading. A lot of options to explore here, although I much rather have these items be crafted items that you equip to the weapon instead.

The type of rifle would be determined based on what resource material is used starting at Titanium and up.

Looks like a standard police issued sidearm but with the usual Boundless universe look and appeal to it. Holds 12 ballistic rounds per magazine and shares the same tech and crafting tier as Assault Rifles. Can be used as a backup weapon in emergencies when the Assault Rifle runs out of ammunition or when all of your Slingbows break. It’s cheaper than the Assault Rifle and does more damage per shot than an unforged Titanium Slingbow. Has about a 12-15 block range to it.

It can be forged for full automatic rate of fire and extended ballistic magazines, increased damage, increased range, and elemental damage. Shock damage Boon would be a chain lightning style AOE, Burn would be a DOT with Armor Debuff, Chill would be a Slow, Toxic would be a DOT that spreads to other creatures, Blast would be an explosive radius AOE, and Corrosive would be a DOT with Speed Debuff. Again, I would rather see weapon attachments you can craft and equip to a weapon than an effect you “craft” onto it.

The type of pistol would be determined based on what resource material is used starting at Titanium and up.

Energy Rifle & Pistol
These rifles and pistols would be end game weapons past Slingbows, Bombs, Fists, and Lances (when they are implemented) of Special resources. Basically higher tier than Dark Matter, Blink, Rift, and Oort weapons. They would be crafted from Special resources, such as Dark Matter, Rift, Blink, or even Oort. The ammunition for these weapons would be crafted from Elemental Fusions, gunpowder, and metals.

The rifles would deal pretty decent damage for not being forged and have decent rate of fire too. Magazines would be 60 rounds too. Pistols would be much better as well compared to their lower tech version. Both of these energy weapons would have the same range as the lower tier weapons, just more damage and slightly higher rate of fire. They are expensive to make and the ammunition is expensive to make as well.

Ideally they would be great to take on Titan raids (when they are introduced) and extremely challenging dungeons (whenever they get put into the game if they do).

I think having some sort of automated settlement defense system would be nice. Could be powered off Spark and possibly provided with ammunition of sorts. This way items are always being consumed and in demand while shop owners continue to maintain the supply.

This also would play into the whole Solar Collectors and Wind Generators as well. Put the Turrets on their own power grid so they can always be powered up but you’ll see need to resupply them with ammunition. They would have an ammunition inventory space that could hold 12 slots of ammunition smart stacks. That’s 10,800 rounds of ammunition.

These turrets would be something even a new player could craft after leveling up a little bit as it would start at Iron tier. They would come with their own durability so creatures could destroy them if you aren’t careful or don’t check up on them from time to time.

I absolutely would love to see NPC style creatures starting up their own towns and even raiding player settlements. It would be awesome if this was a thing on Level 8+ worlds or special hostile worlds. After all, the Boundless universe can potentially be extremely large or can be so it makes sense if there’s life out there waiting to be discovered. I just would love to see an evolving civilization controlled by an AI that would invade other worlds and attack players. Perhaps this could even introduce a reputation system into the game with AI settlement factions and guilds. Who knows!? Sounds pretty freaking fun and awesome to me!

Better Bombs and Grenade Launcher
I know a lot of folks love bombs but I do think they need to be completely overhauled. The bombs themselves are pretty lackluster in design but they are a good starting point for this suggestion. The bombs themselves would actually be renamed and changed into an ammunition source for a new weapon, the Grenade Launcher. The ammunition you use with the Grenade Launcher would vary and even the effects of the grenades themselves would be based on the ammunition.

Titanium Grenades would do the most damage out of all the existing metals in the game. The gem grenades would have varying effects with a small amount of damage. Why? Cause it makes sense that a Blast type grenade would have a larger radius naturally but slightly less damage than the Titanium grenade. Topaz grenades get a shock debuff that makes it easier to crit the enemy. Toxic would place a dot. Chill a slow. Each Gem type of grenade ammunition would give a different effect with less damage. These are just examples of the effects but they should probably be a lot more different than the standard ones we have in game so they are more exciting to use.

Rocket/Missile Launchers
I don’t like the idea of bombs being the only explosive in the game that can destroy blocks and kill creatures. I do think some sort of rocket or missile launcher would be nice. A lot of the same reasoning behind firearms apply to this. The ammunition would be consumed on use and the forging effects would be specific to the item in question. This way forging items and their base materials are constantly in demand more so along with any of the additional materials, such as flint, rocks, metals, etc. so that they have necessary material sinks.

Gunpowder & Ballistic Casings
–> Adding this in to the list of ideas to give everyone more of an illustrated picture of what I am talking about with ammunition. It can even be applied to Slingbows with ammunition crafted from Rock or Stone blocks. A good material sink for them then.

Anyone that has played the game long enough knows full well that mining is the primary way to gain the majority of the resources of the game and that probably won’t ever change. The thing is, if you’re a miner you’re constantly swimming in rocks pretty much all the time. Because of this, there needs to be a use for rocks besides turning them into stones and refined rocks for EXP to power level an alt or someone else’s character.

I think one of the ways that can make this work is taking rocks and throwing them into the Extractor to be able to grind them up and extract Gunpowder from them. The crafting process would follow the same single, bulk, and mass crafting recipes of rocks to stone to refine rock just for Gunpowder.

This Gunpowder would be used with iron, copper, silver, gold, or titanium to create ballistic rounds for ballistic firearms. The ballistic casings would be crafted from existing metal resources or even entirely new ones to maintain more material sinks for those items.

Not only would rocks now have a fundamental material sink for crafting, it would also give them some value outside of being used as a building material. So this means certain colors of rocks would go up in price for their diverse demand while less sought after colors would see some sort of salability from their demand or at least get used from those that hammer mine.

Backpacks and Bag Storage Items
–> Adding this here to explain a solution to all the stuff people are carrying now days along with being able to provide them with carry capacity solutions for ammunition.

Let’s face it, there’s pretty much no reason not to have extended inventory space that you can take with you on a resource run, a hunt, during a building project, etc. Just absolutely no reason. However, we don’t have that. So IMO, the game really could use a functional and wearable backpack that can be opened up for an additional 8 slots for the cheapest one and upwards to 16 for the higher end. Bags you leave in your inventory would start at 6 and end at 12.

In addition to these bags using leather, hard leather, cotton cloth, and sackcloth for its main materials, they would have automatic filter settings on them too. So if I want a bag with nothing but Meta rocks in it, it would automatically take them. Same for ore, coal, gems, etc. This way you don’t have to waste time sorting stuff after gathering up a bunch of stuff. Once they’re full it would start filling up your normal inventory space.

Right now that’s the basic ideas I have roughly thought up for weapon ideas. Of course, there’s probably a lot more that the community in general could brainstorm up. Even with what I have here could be changed to accommodate a smoother rate of progression, add better crafting material sinks (inherently would improve the economy as a by-product), and provide more variety in gameplay for players.

The idea behind these rough draft ideas is to fill the game with more stuff. More stuff benefits everyone in the game. So by posting this I am hoping that everyone is willing to participate in a healthy discussion about some of my weapon ideas or even your own and other things that can compliment them to make them fit better inside Boundless.


awesome man havent read it yet but liking this allready :grin:
just saw enrgy rifle tbh


Hm interesting. I like the weapon additions, it would be quite nice. I mostly would be interested in player based mods or armors myself though… something to help with the theoretically difficult encounters we will eventually have


I’m not sure actual guns would feel right in boundless. Turrets, extra storage, and more bomb options sound great. The energy gun would be cool. It could be very powerful but take a second or two to charge a shot. Decoys would also be very nice. Flares that put up a location marker that anyone can warp or run to. Another fun thing for when really tough enemies like Titans come out would be large weapons that actually require two people to operate and carry.


All that the bombs need is some way to make them do no damage to blocks… I have suggested a shrapnel forge mod or augment many times, but deaf ears are deaf @james


I can understand how a firearm might sound like it doesn’t fit well in Boundless, but it’s a scifi game after all. I see no reason why we can’t have a firearm that’s spraying bullets all over the place.

I do have a Flare Gun idea typed up but it wasn’t typed up from the perceptive of being used as a weapon. More like for exploration.

I do like the multi-person weapons like you mentioned for Titans. That could be pretty cool. Not sure how that would be implemented but mounted weapons does sound pretty cool.


I didn’t add this to the list since it’s not being suggested as a new weapon idea. But here’s the solution I came up with for bomb mining.


Strictly for mining purposes to provide a new item in the game instead of fixing existing bombs that people wanted to use for bomb mining. New items means more stuff for people to buy and that helps the economy. Dynamite destroys all non-resource blocks and don’t damage resource blocks at all. However, the Dynamite places a long 30 minute debuff on the resource blocks. Whatever resources they drop during that debuff timer is cut in half with a minimum of 1 resource dropping from the block. Luck attribute still works would be applied after the debuff’s resource drop reduction effect. The idea is to provide a balanced and fun way to get resources without making one method so vastly stronger than another.

Dynamite would be an item that stacks to 100 with a smart stack being 900. What this is suggesting is that a use of Dynamite consumes a single unit of the item. So after placing 1 Dynamite, your smart stack would be 899 instead of 900. Creates the need for more crafting material sinks, helps increase demand for items, and gives purpose to gathering stuff rather than feeling you absolutely need to in order to do anything you find fun, unless that sounds like fun to you.

Basically Dynamite acts like Bombs did before they were nerfed as a mining tool. Except this version of them would be a 3m blast radius, deal damage and have different blast radius based on the crafting materials used (metal or gems or special materials).

When it comes to actual forging effects (if any would be needed) then that would really need to be brainstormed on. I don’t think any forging effect that increases drop amounts would be good unless there was a defect specific forging effect to Dynamite that made someone run the risk of destroying resource blocks too.

I think this would bring back bomb mining that people want returned with a brand new item that requires a new crafting recipe. This item would require some sort of gunpowder type material though.

I do still feel everyone’s pain when it comes to the loss of bomb mining.

Anyways, what do you think of having guns in the game? I think it aligns better than some strange hybrid fantasy version of a crossbow and slingshot, but that’s just me.


They all sound good, but they all project or shoot. I’d personally would like some sort of light saber/melee weapon.



would like to see some more melee weapons, maybe some form of energy sword or something, could be a cool new crafting series made from gleam to have different colours available


So am I. I just hope when we get the Lance that it doesn’t look like some medieval polearm and more of some sort of energy beam saber of some sort. Maybe even a redesign of that Halo energy sword everyone loves so much.


I fully agree guns can fit into this game really quite well I would also like to see ammo for weapons and bows with the weapons and bows being repairable.


I do find the game confusing in that sense. We have caveman campfires, earth style trees/foliage/wood/rocks, caveman style clothing, earth/fairy/fantasy furniture, etc…then on the flipside we have spark generators, oort fuel, etc from space. Kinda a mish-mash I guess. Some high-powered weapons for T7/T8 would be awesome.


Yeah which is why I think that there’s a lot of room to smooth all of that and make it feel like the game the developers want it to be like: scifi.

The concept of Slingbows just looks like a weapon that sounds more mechanical than it really is in the game. It probably is but the way the art asset is designed along with the nature of how it shoots doesn’t really suggest scifi to me. It suggests it magically reloads.

Now the issue I see with ammunition is balancing the durability of these types of weapons so that they don’t break instantly during any sort of creature hunting or meteor hunt. I don’t think it would be very fun to see an assault rifle with 2000 durability (minus any skill and food durability buffs) break in 30 minutes cause you rip mobs apart and burn through hundreds or thousands of ballistic rounds. If it truly is going to remain as “1 action = 1 durability point lost” then I think it makes sense to have their base durability actually pretty high compared to non-ammunition based weapons (melee and Fist weapons) so they’re life span is comparable to other stuff.

But I do think that 1 Action should equal 1 unit of ammunition as well. This would enable the Hotkey of “R” for fast reloading for when the weapon’s magazine empties out and then your character reaches for the ammo needed and the animation is the character loading it up into the weapon. We currently don’t have a default hotkey for “R” but I also don’t know how that would translate well for PS4 players in terms of Hotkeys. Perhaps it could be something that automatically happens for them if the weapon’s magazine empties or the weapon isn’t shot for a few seconds (5 to 10 seconds).

Then again we could also solve the durability issue for firearms by having firearm repair stations or machines. This could incorporate more crafting material sinks in the game and possibly include new crafting recipes.


Manned Turret
Ballista with a chair and levers. You sit in it at your base and do massive damage to mobs with a long delay between shots.

Resonating Frequency Weapons
Beam style weapon, does minimal damage per tick at first but hits for a massive burst of damage after 10-20 seconds.

All awesome ideas, and if gunpowder weapons aren’t Boundless enough they can easily be brought in line with minor tweaks.


I don’t really know how a fantasy weapon that you would see in medieval times and settings would really fit in a scifi game like this. It’s already blurry enough between fantasy and scifi with what’s in the game already.

Then again, the idea could be tweaked for manned artillery cannons. Kind of like an Anti-Titan weapon for settlements. :smiley:


Thank you so much for making this thread! I was thinking there needed to be a weapon idea thread. (And possibly a non-killing PvP idea thread if that’s somewhere in your list. winkwinknudgenudge)

When it comes to technology in this game I get a very Avatar -feeling. Just my opinion. Kinda tribaly but advanced in some areas. shrug

Anyway, I like the element grenade idea. Maybe something like an emp grenade.
I also like the pistol, bc it seems like it would be a more common to have weapon, whereas the assault rifle would prob be more high end/ end game for raids, bosses and such.
Usually I prefer sniper rifles, bc I normally go stealth when I can, and being loud kinda defeats the purpose, but I understand you were going for balance.

Maybe ammo could be more energy based to fit into the sci-fi theme?

Oh, how about an oort gun? Like it uses some oort-based ammo to… I dunno, make a tiny black hole that sucks them in, or implodes for damage?

Ok, not really a weapon, but inspired from that idea: teleport gun. Again using oort based ammo. Not for super long distance, but great for getting across small chasms. Has to be locked onto a solid surface, whether it be the floor, wall, tree, or even ceiling. So no pointing at the sky.

What we really need is a good melee weapon though. Do you know how long it took me to realize the fist weapon was not melee? I’d run right up to an enemy and punch them. Right in the face. I was surprised and confused when I realized it was another distance weapon.

I mean, any traditional old school weapon can be given a sci-fi twist. Breath of the Wild has guardian weapons that look like weird sticks, until you use them and the beam comes out to make the blade. Super cool.

Wouldn’t mind some beam batons.

Or like a magnum flashlight (gleamlight). Light source and a beatin’ stick.

Maybe an electric whip.

Really, I’m a dagger person, and I’d really like to see some fast, duel-hand possible weapon in the future.
Out foraging, some spitter decides to be a jerk, switch over to my duel daggers and make some fleet-footed hit-and-run jabs to take them down, then be on my merry way. Cool thing about daggers is they can also be thrown. :grinning:

Oh, energy daggers, pretty, pretty please??


EMP Grenades? I hadn’t thought of that and perhaps if we get a bunch of robotic enemies (Protector concept art comes to mind) then it could be a weapon that does a lot more damage to them. I think it would be possible to make certain weapons deal more damage to certain enemies since right now there’s elemental resistance and defense with certain mobs with certain Gem Slingbows. Same goes for blocks having more defense against certain tools and being weak to specific ones.

I also wouldn’t mind some sort of very short duration portal gun like you brought up. Kind of like the one from Portal but it would only last like 10 or 15 seconds and then shut behind you. It could function even the same way as it and if this is something that would work with mobs then it’s possible to use it as a defensive weapon during hunts. I don’t know really, but cool stuff is cool to have. The idea of it using Oortshard or some sort of ammunition would be cool. Maybe it’s powered by Spark and requires you to craft Spark Batteries to use as ammunition and the battery cartage takes Oortshards.

@MysticPandora One of the reasons I think melee weapons in this game will always be horrible is because the mobs themselves are very single minded in their programming. They don’t move around like an animal would. Such as a Spitter standing still while you shoot its face with a Slingbow or Fist. The mobs act extremely stupid cause they have no actual mechanical coding behind them other than a list of abilities that they use randomly and that go on a cooldown it seems.

I do think that melee weapons have a purpose in the game but with how PvE combat is so horrible at the moment, I don’t think it would really promote a very good gaming experience. So having things like knives, daggers, swords, and even ballistic/energy shields could work rather well if combat wasn’t so wonky all the time. The problem is that combat hasn’t really seen any actual serious quality of life improvements for probably a couple years.

Now something I’d love to have is throwing weapons would also be a nice addition. A consumable item and when you go to loot the mob corpse there could be a chance that you recover a percentage of the throwing weapons that you used on it.


Emp grenades could render cuttletrunks flightless for a few seconds. Make them drop to the ground.


After thinking of the EMP Grenades, I don’t think they would really work against Cuttletrunks since they aren’t an actual machine but a living creature, unless there’s some official information that says otherwise. It would be nice to see robotic enemies in the game though.

Landmines are also something I’d like to see. Something that would functionally be a defensive weapon that can blow up creatures rather effectively. Would maybe have a proximity to it so creatures have to move close to the actual landmine and then get caught in the blast radius. It would of course damage and destroy blocks too.


i like the landmine thing…tho understandably iI’m worried about using it to grief…what was the phrase? Best of intentions can sometimes result in the worst of outcomes. I love reading everyone’s ideas on weapons…all of them are quite fascinating to imagine both the weapon and the positive possibilities that can result of it