🐙 Cuttlepunks Guild: Recruitment / Activities / Resource Portals

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Greetings, Boundless buddies! It’s about time we re-introduced ourselves. We’re the Cuttlepunks, grown from Early Access into a close-knit guild with insane building dreams.

We’re exploring the limitless possibilities of voxel building and honing our guild organization to prepare for the ever-expanding Boundless universe. We hope to provide activities, contracts, and a helpful community for new and veteran players alike.

Request to join:
Join our guild by visiting one of our guild controls in The Colony (Kada 1).

Join us on discord:https://discord.gg/sfehC33 if you have questions or if you want to be part of our community. You’ll have to get past the guard panda… :panda_face:

The Cuttlepunks are always looking to keep you entertained with something new to do every week.
Event list
1st week

•Spleef matches
Head to Head against Boundless fearsome spleefers, 3 month commitment, 1 match each month.
Not a spleefers? Join us and watch the slaughter and bet on your favorite teams.

2nd week
•Scavenger hunt

Search the Galaxy for treasure, look for clues and discover the unknown!

3rd Week
• 50/50 Raffles

Lost most of your money in the spleef? This is your time! Double or nothing in this awesome 50/50 gold pot raffle + extras.

4th week
•Building competition

Build shite! Is boundless! The last week of every month we will announce a new chisel/building competition and also the previous month’s will be closing and announcing a winner, competition will run 1 month long.

What can we say! We aim to keep you busy!

Miner contracts available, weekly hunts, guild-funded request basket area.

Cuttlepunks offer detailed buildings following pre-made designs or MagicaVoxel models designed specially for you.

Resource Portal Network
Cuttlepunks present the Stargates once again!!! Back in EA we held the only portal mines; now we’re back offering not only mines, but surface resources on high-tier planets (T4+) as well. We got mines for each gem, plus our hubs sit near or on resources for your convenience!

Current Settlements:
There many great places to live in the Boundless Universe but if you’re interested in city-living, look no further! The Cuttlepunks offer several settlements managed by yours truly.

New BlackLight Bittula
The Colony, Kada 1
Oortage lutrion
Maraboori boori
Slipstream Lamblis

We hope to see you all! Stay boundless :boundless:


Glad you guys are back.


Thank you! we been quiet lately but with guilds helping with organizing i think itll be easier :slight_smile: as always we are at your service :+1:

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I want to be in your guild more than any other sounds super fun


Tried to go on discord to join, said channel verification too high. I will have to come to your hub.

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Not saying that Cuttlepunks are one of the best guilds out here but…(I am loudly thinking it.)


Black Light City ad

Our goal for Black Light city is to make it as active, fun, and useful as possible. We are currently working have having 4 additional markets surrounding Blacklights Center. Each market will include 8, 2x2 plot shops with a portal hub in the center with a free link to the city center for fast travel between Markets. Since we are trying to stay active there are some guidelines you have to understand before joining us.

guidelines for the markets

  • Structure
    • Limit height to 2 plots from road level.
    • open market(make items very visible)
  • Portal HUB
    • 1 portal to center hub fuel by the city
    • 3 additional portals for the shop owners to fuel to shopping centers or hubs to increase shopping experience.(100% footfall from the hub will go towards upkeep the portals)
  • plots permissions
    • you will be allowed to plot and keep all footfall from your beacon.
    • if we ask you to remove your shop for inactivity, lack of stock, you must do so promptly. If you don’t we can wall it off and wait for it to go wild.

If the above seems fair and are interested please don’t hesitate to ask for a spot.


i Would love a spot in the new market. i Have finally come to a place where i have some low end forged goods to sell at low prices for newer people and the occasional batch of founders totems.


Excellent! Let me know when you’re around and we can help you get settled.


good u guys are back :smiley: i hope to renew our alliance :smiley: once again :smiley: ^^


We never left! :fist: We been quietly expanding, building and chilling :bearded_person::love_you_gesture:


Hello everyone!

This week I am starting off the cuttlepunk 50/50 coin pot where you get a chance to win 50% of the total collected coin as well as extras. Drawing will be held next weekend!

You can find tickets in a plith @ Black Light Pheminorum city center behind the portal seeker portal. Tickets are 500c each :boundless:


Plenty of tickets available folks! 1 guaranteed winner each month! Drawing will be held Sunday! Probably around 16:00 UTC :slight_smile:


We have just opened up a few more market plots in the west district various sized plots, if there are any new budding shop keepers out there.

Also I have various areas in the same district if people want to settle there too.


Do keep a room reserved in the guild sanctum for you guys :grin:


Yes, @AmandaPan wanted to participate.


Hello everyone!!

I would like to officially show Black Light’s newest endeavor!! Under the Cuttlepunk guild and outstanding work from @decuire, @Aoki/Saalt, @Aragorn(marko) and many others who played hard getting it completed we have our resource network completed.

The Primary focus for our network is to aid Black Light and the Cuttlepunk guild reach high tier resources to make gathering, mining etc quicker and easier. The hub is open to all and the community is more than welcome to use it or connect to it. If you want a portal you can buy a token or contact a cuttlepunk.

All portals are T4 and you can connect through one of the Cuttlepunk Cities or each specific hub.

Thank you all!


I love how they are named stargates!!!


I like the name too! Befitting name for sure!


Need a screenshot like this…