Cryptic's Weapon Ideas

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The thing is, I really think the excuse that it can be used to grief another player is way over used. There’s already a ton of ways to grief someone in the game without getting into trouble. If all we ever did was not use ideas because they would grief others then the game wouldn’t have even half the stuff it has in the game and a lot of that stuff would be what makes the game as cool as it is. Heck, you can grief someone with plots and blocks alone and not get in trouble cause the Code of Conduct is a massive joke for a set of in game rules.

I just think that we need a lot more variety in weapons. It’s a fact that the game needs a lot more variety across the entire game but it takes a small step in each area to bring it full circle and packed full of more stuff. So I figured I’d start with the topic of weapons that has been on my list of ideas.

I want a shotgun in this game damnit!


I really don’t like the idea of guns. I like the current medieval sci-fi feel. Sci-fi, but modeled after fantasy. A gun, or even laser, would feel really disjointed.

Besides, we really don’t need another projectile weapon.

For H2H weapons, I’d love to see some type of chain weapon. Like Scorpion’s spike and chain. It fits with the whole grapple tech.


The game isn’t medieval though. It’s a game with a universe around science and technology. So it makes sense to have more science and higher tech looking stuff in the game. Slingbow aint it.

I think the developers understand the theme of their own game better than any of us lowly players. Scifi modeled after fantasy certainly isn’t it. It’s not even a discussion worth having at this point. Source.

We do need more projectile weapons. We need more weapons in general. It’s like saying we aren’t going to need more than one melee weapon after we get the Lance. That’s utter nonsense.

The more items we have in the game provides players with more options to play the game how they want. It also provides more crafting material sinks which directly helps the economy of the game and that’s something the game desperately needs. Even if those items being used for crafting various weapons are used in building projects, that just means that it keeps the demand for any one individual item a lot more strong than it currently is.

I don’t think a chain weapon like you’re suggesting and describing really fits in with the science and technology theme of Boundless. It almost sounds like you’re trying to say the game needs a flail and whip hybrid weapon from D&D. This doesn’t even fit with how grapple tech is like. It really doesn’t. It needs things that align with its current theme more so someone that looks at the game can identify easily what the game’s theme is outside of being a sandbox voxel game. I would say that if people want a more fantasy-ish Boundless experience then they should really be patient for rental servers. Then they can mod it to their hearts content with all the fantasy related stuff they want.

I do appreciate you posting in the thread though. Please don’t take me disagreeing with you on anything about this game personal. It isn’t. We both want the same thing at the end of the day: a better Boundless.


You are being waaaaay to literal about what Sci-Fi means.

Steampunk is Sci-fi.

Alt-History is Sci-fi

And I never said it’s a fantasy game. I said it’s a Sci-fi universe with fantasy modeled tech, which it is.

Look at the weapons, the tools, the shapes of the blocks and even the new poles and beams.

Sci-Fi tech

Fantasy styling.

Look at Marvel’s version of Asgard or the weapon tech of Wakanda in Black Panther as modern examples.

Which is why guns would feel awkward.

Maybe a high tech bow, if you really need a new projectile weapon.

Or, maybe a lance that shoots a beam.

As for a chain weapon…why would that not work but the grapples do? It’s the same tech.


A chain weapon isn’t scifi tech. Then again I am assuming you’re talking about a weapon handle with a metal chain with some sort of ball on it or not. Either way, it sounds pretty Castlevania to me. Nothing wrong with the idea, but it doesn’t really feel scifi tech enough for me. Maybe a spin off on the idea would be some sort of energy chain or whip-like weapon? Kind of like the villain from Ironman 2 (I think?) called Whiplash. His suit had electro whips that could melt through metal armor.

So I do get what you’re saying. Now I want to kill Wildstock with an electro whip. :rofl:

I do agree that the art style choice of this game is fantasy-like. But even if that’s the case it doesn’t mean firearm type weapons are out of place.


I would like to see both types of weapons, medieval and modern/scifi. That is variety. Some Boba Fett wrist rockets would be nice. Give the cuddles and spitters a taste of their own medicine with some scatter bombs too. Maybe a lance or spear that fires a freeze beam.
A jetpack, even if it just goes straight up and down and hover, without flying around. Armor is a must. Armor sets that you can mix and match, craft and forge. No one will probably remember a cartoon called Thundarr the Barbarian. It was a mix of fantasy/medieval and science/technology. I would like to see that in Boundless. My 2 cents.


Thanks for reposting that. Saw how it was originally and just was like, “NOPE! Not reading it.”

Well we’re getting airships at some point in the distant future. They are probably coming after Titans which as also coming in the distant future. With vehicles it does make you wonder if we’re going to have combat vehicles of some sort or the ability to craft weapons onto them. It would be pretty cool to have an airship with some sort of compliment of cannon turrets on it that you could issue orders to remotely from some sort of command terminal that you’re character sits at while piloting it.

This could make them useful in softening up Titans for entering. I have no idea since we have zero information on how Titans are going to be implemented.


Now you see me working. Think less Castlevania, and more Batman. I imagine a gold fist type thing that shoots the chain from the back of your hand.

Maybe even add a yank back so you can smack him with the vibro-sword in your other hand. (shout out to my Rifts/Palladium peeps)


Loved me some Thundaar.


Lords of light.


My main concern with it is if it looks scifi enough but still in that Boundless art style.

More weapons is just more opportunities to have more fun. :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind some sort of archer bow now that I am thinking about it. The arrows that serve as ammunition could help in making trunks more in demand since you’d have to make them into sticks. Then there could be different arrows, such as incendiary arrows and high explosive arrows, could provide additional crafting material sinks.

Kind of go all Judge Dredd with the arrows or some other weapon that’s a firearm. Would be really cool to have the ability to light an area on fire like he did in the movie (of course the damage wouldn’t affect players in any sort of PvE world). Particularly handy if we ever get dungeons and raids.


Ooo… what do you think about this idea inspired by Zelda games?

A Gauntlet that lets you pick up a single block and throw it at an enemy? The damage would be based on the HP of the block and what the gauntlet is made out of determines whether or not it has a penalty to that damage or a buff. Cause some of those blocks have thousands of HP. It could make bringing a smart stack of Rocks or even Stones worth while cause you could place it on the ground then pick it up and hulk throw it at an enemy. Might have some sort of splash damage involved or natural aoe effect.


Yeah, that’s cool.

You could make the effect based on the block.




foliage for healing buffs

Something like that


Yeah. The effect could be kind of like the fantasy part and how the block is infused with that effect (animation the gauntlet holding the block).

I think we’d see some people reskin their characters green and to look like The Hulk just to complete the whole setup. lol

But it doesn’t have to stop just at rocks or stones or foliage. It could also be Compact, Refined, Decorative, and Machined blocks too. Sure it would consume the block with the attack, but it could provide a single series of a weapon with a whole lot of utility to any combat situation.


Why not have it all… some space paladin out for a hunt with steampunk ww1 soldier… variety is always a good thing… a handful of alt skins for what’s already in game would be great too



As someone who typically is a melee only player, as nothing is more satisfying then bashing something on the head until it stops moving. I would like melee weapons. but unfortunately the devs mistakenly or purposefully designed this game to be Anti-melee with pretty much all of the mob design choices other then low level spitters.


Sword and board FTW. Shields are the thing…


They are and maybe that will be something that will help the tank class, however.
Shields or anything melee will do you little good when it comes to trying to damage a cuttletrunk, a decent amount of time they are just right outside of iron fist range let alone something you can melee.

And unless the shield also reduces the knock back from wildstock by quite a bit. it would be hard to stay within melee range to do any meaningful damage, I can see it working with limited success against spitters.


Ballistic shields and portable shields can help out a lot in that.

I think the knock back of mobs just bumping into you is dumb cause they aren’t programmed to avoid bumping into other creatures.

I do think if there’s a lot more weapons with utility that it would make hunting a lot more fun. Then again it isn’t like we have any real mob mechanics anyways to really look at.