Dark Orange (14) Sedimentary Rock

Hi… is anyone planning on flipping their Sovereign to this color and rock type any time soon? I’ve been kind of waiting forever to get some ( I don’t do Exo planets much) and didn’t see it around.


Just wondering or hoping it might hit some of the rentals where people switch colors time to time…

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If you don’t find someone else in the next couple weeks, let me know and I’ll make sure it ends up on the Chromis survey.

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Sure, give me a few, let me check and see what I can switch (
going to be a T6 though)… :slight_smile:

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… Actually, had a T5 I could change. Wrigalans, Burn off Serp. Portal in Paka’s Diamond Mine via TNT Serp. Has two weeks on it now but I’ll probably extend it as it was a really good ruby roll. :slight_smile:


@Xaldafax I can give you 5 ss of meta in that color if you want.

I can buy a sov for you if you want

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Thank you… I appreciate it.

and thanks to all others that were going to help out.

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no major rush but could you maybe put Dark Grey Sedimentary on your list for July for Chromis?

I’m noticing the Sedimentary seems to be ignored across a lot of colors… no Oxide Azure, Oxide Yellow, etc… oh why, oh why, do people hate Sedimentary. lol.

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I just unlocked the colors on one of mine, Stellamaris VI (due for a change!) but don’t see Dark Grey sedimentary on the list I’m afraid?

Any other colors you are wanting on anything? I can add them on that one.

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I would love to, but as Paka says, those colors aren’t available for sedimentary

I recommend using this page to figure out what colors will be available, but it sounds like your confusion might me elsewhere.


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I use the color finder page a lot but wasn’t aware of that one… thanks. now I can see how much the Gods hate colors!

I honestly am a bit surprised after all the sovereigns that were created that we don’t have a broader range of colors. Or are people not allowing the system to generate the random colors first in hopes of getting new things? … (if I remember right it can help).

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I will let you know now that my color choice was blown out of the Universe. :frowning: I have to find a new sequence I think… plus I am looking for lower tier worlds since my hammer count is getting low.

I was thinking of my own sov but with so many out there it is kind of fun to explore more than be on the same planet over and over.

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There is Dark Orange Igneous and Dark Grey Meta and Igneous… could always transform it to Sedi…as painful as that can be at times.

I don’t think that affects it. It’s my understanding that the original colors are what determine the unlocks and that they never have to be locked in.

New colors unlock all the time… I’ve seen many unlock lately actually. I laugh at all the Gleambow gleam colors being sold at like 5000c when some of them are either selectable or already available.

Dark Orange(14) sedimentary is available according to Boundless Info Station.

Yea someone just needs to select it. I was more pointing out that if someone doesn’t have it available on a sovereign someone could very well just transform some. I do it often.


The Dark Orange sedi is on Wrigalans now. :slight_smile:

On the colors, new ones get unlocked here and there still but the generation definitely seems to favor certain colors, and from what @Gorillastomp was saying in another thread certain colors aren’t possible on any of the sovereigns no matter what you choose.


I’d be interested in knowing what colors aren’t possible. I can tell you recently several colors that were locked have unlocked two were unlocked when Ulthar (my bitter sov) dropped. That was Bright Slate Gleam, I also saw that one color of rock unlocked with it also (cool or cold slate I’d have to verify). I also saw recently that Shadow Orange? (dont quote me here) had opened for Gleam also which was available. Also, Luminous Tan gleam unlocked … and it happens more often than people think.

Sadly we aren’t notified when a new color drops… you have to physically go through every color on the world control list to see it. I’m not sure if there is a better way other than waiting on Boundless Info to read that data (not sure if it populates the (World Control Color list based on colors that are selectable).

Curious if white rock is possible to unlock…

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