Cryptic's Weapon Ideas

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While technically not a weapon. I am going to say it here as well. I would also like an actual healing staff of some kind or anything that doesn’t involve throwing a bomb or some other projectile at other people, and hope people will stay still long enough for it to hit AND for the server to agree it hit. Which it often doesn’t because wonky network coding for some reason.


I figure that would be the trade off. The shield protects against knockback and cuttle attacks and H2H does major damage, but you can’t have an offhand item now and are limited to a H2H weapon if using it. You have to leave the cuttles to others.

Definitely not a solo weapon.


I am pretty against anything that is clearly something that brings magic into the game. The concept behind additional healing items would be nice cause healing bombs are boring.

Perhaps a device you throw out on the ground and it creates a bubble that pulses and heals people inside. The tech behind it can be some sort of nanotechnology. After a short period of time the device explodes as part of its animation to explain the end of its duration. It could even be a device you shoot at the ground with some sort of gun. I’d still like it to use some sort of ammunition, such as crafting a power cell that comes with a couple hundred charges and each use of the item spends a power cell charge. Just an idea to make it work and support multiple areas of the game too.

I think with some sort of healing item that works like that it makes it possible to have stationary healing. Also, just cause the weapon isn’t killing something doesn’t mean it isn’t still a weapon. It just happens to be a defensive one in this case cause it involves healing.


A healing staff doesn’t have to be powered by magic.

I am looking for something where I can reliably target a player instead of waiting and seeing the lemmings will stand in the healing zone or what have you. which neither the current bombs or any throwable device will solve.


So you’re thinking of some sort of skill shot based healing?


I am thinking of something along the lines of a staff or someother item where when i aim the cross hair over the player and push and hold down the button it starts a channeled heal that heals for X amount per tick as long as I maintain the target within a certain range of the cross hair which will grow in size a little to help compensate for fast player movement but not so large that it becomes an easy button. if the player gets to far out of the extended cross hair grace zone then the channal breaks, and you will have to reaim the smaller
standard crosshair over the target to start the channeled heal again.


I rather just shoot healing darts at people then with a gun. I have no problem with healing beams, just not coming from a staff or totem-like item. I think there’s a hero that uses healing drones in Heroes of the Storm that could derive some ideas from. Even the Operative from Star Wars The Old Republic MMO (which is where the healing dart idea comes from) could work. Zenyatta from Overwatch also has orb like heal over time style of healing and something similar to that could work too.

Perhaps a mixture of all of it as different items to provide a healer with a toolbox of healing for a hunting raid would be a good idea.


Don’t play that game, healing drones thou would take less skill to use then the idea i have for my preferred way to heal someone because there is then the challenge to try track the target if the target is moving. but if you can do so, then the heal is constant and reliable.

Why is there an aversion to staff shaped items when that is more or less already the case in this game?

A mixture of more would be a good thing as the combat system in this game is fairly lacking in my book in terms of what we have to work with.

DPSing is mostly just slingbows and sometimes the iron and gold fists, but because we do not have elemental fists. its pretty much sling bow only if you want to do competitive DPS.

Healing is almost a joke with healing bombs which just honestly felt like the devs were either lazy, ran out of time, or couldn’t figure out a better way to put in a healing system, and on top of the wonky network code its also unsatisfying to do in some cases when the heal gets reverted.

Tanking in this game is almost non-existent in my book when the DPS epics out preform the tank epics in terms of threat generation. and the fact that the tanks in this game have no way to force manipulate the threat table. like in most other games where you have a taunt of some kind that will put you to the top of the threat table.


Well the healing drones in Heroes of the Storm are pretty much activated on whatever your mouse cursor is over. So I guess there is “some” skill involved. It’s a MOBA after all. I think the idea behind throwing the healing drone at someone and if it “hits” the player it then follows that player and heals them does have some merits to it.

Why am I so against staff shaped items? Cause there are more creative item designs out there than a staff. Just cause we have some items in the game that are shaped like staffs doesn’t mean we need to have more. You can have a healing beam gun (matching the idea of what you want for a heal beam), healing darts (that can 100% just miss your target), or a device you throw on the ground that can area heal people for a small duration of time. This isn’t even including healing drones or orbs that could completely miss your target.

I do agree that healing in this game is a joke but so is DPS. It’s why we need a lot more options of both to make the combat less boring against a horrible AI. Group roles do need to be overhauled. Not to a class based system but the skill trees need overhauled in those areas to allow for healing and tanking to be a lot better and more well rounded. It’s to easy to design any sort of DPS role.

Perhaps a Taunting boon could be introduced for some of the weapons out there that allow them to triple or quadruple their threat or the epics for tanks could just be tripled in what they provide. I agree something needs to be done about that. I would be all for more boons or additional items that manipulate their threat meter.


Ah ok, EVE online is the game I come from that haves drones and in that game, its a “set and forget” until you need to change targets, The MOBA I play is LoL.

DPS is a joke but at least i deem it as “functional” where as the other two roles just seem to be missing much to much and really need some working. but all 3 roles obviously can use some help. I just feel Tanks and healers need more at this time with tanks being the most lacking.


Well if we had a larger variety of offensive, defensive and supportive weapons I think that would help with it. The AI of creatures needs, IMO, to be completely overhauled and redone cause if they implement Titans with the current creature AI, it’s going to be pretty boring after a couple weeks of running through them.

And if we’re getting Protectors at some point with Titans, and they have actual energy weapons that shoot some sort of energy at players and players themselves are still stuck with stone age slingbows, it’s going to look very strange.


Im pretty sure (or hope) this wont be the case as they keep claiming the new mob thats supposed to come out soon will have a better AI.


Yuck, no drones. That’s way too far in the high tech direction.

Another variation of the staff or a new forge for the slingbow is a better idea.


Maybe. But if they aren’t improving the AI to all the other mobs then who cares?

Not really. We have drones in the modern age that you can purchase rather affordably and play around with as a hobby. Then again, not every single weapon or piece of tech in the game needs to be super high end. As the game gets older and more stuff is in the game, it makes sense from any sort of “lore” perceptive that the more you backwards engineer ancient lost technology the more advanced your going to become.

I might not like healing staffs and you might not like healing drones, but I do think the game needs both.


No robots. It doesn’t fit Boundless.

Again, high tech that LOOKS low tech.

Now if you fling out a balloon that is holding up an area effect augment, we can talk.


You do realize they made concept art of a race of creatures that look like robots, right? I am sure they have some plans for that sort of stuff since the concept art of things they’ve made in the past have more or less made it into the game at some point. Although not all of the pieces of concept art, but a good portion of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get robot enemies.