Cubits for 2nd Home

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Can I please pay like 5,000 cubits to get the ability to have a second home for a character? It would be a LOT of help traveling back and forth between my personal factory (Alcyon) and the guild factory (Imdaari)

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As in a second beacon? Or are you asking to trade cubits to another player to build something?

a second beacon to "warp to home’ too

I want to warp from Alcyon to Imdaari free both ways lolol


Ahhh. fair enough.

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I feel like making it an insanely high cubit cost isnt unreasonable to ask… even 10,000 cubits id pay it

I am not sure how many like this but I know many do not. I’ve seen a few posts like this and many pushed back as not being on board. We should only have 1 home and purchasing more feels P2W and a way to abuse things.

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i just gave up dismantled all aqua stuff and put it all on nia zed ka

Oh don’t mention cubits on the forum lol :joy: