Q: What is the theming of Boundless?


Boundless is set in a universe of unexplained science and technology.

The inhabitants of this universe have combined their analogue technology with the found artefacts and remnants of a technologically advanced, yet long extinct, civilisation.

To quote Arthur C. Clark - “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The Boundless music score replicates a deliberate mix of earthy and raw string instruments (cello, viola and piano) with digital synths. This combination captures the relationship between the players, creatures and environments (primitive, basic, harsh, beautiful) and the technology of warps, portals, Protectors and Titans (advanced, technical, unexplained, otherworldly).

Boundless is not a universe of mysticism, superstition, magic and spells, but science and technology.

Any reference or perceived reference to religion or religious symbolism is unintended and accidental.

Q: Why does the player teleport to the Sanctum, rather than Warp?

Ideally players would only be able to travel by building Warps and Portals. However the “Return to Sanctum” action is presented as a teleportation because it’s possible for players to get stuck in locations that they can’t escape or build a Warp. This can happen if you’re trapped in another players beacon without permission to alter the environment.

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Ore detector stone and Dropflare

Thank you so much for clearing that up. You’ve made it very clear and have made a lot of people very happy. Keep up the amazing work and know that we will be playing for a very long time.


Just from people I know you can expect another 11 or 12 people buying the game within the next week simply because they were holding off until they knew for sure what the origin of the game was going to be.


Great, that gives nice context for future builds :slight_smile:


Magic is so over played now days. I find the mystic science thing very refreshing!