Dark Orange (14) Sedimentary Rock

The PS exoworlds Discord does seem to pick up new colors and post about them, not sure if someone has to prompt it to do it though? Gorilla might know more on the impossible colors - not sure exactly how it works but one BabyCookie was looking for wasn’t possible it turns out. I’m very curious about the white sedi too, a lot of people like that! :slight_smile: So far only seen it pop on Blink exos though.


Yea I check the TNT Exo worlds and both PS and the TNT bot needs someone to “scan” them IIRC.

I am on enough and can usually tell a rough time when one will spawn. If I see it in the sky I’ll usually go head there and get the colors.

Probably help if I had the ability to scan.

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Sov color unlocks are revealed by someone having the color scanner open when they visit a world control beacon they own.


Oh how I miss @Soju-VB around every day!


Yeah I am trying not to transform when I don’t have to… especially since I’m in the process of some builds where that just isn’t feasible…

I don’t remember if certain colors and type are not possible. I know they have themes… but until we start getting regular updates I’m not sure we can push for changes.

My other option might be goo but that is a pain especially if you haven’t built up a stock and aren’t an exo fan. Either way I guess we all just keep hoping the Sov Gods look down on us and let more colors unlock as people request planets.

And maybe we get more people asking for colors or doing what Chromis does so that more color/resource options exist for all those looking to expand their color/resource inventory.


White could unlock on t6 gem world if i remember but the chance is really really really small. The lottery has to hit all the right numbers during the color palette formation.


So basically the chances of me beating you in a rock mining challenge… great!

I tried so many times to influence providing an easier color access gate to the game. It was one of the few things that I think really hurts the game more than hinders it when color access is easy.

Even if goo was accessible on lower tiers that would help… But I think it is T5 or something or slim on 4.

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Well, I want to give a shout-out to the many of you that have bought multiple sovereigns in an effort to help the community. I am sure there are many. Two people that have many sovs that have personally helped me are @bucfanpaka and @Soju-VB both of their sovereigns (there are many) have truly helped me out.

With that said, @Gorillastomp there is a chance for white sedi… THERE"S A CHANCE!!!

buys millions of sovs