Customizeable weapon crafting

i think the only hard part is making sure that every part can be used on every part, so to speak :smiley:

Yeah, but even that doesn’t sound to complicated.

yeah thats why its such a genius system (in my eyes) this is not even counting stats which will increase them even more XD

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some of them are going to look absolutely hideous though, but that is also kinda the beauty of it, what i find ugly another person might find awesome, so there is something for everybody.

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Okay – I really like this, but I’m having trouble seeing it in Oort. How would it work? You craft all these pieces separately, then put them all in to craft the weapon? And how do the recipes work?

Write the story of a first time player trying to make their very first sword. What do they have to do, in what order?

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I think is amazing for oort, especially since its a voxel game so it isnt as bound as most games to make everything look sharp. basically you get the crafting menu that is going to be ingame. lets use minecraft since its simple

it isnt seperate parts you need to craft, you just change the look of the sword.

under the sword you would have ‘‘Preview’’ and ‘‘Customize’’ if the player clicks customize they get something like this

(it wont look as fancy as this, its just the only sword i could find standing like this)

it would show these arrows so you can go back and forth between the different things,you would start with only a basic looking sword and with only 1 color for each part, the rest you would earn as you became a better swordsmith or found as drops.

he can then press preview (same button as before entering customization) and he would get a 3d area where he could turn and inspect to see if it looks as he imagine kinda like this


this is not a must though, it could also just be previewed on your own character (as i have talked with ben about in another post)

the stats will still stay the same no matter the look though. so you see the stats on side before you preview it, and then you can customize to get another look.

Using your example from before

it would look something like this

except that doing this it wont color the entire thing, but rather i can have a purple blade, a green guard and a black pommel for example.

using these colors alone and this 1 sword i could make 216 different color combinations of pommel, guard and blade


Ok guys lets be realistic here… Who actually looks at / can see your pomel and grip? Those are basically covered by your hands. We should keep it at the hilt and blade if any customization at all.
A system like this would be neat, but the necessity of it is pretty low, and it also doesn’t factor in every other type of weapon that we have. I was in favor of material colors because those can easily be implemented by simple tinting, and an elemental system (which is still arguably pointless) could be easily implemented. Mix and match customization like this (I’m assuming you’re talking about different shaped weapons) is a lot of work in terms of modeling and texturing, and this is all for an unncessary.

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Who actually looks at / can see your pomel and grip? Those are basically covered by your hands.

That is a really good point. :weary:

We should keep it at the hilt and blade if any customization at all.

Z he’s probably right…

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Yeah, staying at two components per weapon type sounds reasonable. But making a few of each “class” (like metal, stone or crystal) would be no great harm and can enrich the individualism ingame.

Fair opinion, but your hands cover it at all times?

seems pretty visible to me.

i agree the knob is kinda overkill, so guard, grip and then blade would be fine with me, because it would be awesome to have the guard from a fantasy sword but then having a katana blade handle and a curved blade, for example.

but maybe, eventually they are going to make these weapons anyways, it was simply so they could reuse the models rather than them having to A) make a ton of different weapon models or B) only have a few models so everybody uses the same weapon visually :slight_smile:

other weapons might be more tricky. on the official page it says ''Craft bows, spears, crossbows, swords, clubs, staffs and more using the streamlined crafting interface. ‘’


I think the only thing you can choose is the grip and then the real look of the bow, if arrows are bound to the bow like dungeon defenders then arrows would also be something you could choose


That would be the blade on the top, the grip and then the bottom part.


this im not even sure where you should be able to split it xD


The entire post


this would prob only be the head and then the grip


This would prob be the head, and the entire grip.

the biggest problem with using this system is that they cant really make thematic weapons such as these because they need to keep certain parts together to make it look nice :smile:

From a first person view the pommel and grip are practically invisible. 100 options is more than enough with the blade/ guard combos though right? I don’t think we need this, but if it ends up happening it seems like a 2 part system would cover everything we need.

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I admit defeat, you are correct, its not like it would matter, the idea was just if they were to make it anyways then we might as well use it, i just hope we can get something that will make weapons feel unique rather than everybody using the same weapon, hope they do add various colors to weapons though, i think it would be awesome to have a black blade :smiley:

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This modular crafting of tools/weapons would be fairly simple with the current crafting system if you simply break it into two components; handle and end. Simply build any possible tool or weapon in three steps.

  1. handle. Place your crafting material to craft a handle in the input, select one of 10 possible output styles from the output box below.
  2. end piece. Place your crafting materials in the input o craft an end piece type (hammer, axe, hatchet, dagger, long sword, etc) and select one. This gives a generic token of that type that can go back into the crafting input. Let’s say I chose “sword” token.
  3. choose style for sword blade. You now just put the two parts into the input and they are combined in the output.
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i would just prefer to not make a million seperate pieces to make a sword i also fear how that would work with stats, this would be purely for cosmetic reasons

in my eyes it would be easier to allow you to customize like this rather than them having to make each individual piece into a physical item which would require more code and gathering + combining instead of having it just count as a sword…

but i dunno

Non of those concerns would be a problem. Stats can be defined by the materials used to craft the end piece, i.e. stone, iron, etc. Components only need to be stored by a data value no differently than how sticks or other crafting items work. You would then just combine those two items to get the item. Actually, this is exactly along the lines of what you were suggesting in your original post… perhaps I can illustrate this or @DarkRepulsor could do a better job…

@Havok40k On it. :wink:

I know this thread kinda died out, but i just saw that mount and blade 2 are going to use this system and i would like to share it so people can see it

not so stubborn that i will keep discussing it though, but i have to say i still really do like the idea.

Isn’t fallout4 going to do the same thing too?
I love this system