Customizeable weapon crafting

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this will have problems but i think it would simply be an amazing system and it is a great way to maximize gain while minimizing effort.

so customizeable crafting… if we look at 2 normal swords, namely these

fundamentally these 2 swords are vey much alike, these 2 swords can be broken down to 4 parts.


for lack of better words. let me illustrate.

I hope you get my point, now if the handle on those 2 swords were switched around then you would get 2 new swords.

The cool thing, even from here, if we say we can mix and match these as we want. just these items from these 2 swords. we could make 16 different swords. if we added 1 more item for each category we would be able to make 81 unique swords. so if the devs made 3 handles, 3 blades, 3 protection and 3 knobs, meaning 12 different things, we could make 81 different swords. that is not counting color. now you should have gotten the point.

If we use this system and say for swords they would make 10 knobs, 10 handles, 10 protections and 10 blades . and we can combine as we want, we can make 10 000 unique swords. which means that they could make 10 unique swords, or allow us to use each part and then make 10 000 unique swords.

if we then up it a little and say we get 3 colors on each of these 3 items. we would be able to make a stunning amount of 120 000 unique swords. so 10 times 4 items in 3 colors each. allows us to make 120 000 different swords

then from here the materials you put in only change the stats, but you can choose the looks as you want. a way to add some sort of uniqueness would be that you start with a standard looking sword and then you got some more looks as you became a better crafter, and that most of the looks would be recipe drops from the worlds. so you have recipes that only drop on those worlds. meaning that there might be an insanely cool looking sword hilt on a tier 1 world, that would make a tier 5 smith go back down to try and find the drop.

this can be done to certain degrees with other weapons. but i doubt there would be 4 things for every weapon. but it would allow the reuse of a ton of textures. im no master of game programming so i dont know if it is possible though.

This is an idea i like that came up in a discussion with my older brother about crafting in games, so the basic idea is his :smile:

@ben @james what do you think? you always ask for the best possible result from the least amount of work, and this is the best possible way i can imagine doing it, and also kinda what i imagined you have already thought of :smiley:


Not sure if it’s the correct terminology, but I think that the “protection” piece is called the hilt. But yes, it would be very cool to have switchable pieces of weapons.




its awesome :slight_smile: Maybe every part has its own modifier slot or some parts add an additional one.

a hilt is the entire thing, but close.

as darkrepulsor posted, its called a guard or a cross guard. thanks

what do you mean with that?

They said you will be able to put a certain material in the modifier slot to enhance your tool/weapon. I think it would be cool if some special sword parts would add an additional slot.

i hope that wont be the case, this is purely for cosmetics, the idea of modification and stats are not a part of this, as i mentioned that would probably be tied to the material itself you put in. it would kinda suck if they forced people to use certain parts to get the best stats, which would kinda ruin the idea of the system :confused:

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I think it would be enough if we can build a mix of two or three type of parts, like blade, grip and scabbard (or for other weapons: axe blade, pole and grip,… shield plate, emblem, grip). Don’t think it have to be three at all ^^. If there is a system for pre- and suffixes each part holds the slot for one of them.

Yeah, custom made weapons or equip would be really great :slight_smile:

i dont think scabbard will be a thing tbh, since the scabbards size and shape highly depends on the blade if i am correct?

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Yeah, that would be a bit complicated ^^… I hope that such a system will make it to the game. Would be really innovative compared to the Crafting in other games :slight_smile:

If it’s only cosmetic, I think there can only be so much customization. Otherwise the game becomes “Sword Maker Online” instead of Oort Online.

At a certain point, you could introduce stat augmentation, and I like the idea of “modifier slots.” Which, by the way, has absolutely been done before:

And I LOVED that. This is very 1997 of me, but I think a materia-esque system would be soooooo fun. :laughing: Basically attaching different Oort Shards to weapons to give them a stat boost / elemental effect / etc. Better weapons have more slots. Etc.

Infinity Blade has a similar system:

yeah but that wouldnt change the look of the weapon you know, stat modification will be a thing, they said that, but that shouldnt affect the look of your weapon (unless its an elemental modification ofc)

the difference is just if you use your resources to make 10 unique swords or 10000 unique swords, customization means a lot to many people, and this would be one of the easiest ways, stats is something else entirely, not covered in this part :smile:

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Just think about it…

If we have for example two parts for a weapon and for each one just 10 skins, additionally 10 different colors through the ore used in crafting for each and may be 5 different magic effects that can be seen, it would lead to 50000 different looks for one type of weapon… And it’s easy to add new looks by just adding some parts or additions here and there :wink:

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i hope there will be more than 2 parts, at the very least 3 for every weapontype, but yeah the good thing as you mentioned about this system is that they can very easily add new looks to the game by making new items :smile:

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@TheBirne already said it, but I made a graphic. :smile:

Assuming 10 material colors:

…And this isn’t even factoring different models. Keep in mind this is probably directly correlated to “how much work it will cause the devs.”

Keep it simple! (edit: removed thing about stats because yeah, we aren’t talking about that yet you’re right)


this is taking models into account, every blade model made, this is assuming we have 10 different swords for the entire game again. this is NOT about stats, this is purely cosmetic. the stats will change the number drastically.

would you honestly say having 10 swords for the entire game is too much? i might be wrong, but i imagine, you think in tiers so you would have different models for every tier, this is assuming we just have those 10 models for the entire game, that is where i think we are off :smile:

also i have to admit you are dang good at making those models and graphs, what do you use?

Ohh…10 swords for the whole game? Sorry, I think I’m confused.

So you’re talking about:

( 10 colors * 10 blades * 10 hilts * 10 pommels )? So 10,000 total sword combos? Hmm.

Edit: wait, if you could color each part separately, in addition to changing the model, I think it ends up being more like 10,00,000…that’s crazy. Hang on. illustrates furiously

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Nah i know it can be kinda confusing but no,

(10 guards * 10 * blades * 10 grips * 10 pommels ) for 10,000 total sword combos as the very minimal. if they then add 10 colors for each item (so we could get black swords as talked about) then thats 100 000 000 combinations just for making 10 different models of 4 different parts with 10 colors for each item. if we then assume that there are 5 elemental modifications that adds an effect to the blade we are up on 500 million unique weapons. you can see how genius this is? xD

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Jep, that would definitely give depth without to much work for it. Just amazing :sunny: