Current World Build Co-ordinates

I was searching the forums and I did not see any rules against the topic so I was hoping we could get a list of active players and their locations. Unless people want things to still be a secret place of theirs :smiley: I think it would be nice to have some information on where people have things setup and this post will be updated as people comment. I am willing to take any advice from more knowledgeable forumers as well since this one of my first few forums I will be active in :stuck_out_tongue: Here is a basic form to submit in your comments.

Description:[brief description]

Updated 12/15/16 @ 3:17PM


World: Therka
Coordinates: [590,100,-2240]
Description: I’m currently not really active because I wait for the next update and already done everything possible at the moment. But I like to share my location.I’m building together with @Saint_X and @schlumpf. We use ~140 plots for the beacons and build a staircase from 0 to 250.


Wow looks pretty nice! Cool staircase. I am somewhat in the same boat as you, kinda waiting on the new update(looks promising!) but I am still gonna build some stuff and mess around. I gotta get off work and I’ll post my location and build(unfinished).

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World: Berlyn
Coordinates: -348, 64, 251
Description: It’s my first building. I loved the alpine lake look. Couldn’t pass up on the chance to build a floating castle and all. It’s not finished because it’s only me building so far.


Beautiful :+1:

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World: Therka
Coordinates: 1853,76,-77
Description: Still very much a work in progress, will update this post as it goes :slight_smile: . You get the idea though! Think this is my favourite spot, surrounded by ice/glacial mountains

Edit: Updated with latest pics


World: Solum
Coordinates: [-1448,119,-642]
Description: I’m still working on the tower, but I would eventually like it to be more of a light house/beacon.


My build at Therka market.
1220, 1880.


I love all your stuff heureka :blush: amazing!


You should see his world builder stuff. Just wow!

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Don’t mean to spam but I’m pretty happy with my latest additions :slight_smile:

Also i’ve finished one part of my plan to invite other players to connect to my build, along this sky path:

Each gleam post marks a plot boundary, lots of space for people to join!


im making slow progress, decorated some walls today and rearranged some things. ill share coords later on

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more pics of todays work

added the red wall and texturing to it and the wall area above it
added in compressed ruby and shaped the walkway around the center
look up at the finalized temple interior
my room with a heart shaped floor pattern , and the window
and then a view from atop the wall from above