Second "home" beacon for cubits

Please add an option for players to use cubits to purchase the ability to have a second home beacon.

This would allow players with hit and miss connections to be able to set a home beacon on a different server if they choose, which would allow them to escape the bad connection they may have to their primary server.

This would also help when one of the servers or planets is down, giving players a way to get to somewhere else without spending a ton of coin, or being stuck all together if they don’t have the portal distance skills.


Only way i could see this useful is to moving your stuff from a to b.

Especially if you are trying to move from t1 to t6 example

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I just want a way to be able to play the game when I can not get a stable connection to my primary planet.

So if my connection to Aus server is in the garbage (like it is at the moment), then I can open a portal to a second home on US West and play there.

This is probably not very useful to people with good connections to every server all the time, but not all of us are that lucky.


So you want a second location as a free warp. I think that hasn’t been done because of the “abuse” that would follow it of people using it as means of travel instead of paying via coin or Oort.

An option to avoid that(if possible) is to have the other conduits open to anywhere for free if you got pushed to sanctum because of poor connection

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also easily abusable mind, trivial to artificially increase your latency!

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If this were an option I’d build a base on a t6

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Yeah, I see the potential for abuse I guess. I just want a way around the latency sensitivity.

Since things are “tied” to the home beacon, like swapping skill pages, when my home server / planet is unstable connection, I am just basically unable to play. Usually can’t even make my way to a portal to walk to another server.

Was just a thought, but will continue with my current fix… play Boundless in the morning, and other games the rest of the day.

Well yea I suppose when on a pc. Not as easily done on ps4.

Just make a base on a planet in your geographic region so if you want you can play whenever. Obviously a less than ideal fix. :confused:

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How is getting from Point A to Point B and back abuse…? I like the sound of this feature, but can’t see it being implemented…

Thankfully we at least have free warps home :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I ultimately had to move my base because my home planet was unusable garbage most nights.

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It would be free warps where ever you are, when it’s meant to be a little bit of a coin sink I think.

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I like the idea myself. I wouldn’t mind having a second base on T6. Even if we had a cooldown of like 15-30 mins on our 2nd home warp.


Yea me hate to admit I would abuse that lol I live on t6 planet lol


I would too. Lol only thing keeping me from turning my t6 place into main is the traveling


As I’m sure is the case for a lot of people. Given most shops are on t1-t3. Maybe easier access to move back and forth could encourage more people to spread out and not complain about plot wars. Complement this change with an item to provide environmental protection around your beacon :thinking:. Worth considering imo.


My base is in my geoloc, well as close as I can get. Aus is closest to where I live, but the connection is ■■■■ after lunch time. So at the moment I would either need a base I can play the game at in the mornings, or one I can play in the afternoons.

Seems that its just an issue for me though, so I will continue as-is.

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With quick and free travel between your base and whatever temporary second home beacon you set up resource farming becomes much easier and cheaper. Nothing quite like bringing home massive amounts of blocks or items without burning your buff timers. Except maybe having a diamond (or whatever) mine instantly accessible from your T1 base.

Also with skill page changes on demand anywhere in the (non-exo) universe, this eliminates other balancing choices from the game. you could set up a temp home near where you’re gathering and instantly switch back and forth between fighter/gatherer builds if you saw a meteor or other distraction.

Abuse or quality of life upgrade. Depends on who you ask. Yes a lot of people would make t6 bases then (me too). This actually would be a lot of fun and make t6 much more attractive to build on. Isn’t that win for all though? Two planets with free warps out of 50. Furthermore it protects people with bad connections like the op. I’ve been stuck before like the OP. I could definitely see the argument against this though.


I would be ok for people to have a “second home” beacon for cubit but that it would not be able to have the option to “warp home free”. We could have an option to switch between beacons but I would say that would have to be a daily or weekly change.

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Would not solve my issue with connectivity.

Anyway, at the end of the day it is just a game, and if I can’t play due to connection issues I will just go play something else, no big deal.

Was just trying to come up with a way that myself and others with not so perfect connections could maybe enjoy the game like the rest of you do.

I think my biggest issue is this is semi-new. I have been playing for a little over a year, and until the last couple of months I never had connection issues. But now I do, and it is very limiting for the games enjoyment as-is.

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